10 Best Stir Plates for Yeast Starters (2021)

Irrespective of your experience in home brewing, dealing with yeast is a quest you will not avoid. Both newbies and experienced masters of the malt need yeast to craft perfect home beers. In most cases, home brewers like starting out with store bought yeast, but as they become more experienced in home brewing, going to the store to get yeast becomes less appealing, and this is when the urge to make yeast becomes apparent. This is when you will need a yeast starter which you will use with fresh or recovered yeast.

If you are at a point where you are considering making your own yeast, one of the arsenals you will have to include in your home brewing kit is a yeast starter stir plate. It is imperative that you learn how to choose the right stir plate because it will have a direct impact on the health and the quality of the yeast. With a good stir plate for yeast starters, you will manage to have quality yeast, which will, in turn, make you have a high-quality beer. Additionally, you will have the versatility to experiment with different kinds of strains of yeast for varied results in your craft beer.

Why you need a stir plate for yeast starter-

If you have decided to grow your own yeast and not buy your supplies from the stores, then using a stir plate is the most preferred method for promoting yeast growth for your homebrews. In most cases, a stir plate is a simple magnetic device for stirring liquids by spinning a small cylinder at varied and controlled speeds. They are normally used when one needs to stir liquids for a long period of time but don’t have to stand there all the time necessarily.

The same scenario applies when it comes to growing yeast for homebrews. To get the most quality from your yeast starter, continuous stirring is necessary to keep the yeast well aerated and to ensure that it doesn’t suffer from lack of oxygen since this will interfere with the quality. Since you can’t stir or shake your yeast starter all the time until it is ready for you to use, you need a starter to stir the yeast for you continuously.

With a stir plate for a yeast starter, a continuous motion will be created in the culture, and this will improve aeration and also push more CO2 out of the solution while the yeast remains suspended all the while. Consequently, the yeast will have a good amount of oxygen which they can use for fuel to ramp up their reproduction. The continuous motion will essentially double the number of the yeast cells in the starter, thus giving better quality and results compared to manually and intermittently stimulating the yeast on your own.

Now that you understand the importance of stir plates for yeast starters, here is a look at 10 best stir plates for yeast starters for those who have decided to make their own yeast for home brewing than relying on those from the stores.

Top Rated Yeast Stir Plates

Top10 stir plates

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