Spike Brewing System Review. READ this be before you buy

Your love for beer will make you practically try all varieties that you could get your hands on during the first couple of years trying home brewing. You would start with extract brewing and eventually get into all-grain brewing to have complete control over what you made. My first set up was a total DIY 5, gallon rig with which I brewed some great batches. There were many difficulties associated with my DIY setup, especially with temperature control and the struggle to carry the hot wort to the bathtub for an ice bath. Going through some recommendations, and my experience, you can pick the Spike Brewing System by Spike Brewing. Their set up is robust and appealing, and will help you upgrade to larger batches with some incredible results.

Features of Spike + Brewing System

  • v4 kettles which are upgraded - use the industry-standard 304 stainless steel material with sanitary (NSF listed) TIG-welded fittings. The three brewing tanks for the Hot Liquor Tank (HLT), Mash Tun (MT) and Boiling Kettle (BK) feature front to back handle making it a space saver design. The changed handle position saves about 12 inches of spacing in between the tanks.
  • A slick PID board gives you control of the two heating elements (one at a time) and the pumps. An upgraded version is also available which controls both the kettles at the same time.
  • To maintain precise control of the wort temperature, a 304 stainless steel 50 ft, ½ inch HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System) is provided in the HLT. High Quality food grade pumps circulate the wart through the heat exchanger to maintain the mash temperature.
  • The counterflow wort chiller is a simple heat exchanger that cools the wort down to the required temperature before inlet into the fermenter.
  • Optional heavy duty stainless steel platform with a custom pump-mounting system.

My experience with the brewing system

Why Spike + Brewing System is Worth Your Money ?

  • The spike system with its modular design, robust build and high-quality feature stack up competitively among the range of brewing systems in the market.
  • The process is sophisticated compared to simple DIY rigs, which gives you tight control over the quality of your beer while letting you get an efficiency of 80-90% in each batch.
  • Spike system’s reliable process control lets you brew batches with precise taste and consistency every time.
  • The Spike+ is definitely worth the investment although it is a bit higher priced compared to other rigs. You can draw great efficiency and productivity from the Tri-clamp connectors alone.

Other than a few glitches during the first brew with the assembled system, I have no complaints about it. I love the amount of thought and engineering that has gone into this product to make it intuitive and user-friendly!

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