Robobrew V3 Review, 2021. READ this before buying

Any homebrewer spends much time trying to compare a kit with other products, asking experts and discussing with fellow homebrewers before going ahead with the buy. You are right to be sceptical of the mechanism and usage as this system is different from any of your old brewing kit. However, its advanced features and solid design will definitely win you over. Here, I have discussed the same in details below so that you can get a better understanding of this product.

Features of Robobrew V3

An all-in-one solution to your brewing woes, the Robobrew version three is decked with all the necessary features to boil your own brew with your recipes and blends. It comes with an all-grain brewing system, with a capacity of nine gallons and a digitized controller that is built into the design and an attached pump that is perfect for recirculation.

  • One of the major features of the Robobrew V3 is the fact that it comes in a portable design and uses 110v of power for efficient functioning and can be used anywhere.
  • It's an electric brewing system that brings all the equipment required in brewing your own beer into one stainless steel body that is effectively priced as per your wish.
  • It has precise elements that help in heating and boiling your mash.
  • It also has an in-built pump for recirculation and a removable grain basket to keep your brew as smooth and grain-free as possible.
  • It has a digital monitor attached to its body, with a resistant control tab that allows you to regulate temperatures with ease and a spigot that facilitates easy transfer of the brewed liquid.
  • It stands out from other systems with its unique dual heating mechanism, of 1000Watts and 500Watts that is powered from a single plug point. You can easily control their use by means of individual switches or turn them both on every time you need to amp of the temperatures
Robobrew V3

Why Robobrew V3 is Worth Your Money ?

The Robobrew’s third version, V3 brings the classic features of the earlier versions together in a more enhanced and compact format at a very affordable price.

  • It comes with superior functionality as compared to many other home brewing machines that cost quite high.
  • One of the main reasons to try this system is the fact that you don’t have to spend a lot on add-on devices for better performance.
  • The construction and design are quite sturdy and solid as well for a great brew.

My friends have been having a smooth run with this system and haven’t faced any functionality issues to date.

Even I am looking forward to creating even better beer brews in the future and utilize this brewing system to brew some great-tasting batches of my favourite drink. 

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