PicoBrew Pico Model C Review (2021). READ before buying?

Submitted by Sasha.

I get very excited with changes in technology when it comes to the art of home brewing. When I first started, there weren’t too many options available that were dedicated to perfecting beer brewing. Fortunately, the landscape has changed irrevocably with more and more people trying to brew their own beer in their homes. After hearing many good things about the PicoBrew Pico Model C, I decided to check it out for myself.

Features of  Pico C

The Pico Model C is an offering from Pico Master dedicated to the home brewer. Pico is compact enough to fit into any home kitchen and can brew up to 5L of beer in under 2 hours. Other features of this system include:

  • The Pico Model C is designed to work harmoniously with the PicoPak pre-measured grains and hops. The Pico Model C can read each PicoPak and access its corresponding recipe through its RFID tag.
  • The Pico Model C boasts of precision and control for each step of the brewing process that produces reliable results every single time.
  • The Pico Model C cab process up to four different hops which allow the brewing of a wide range of beers.
  • It uses steam heat at a specific temperature for a more controlled brewing process.
  • It comes with the ability to connect to the internet via Wi-fi in order to make monitoring easy.
  • It allows for the use of additional kegs to brew multiple batches on the same day.
  • The system allows you to personalise each recipe by adjusting the bitterness or alcohol percentage.
PicoBrew PICO Model C Beer Brewing Appliance

My Experience

Why Pico Model C is Worth Your Money ?

For a first-time brewer, the brewing and cleaning process might prove difficult especially if you are not aware of how you can infect your beer. This system isn’t even for those looking to learn how to brew their beer. Since the machine takes care of the entire brewing process, including the recipe formulation, there isn’t much to see and learn other than how to clean your equipment thoroughly. 

I think this system is perfect for those who love craft beer and want the ability to taste different beers from all over the world. While the beer might not be the perfect replica, with some practice, you can get it to taste close to the original.

As for me, I will continue to experiment with this system and definitely try out the different beer recipes available.

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