Mr. Beer Brewing Kit Review 2021, Premium Gold Edition

It has been a full three months since I tried the Mr. Beer Brewing Kit. I happened to receive it as a birthday gift from a fellow beer lover. Having already owned another brewing system previously, and brewed several successful batches of beer, I wondered what I would make of this new and compact brewing kit. I was given the Premium gold edition which I have discussed below.

Features of Mr. Beer Brewing Kit

The Mr. Beer Kit comes with a lightweight fermenter, brewing extract, carbonation drops, reusable beer bottles, and a cleanser. They have a neat 2-gallon keg with a locking spigot for the easy bottling of the brewed beer.

  • The brewing extract is a hopped malt extract created by the master brewers of Cooper’s brewery, Australia. This hopped malt brings down an average brewing day from 8-9 hours down to just 30 minutes. 
  • The fermenter is a 2 gallon shatter-proof one with a wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning. The airlock is built-in to control the fermenting process and prevent contamination. It even has a vented top to enable release of carbon dioxide during fermentation. 
  • The keg has a locking spigot which is the easiest way to bottle your beer after fermentation. Additionally, the keg has a trough below to collect hop debris or trub which is a byproduct of hop fermentation.
  • The carbonation drops are simple tablets to carbonate your brew during the bottling process.
  • The kit also comes with shatter-proof, standard craft beer bottles for you to complete your brewing process.
  • The premium gold edition has the bonus of 2 refills, and I got the Bavarian wheat and the Aztec Cervaza.
Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Craft Making Kit

Believe Me! This Kit Is Worth Your Money

Mr Beers Premium Gold Edition Brewing Kit could be a super satisfying buy. I say so because I had the best time brewing my beer after several days. 

  • What also makes this kit totally worth it is the fact that the keg is the right size to keep you comfortable for a while. It has a trough at the bottom that collects the debris from fermentation.
  • The material for the fermenter and the bottles are shatter-proof and free from BPA.
  • I think if you buy your beer outside it might be cheaper, but the satisfaction of having made it by yourself surely has the edge over the pricing.
  • Mr Beer doesn’t disappoint because it is one of the few home brewing kits that is backed by actual brewers in Australia. Reviews about Mr Beers Cervaza recipe have got me all excited to try that out soon enough.
  • Other types of beer that you could try with Mr Beer are the Oktoberfest Lager, Canadian Blonde, and the Czech Pilsner. They also have Amber Ale, Diablo IPA, and St. Patrick’s Irish Stout refills that are not traditionally part of the gold edition kit, but sound equally exciting to a beer lover like me.

I haven’t had any complaints so far and have had no need to reach out to their customer service representatives, but I hear that they provide efficient post-sale services. 

This has been an exciting and satisfactory experience, and I see myself buying more refills in the future. 

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