7 Best Kegerators Reviews [2021]

Beer enthusiasts can never get enough of enjoying different types of beers in their style. If you’re a beer lover with a dedicated bar in your house, chances are you’re always looking for things and equipment to make your bar a reflection of your personality. Picking the right beer mugs and glasses, the funky beer faucet caps, wall art, and a fully-functioning kegerator.

Now, you’re here to know more about kegerators before you buy a good one for your bar. So, let us start with that!

What is a kegerator?

A beer kegerator is a container or device that allows you to store beer kegs in refrigerated conditions. The word kegerator is formed by combining two words – keg and refrigerator. So, it is clear by the name itself what a kegerator does for you. 

The need for a kegerator arises because you can store beer bottles in the fridge, but when it comes to storing kegs, things get a bit tricky. To prevent your beer kegs from taking all the space in your fridge, you can store them in kegerators instead. The beer kegerators have in-built refrigerated containers in which beer kegs can be installed. This allows your beer to stay fresh and chilled for a long time. A kegerator also has a faucet that pours beer. So, you can enjoy your beer poured right from the keg, without losing its carbonation and freshness.

With time, kegerators have been improvised a lot to suit the need of people. So, the bigger kegerators now also come with a CO2 tank in which pressurized CO2 is stored and is pushed into the beer through a coupler. This increases the carbonation and fizz of the beer, making it more enjoyable!

We have gathered a list of some most popular products below that will help you make the big decision. Let’s have a look at them and see what they have to offer:

- So, with these options, you can now enlist your favorite ones and then pick the best one. They are all high-quality products, duly tested, and highly favored by consumers on huge online stores. You can rest assured that you will enjoy your draft beer experience with each one of these, so, you can make your pick according to your budget and priorities.

Why use a kegerator? 

A kegerator is not considered as an important thing to invest in by most people. However, the ones who love draft beer are an exception. A beer kegerator is an important appliance for those who love to enjoy draft beer at the comfort of their house. Also, this is a great product to invest in if you don’t like drinking from beer bottles.

Here are some reasons why you should have a kegerator at your house:

Draft Beer At Home 

You cannot enjoy a beer to its fullest if it is poured out of a can or a bottle. As the experts say, half of the goodness of a beer is lost when packaged in bottles or cans. However, when it is packaged in kegs, it still stays fresh for a long time. The kegerators are manufactured with just the right engineering and the right material in order to pour the beer directly from these kegs. It is exactly like the old-school barrels from which beer was poured through taps. The kegerators allow you to have a great pour, with a good head, and enough carbonation to enjoy a beer at its best! 


Kegerators these days come with inbuilt cooling systems, and some of them provide quite great temperature ranges that allow you to enjoy chilled beer right on! This solves the problem of cooling down your beer in a refrigerator. This is because, in bottles and cans, the beer still cannot be that chilled as it can be in a keg installed in a kegerator. So, the problem of chilled beer is solved by kegerators. 


If you’re frustrated with your beer taking up all the space in your kitchen’s fridge and still not being cool enough because it is being opened a lot of times, kegerators are for you. When you buy a kegerator, you can save a lot of space in your fridge that is otherwise taken by beer bottles and cans. So, investing in a kegerator is a good thing! The kegerators are also meant to take a lot less space as compared to refrigerators, in general. So, they are best for your bar room! 

Life of the party 

Kegerators are best for people who love to have parties at their place. Be it a house party, a pool party, a BBQ party, or just a casual gathering, beer kegerators are the best to serve fresh draft beer to your guests. These kegerators are ideally brought for garages, barrooms, and man-caves, making them the life of the party at your home. So, if you want to be that cool host who serves great beer, get yourself a kegerator. 

Good investment

If you invest in a high-quality, branded, and robust kegerator, you can make the best return out of your investment. Kegerators are a great investment as they are durable and go a long way. So, all the benefits of a kegerator can be enjoyed for a long time, making it a very beneficial thing for a beer lover! 

Different Types of Kegerators 

Now, if you’re planning on buying a kegerator, you must know everything about what a good kegerator does and what a bad one doesn’t! This is because no one buys a kegerator every day, and you must make a learned decision. Here, we will discuss the different types of kegerators so you can pick the one that suits your needs the best! Let’s explore: 

Mini Kegerators 

If you have a bar in your house or if you want to turn a portion of your kitchen into a bar, this one is the best for you. A mini kegerator is a countertop kegerator that is self-pressured and can hold a keg of up to 5 liters. The beer from these kegerators can be tapped 2-4 times, and these are ideal for small spaces. 

Full-size or Half-Barrel Kegerators 

These are the big kegerators also ideal for storage of beer in a house. This barrel takes more space as compared to the mini kegerator. As the name suggests, this kegerator can hold a kegerator of a size equal to half a barrel. So, you can enjoy up to 165, 12 oz bottles of beer from one full-size kegerator. This one is also ideal for a home bar and keeps your beer fresh for a long time. 

Outdoor Kegerators

If you love to enjoy family outings, barbeques, or parties outdoors, this type of kegerator is ideal for you. The outdoor kegerators are essentially manufactured for outdoor use and are created to withstand any temperature ranging from 45° F to 100° F. So; you can enjoy a draft beer in any weather and at any time!
You can keep this kegerator anywhere in your backyard, patio, basement, or even your garage!

Commercial Kegerators 

These are big, full-size kegerators ideal for commercial use. They can ideally be used at home as well to enjoy a beer in its finest quality. These kegerators have to be installed at a designated place in the bar or kitchen. 

The commercial kegerators offer versatility in the storage of kegs as they can hold kegs ranging from full size to the mini ones.

With this, you now know the main types of kegerators. Now, let’s get to the different parts of kegerators that you can take into consideration while buying a new kegerator.

Main Parts of a Kegerator - 


The faucet of a kegerator is the tap that you use to pour your draft beer into mugs of glasses. It is a peg-like tap that can easily be operated. As it is used often, regular cleaning of a kegerator faucet is recommended.

Faucet Handle 

A faucet handle is commonly known as the tap handle. It is a long handle that is pulled on to operate the faucet and pour beer. This is a fun part of the kegerator as there is a variety of faucet handles available differentiated in terms of utility and visual appeal. So, you can play! 

Beer Tower 

This is another part of a kegerator that joins the keg and the faucet. If you have a kegerator that holds multiple kegerators, the beer towers will keep the beer lines separated from one another. A beer tower can fit any type of beer mug or glass. 

Guard Rail

This is just an additional part of a kegerator that guards your beer glasses and prevents spillage or breakage. It stops the glasses from falling down. 

Drip Tray 

Again, this one handles spillages and beer overflows. The tray helps the excess beer drain to avoid spillage and mess. 

CO2 Regulator 

You can keep track of your CO2 pressure and status of your CO2 tank with the help of this regulator. The CO2 regulator helps you know when to refill your CO2 tank. 

Beer Keg 

The soul of a kegerator, a beer keg is a removable part. You can buy new kegs and install them in your kegerator. The size of the keg depends on what your kegerator can hold. 

CO2 Cylinders

This is the CO2 tank that comes empty but needs to be filled with CO2. It is essential to maintain the carbonation of the beer and needs to be refilled from time to time. 

Cleaning Kit

The cleaning kit also comes with the kegerator letting you clean it thoroughly and rightly.
Every kegerator often has all these parts, and these are the key features to see when you’re buying a kegerator.

Besides this, there are also a number of other things to consider when picking a kegerator for your house or business. Let us have a look at them!

Things to Consider While Buying a Kegerator 


The first thing to consider is the size of a kegerator. Now, before you buy your own kegerator, you need to ask yourself what are your expectations from it. Do you need it for household use or for a business, do you need it for your home bar or pub, do you need it to throw parties or just for your own use, and so on. The answers to these questions will tell you what size of a kegerator is suitable for you.

For household use, small gatherings, or home bar, a small kegerator is sufficient. However, for a business, big parties, and pubs, a bigger one is a must. Also, you must take note of the space available for your kegerator. If you have enough, a bigger one would be a great option. Otherwise, a small one is the way to go!


Don’t forget to consider buying guides and reviews before you buy a kegerator. These will help you know which kegerator performs well and which one doesn’t. So, you can pick the right one accordingly. Everyone needs a kegerator that at least fulfills the basic functionality of keeping the beer fresh and cold. If a kegerator doesn’t even do that properly, it should be dumped from the list. Go for star ratings, customer reviews, and buying guide by the experts to make an informed decision based on the performance of a kegerator. 


Even if you own a bar or a pub, you wouldn’t want your staff to spend hours cleaning and maintaining a kegerator. This is why it is recommended to buy a kegerator with minimal maintenance. This saves you from a lot of trouble and prevents wastage of time. So, easy cleanliness and maintenance are the key factors to look for when buying a kegerator. 

Compatibility With Kegs 

If your kegerator only supports a certain type of keg, it might be a problem. Though almost all manufacturers make kegs in universal design, some might differ as well. Buy a kegerator only if it is compatible with a variety of kegs and keg designs. You wouldn’t want to be bound by a certain type of keg as it might stop you from enjoying your favorite beer poured out of your kegerator. 


Now, this is an important step! The features offered by a kegerator must be taken into close consideration. Kegerators differ a lot in terms of features. Where one kegerator is promising cooling, carbonation, and a thick head, the other one might not deliver all these features. Some kegerators aren’t even meant to keep beer chilled, and the others don’t have arrangements for CO2 supply. 

With all this information about kegerators, you can say that they are the best thing to own for a beer enthusiast. Also, if you know someone who is a beer fanatic and owns a home bar, a kegerator can make the best gift. So, go on, make yourself well-informed and pick the best kegerator! They are fun and give you the greatest satisfaction of enjoying your favorite drink to the best of it!

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