10 Highest ABV Beers: Have You Tried A Beer With High Alcohol Content?

The world is full of beer lovers. If lost on an island for days, the chances are that these people will prefer beer over water! If you can relate even just a bit, I bet you’re here to know about the best and highest alcohol content beer.

The alcohol content of a beer is measured by its ABV value, which is Alcohol by Volume. It is basically the percentage of alcohol in beer.

If you’ve had enough of your local breweries and wanted to taste something stronger with a better kick to it, you’ve landed at the right spot!

Let’s have a look at the top 10 beers with the highest ABV:

Brewmeister Snake Venom

As its name does all the justice to the strength of this beer, this one is the most alcoholic beer in our list. With 67.5% ABV, this is considered as one of the strongest beers in the whole world.

You must know that liquor like whiskey or vodka has an ABV of roughly 40%. Now, what is the alcohol content of a normal beer? Let me tell you that most beers have an alcohol content of around 3% to 7%. So, this broadly explains where the Snake Venom stands at!

This beer is brewed by the UK-based company, Brewmeister. The beer is so alcoholic that it doesn’t even have any carbonation – thus, no bubbles! This is because as compared to other normal beers, the liquid of Snake Venom is quite dense and cannot sustain any bubbles. It is available in the UK for a hefty amount of $76 per bottle!

It is recommended to have the Snake Venom in very small portions of 35ml in one go.

Brewmeister Armageddon

Another one from the house of Brewmeister, Armageddon comes with 65% ABV and is currently the strongest beer in the world – holding a Guinness World Record!

This amazing beer is brewed through the process called freeze fermenting. It has the components like flaked oats, crystal malt, wheat, and 100% Scottish spring water. The process involves freezing of the beer under which the water freezes but the alcohol stays intact. This results in a strong and alcohol-rich beer.

According to the brewery Brewmeister, when having Armageddon, one must “consume this like a fine whisky.” The beer is very flavorsome and full of yeast and even smelling it is enough to give you a little hit!

Schorschbräu Schorschbock 57

Not only one of the strongest beers but this one is also one of the most expensive ones! With a bottle price of €200, this bottle is the sign of class, luxury, and taste!

The beer comes with 57% ABV and is brewed by the German brewery Schorschbräu. The beer is made, complying with Germany’s 500-year-old Beer Purity law. According to this law, beer can only be created using just four ingredients.

The taste of this beer, according to many beer cicerones, is nutty and smoky with hints of alcohol and raisins.

BrewDog The End of History

The End of History by BrewDog comes with 55% ABV. This beer was produced with the idea of bringing a revolution in the world of beers, and thus, it came out as one of the strongest and most expensive beers of all time.

The beer depicting class is recommended to be served in small servings because of its high alcohol content. And thus, the best way to enjoy The End of History is to have the ‘beer shots’ with this one.

This Belgian beer is a whole new breed of beers with infused nettles and junipers of Scottish Highlands. The beer was produced in a very small quantity of 12 bottles, making it a rare collector’s item.

Schorschbräu Schorschbock 43

Call this one the cousin of Schorschbräu Schorschbock 57! This beer comes with 43% ABV and is still highly alcoholic. Just like our number 3, this beer is also produced by the brewery Schorschbräu and in small badges of around 450 bottles every year.

The Schorschbock 43 tastes very strong, tart, and leaves a fruity taste behind. Because of its rich content of alcohol, this beer doesn’t get stale and thus, its high price is justified.

BrewDog Sink The Bismarck

The funky name of the beer is an excitement in itself but so is its ABV of 41%. This beer is brewed in Scotland by the brewery BrewDog. It gives you hints of sweet honey, malt, and hop oils. According to the brewery, the aroma is spicy and resinous. This beer is spicy and bitter.

The brewing process includes kettle hopping, dry hopping, and freeze hopping. It has the taste and aroma that suit the people of acquired tastes.

Baladin Espirit de Noel

This chocolaty beer is another gem in our list, hailing right from the land of style – Italy! The beer has 40% ABV and is a strong liquor of its kind. This beer is brewed by the brewery named Baladin.

Along with the long-lasting taste of chocolate, it also gives the hints of wood. Espirit de Noel has a faint yellow color and is served chilled, best between 10-12 degrees. The alcohol content doesn’t let this barrel-aged beer get stale, so this one is also a collector’s item!

Struise Black Damnation VI, Messy

From the classic Black Damnation series by Belgian brewery Struise, this is another one in our list with 39% ABV. The brewery process for this beer includes methods like water run-off and dry hopping.

The beer contains ingredients like peaches, blackberries, and coffee beans. This strong beer has a unique quality as well. Besides its unwarranted alcohol content, when you taste the beer, you won’t get any taste of the alcohol.

Just like your regular beer, this beer has a rocky yet smooth flavor but will get you drunk in no time.

BrewDog Tactical Nuclear Penguin

With its rather funny name, the beer contents make it a serious matter. Another one from the house of BrewDog, this beer has 32% ABV, and even a little amount of it is enough to get you plastered.

The Nuclear Penguin is available in Scotland but can also be shipped to other places. Aged in whiskey casks for over a year, this beer is a great demand by people who have a bitter-tart taste for beer.

BrewDog is very proud of their Tactical Nuclear Penguin and calls it “a beer with a soul and a purpose.”

Sam Adams Utopias

From the familiar name Samuel Adams, the Utopias is an alcohol-rich, ruby-colored beer. The beer is the strongest one ever brewed by Sam Adams and contains Munich and Caramel 60 Malts, three varieties of German Noble Hops, Spalt Spalter and more rich ingredients.

A blend of batches, this beer is aged for 24 years and is a mature one. The beer comes with 29% ABV and doesn’t have carbonation in it. It gives hints of caramel, vanilla, and oak and is also very easily available!

With this list, you can make a pick if you’re looking for a beer with the highest alcohol content. This must definitely have changed your perception if you took beer as your ‘casual drink.’ Who said beer couldn’t be special, classy, and posh?

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