Best Counter Pressure Bottle Fillers 2021

If you are into home brewing, then bottle fillers will never miss in your home brewing arsenal if you want to keep your station clean, organized and less messy. It is possible to operate a home brewing machine without a bottle filter, but with all the conveniences that a filler brings, it makes perfect sense to invest in one so that you not only enjoy the process of transferring your brew but also avoid unnecessary spillages that may make the process less pleasant. Many are the types of bottle fillers available in the market today, but one type you are likely to fall in love with is the counter pressure bottle filler. Find out why below.

Why counter pressure bottle fillers are the best choice

Before delving into the specific benefits of counter pressure bottle fillers, it is imperative to understand how they operate since this is what sets them apart from the rest and gives them the specific benefits. The premise behind the operation of a pressure counter bottle filler is that the bottle is filled while under constant pressure – a mechanism that prevents the loss of carbonation and also prevents foaming.

The actual working of these fillers can be described in the following steps-:

Step One : in the first step, the bottle is filled with carbon dioxide gas to get rid of any air that may be present inside the bottle.

Step Two : the next step is to pressurize the bottle so that the gas inside can be at the same pressure as the carbonated beer that is about to be added.

Step Three : the bottle is filled with the beer, and the carbon dioxide gas is allowed to escape.

Step Four : The filler is removed from the bottle, after which is it quickly capped.

One of the advantages of the pressure bottle fillers, therefore, is that it prevents the beer from forming during the filling – a phenomenon that can cause a lot of mess in the work station. It also prevents the loss of carbonation given that the first step of the filling process is to pressurize the bottle with CO2.

Again, it is worth pointing out that the modern counter pressure bottle fillers are ergonomically designed, and some features one-hand operation. Unlike the traditional models which had to be operated by at least two people, only one person, using just a single hand is needed to fill a variety of bottles. Consequently, the fillers are versatile and relatively easy to use compared to other types of beer bottle fillers.

With that said, here is a look at some of the best counter pressure bottle fillers-:

Top 4 bottle fillers

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