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Mink Enterprises LLC
616 14th Street
Arcata, CA 95521

About Us
Beer Collections started as a small site to help beer bottle collectors from around the country to be able to obtain bottles from small Northern California micro breweries. We are located in Arcata California in the heart of the Redwood forest and we have an unusually large amount of local micro breweries. The idea took root at a local "Octoberfest" where all the local breweries were together serving their various beers.

As it turned out we did not ship very many bottles, in fact we have discontinued the bottles. We did however get a large amount of email's from collectors who asked if we had the coasters, labels and crowns for these breweries. The rest is history, we switched to selling everything the breweries had with their name on it. (Coasters, labels, Crowns, Glassware, Hats, Fishing Lures, Bottle Openers, Posters, etc.) As we grew we expanded to include other breweries in Northern California and Oregon, eventually adding breweries from around the entire US.

Beer Collections is now one of the largest and most popular collector sites anywhere in the world. We have the largest selection on the web of several categories of beer collectables. In addition to the large selection we also offer some of the lowest prices on the web for our items.

Vendors with interesting novelty items such as the "Lime Bomber" and miniature bottles started contacting us with their products. We now include novelty items on our site. We also added speciality items such as a large number of jigsaw puzzles with beer and wine themes.

As our offerings grew we realized that a lot of our orders were for gifts so we added gift cards, gift wrapping, gift certificates and direct shipment of the items to a gift address. We have some great gifts for the man who has every thing. We have also launched another site, Redwood-R-US ( which has some great gifts for women that are handmade out of California Redwood. The two sites make us an ideal gift store no matter who you are shopping for.