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10 Best Peanut Butter Beers – Tickle your taste buds with nutty flavors!

When it comes to counting down the best beers ever, there are so many names of the famous peanut butter beer companies. These are the ones that have the best flavors as well. So, it might come off as a surprise that most people don’t really know about it. Some people think that peanut butter beer isn’t a beer. However, once they have a taste of it, they can never go back to anything else. You need to try one as well if you want to know how great these peanut butter beers can taste.

If you still cannot imagine yourself trying one then just try imagining how much you enjoy having some peanuts with your craft beer. Have we made our point? Well, if yes, then you need to start with trying some of the best peanut butter beers for sure.

However, there are so many different options that choosing the right one might just be a little bit tough for you. So, we are here to make this job a little bit easier for you. Here we have a list of some of the top peanut butter beers that you would definitely like. Make sure to try all of them, and you will fall in love with the amazing taste and the lingering after-taste in your mouth that it leaves.

Top Picks For Peanut Butter Beers

Here are some of the top picks that we have for peanut butter beers. These are all top and reputed brands so there is no doubt that you will enjoy the beers. Go ahead and start tasting, people!

Mission Peanut Butter Dark Seas


A reputable name for a very long time, the team at Mission takes its beer brewing very seriously and has been providing us with the best quality of peanut butter beers for a very long time now. This amazing and unique tasting stout is something that no one can match up to. Enjoy the taste of smooth cocoa, peanut butter, and some coffee kicks as well. Fall in love with the beer and you will not want to try anything else for sure.

DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus


ThThe DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus is one of the most amazing beers that you will have to try for sure. The DuClaw brewery is also known for some of the best beers, and this one is certainly included in the list for sure. The full-bodied porter is something which would blow your minds away. A thick taste of peanut butter along with some amazing touched of cocoa will provide the perfect hoppy taste to the beer which makes it so popular amongst the people.

Belching Beaver Peanut Butter


If you have not yet tried the Belching Beaver Peanut Butter beers, then you are certainly missing out on something pretty good. Well, the milk stout is a personal favorite of the people. With the name milk stout, you might be a bit surprised to know that milk is not added into the beer. So, why milk stout then? Well, this term is used for the creaminess and the smoothness of the beer.

Terrapin Liquid Bliss

Terrapin Liquid Bliss

Another one of the most amazing beers that we have on the list for you is the Terrapin Liquid Bliss. This is something that started with the intention of being a side project but took the limelight due to its popularity. One of the best things about this amazing chocolate peanut butter beer is that it has a pretty unique and full flavor. There are Georgia peanuts used for brewing the beer along with some great chocolate as well.

Absence of Light

Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout

Here we have another milk stout which you would thoroughly enjoy for sure. The 4 Hands Brewery is very proud to present the Absence of Light, and it is definitely one of the best beers that you will have. The taste is full-bodied, and the ABV is 7/1%. So, the taste of the beer will last for a long time people.

Spring House Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout

Spring House Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout

For those who want some strong dosage of peanut butter as well as chocolate, this is the option to try for sure, and we know you will love it. One of the particular traits about the beer is the aroma that it has which comes from the raw cocoa that is added during the process of brewing. So, give it a try for sure.

The Bruery Black Tuesday

The Bruery Black Tuesday

Here is an imperial stout which is not really the cup of tea for the ones with a faint heart. For those who enjoy strong beers, this is it. First introduced in the year 2009, this is one of the classic vintages that we have. This beer is aged in a particular bourbon barrel and that too for a whole year. So, the ABV is a bit high and stands at 20.3%.

Nutty Buddy Peanut Butter Porter

Now, this is a beer which might be a bit difficult to find, but once you do, then you cannot possibly miss having a taste of it. With the perfect combination of peanut, vanilla, and chocolate, the taste of the beer is just like having a cookie. The aroma is also not that strong, and hence it is a pretty subtle beer with an ABV of 5.3%.

Karl Strauss Peanut Butter Cup Porter

Karl Strauss Peanut Butter Cup Porter

Originated in California, here is another one of the experiments that you would like to try for sure. The beer is made with the perfect combination of dark chocolate and peanut butter. So, there is lingering and yet a very smooth taste after you have a sip.

Nutter Your Business Peanut Butter Stout

Nutter Your Business Peanut Butter Stout

This beer from the Grand Armory Brewing is a pretty light option for the people. However, the unique flavors and the taste of the beer is something which mesmerizes people. One taste of the beer and you will feel like you are having a cookie. This milk stout is definitely one of the popular options.

So, these are some of the best peanut butter beers that you need to know about. Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get yourself a peanut butter beer right now. Cheers!

10 Best Japanese Beers You Should Try

Famous in the lands of Japan since the 19th century, beer is one of the most loved drinks of the country. The Japanese beer is well-known for its rich taste, amazing brewing methods used, and high quality. If you’re a beer enthusiast looking for a change in your taste, trying different Japanese beer brands for a change can be one of the best experiences!

In Japan, beer is considered as one of the most famous drinks enjoyed at home, in parties, and any social gathering. Famous for its culture, Japan has a thing for beer and people love to enjoy the best brews, wherever they can!

The drinking parties in Japan are called Nomikai and beer is the first drink to kick off these parties. So, if you’re in Japan, you know what to ask for at the beginning of a nomikai!

Here is a list of some famous Japanese beers for you to try while you’re visiting Japan!



One of the high-priced beers of Japan, the Premium Yebisu beer is produced by the famous Sapporo breweries of Japan. This beer ensures a very rich taste and high quality. The beer is made from 100% malt and a selection of high-quality hop. It is a premium lager-style beer and has an ABV of 5%!

The beer is bubbly and is golden in color with a thick, white head. It is available in bottles as well as cans and is best served in a lager glass.

Kirin Ichiban Shibori

This one is the best-selling beers in Japan and is a filtered pale lager-style beer. Besides Japan, this beer is also legally brewed in countries like Germany, USA, and UK, etc. The ingredients include the highest quality of hops, barley malt, and spring water. The beer has a very smooth finish and is famous for its bittersweet taste.

The color is clear golden, and the beer has a thin white head. With 4.9% ABV, this beer is ideal for parties and social gatherings.

The Premium Malt’s

This beer is produced by the brewery called Suntory and is another famous beer in Japan. It is a premium lager-style beer. The beer contains a very pleasant floral aroma and gives a rich taste. The beer is brewed through traditional and high-quality brewing methods.

It is available in bottles and is best served in a lager glass. It is an amber-colored beer with a hazy head. The taste is sweet with a tinge of bitterness, and the beer gives the aroma of malts. It has an ABV of 5.5% and is a good one to enjoy during a nomikai.

Asahi Super Dry

Asahi Super Dry

A product of the famous Asahi Breweries of Japan, this beer enjoys a rich history and is considered to be a well-researched beer. The beer was first sold in the year 1987 and is the first form of dry beer. What makes this beer special is that it serves the need of people to enjoy a pleasant beer with less malt in it.

The beer has a clear finish and offers a crispy taste. It is also a pale lager-style beer with 5% ABV.

The color is bright golden, and it is a very bubbly beer. It gives the taste of citrus and dry grass that makes it stand out from the rest of the options in the list. The beer is available in bottles and is best enjoyed in dimpled mugs or shakers.

Sapporo Nama Beer Black Label

Sapporo Nama Beer Black Label

Another one from the Sapporo brewery, this beer is known for its rich taste that remains the same from the very beginning to the end. It is a pale lager-style beer and offers an exclusive drinking experience with a taste of hops and malt.

The main ingredients include barley malt, corn, rice, hops, starch, and water. The color of the beer is pale yellow, and it has a medium head. The beer tastes like light grass with hints of hay and has a balanced bitterness. It is a grainy beer with 5% ABV.

Kirin Tanrei Green Label Beer

Kirin Tanrei Green Label Beer

A pale lager-style beer, this one is one more hit in the lands of Japan. The beer is produced by the Kirin Brewery and is claimed to have a taste that kicks your energy right back in after a tiring day. This beer is clear golden in color and forms a medium thick head. It has the aroma of malts and gives a fruity taste with that of clean malts, hops, and citrus. The character of the beer is slightly hoppy and floral.

With an ABV of 4.5%, this one is said to be an ultra-light beer from Japan. The beer is best served in a dimpled mug or a lager glass.

Mugi to Hoppu Kuro

Mugi to Hoppu Kuro

Yet another gem from the house of Sapporo Breweries, this beer is as interesting as its name. It is a Schwarzbier-style beer. This beer is also called the ‘Rich Black’ and is brewed through a long brewing process, given a long time to mature. This helps the beer to get its flavorsome and rich taste.

The color of the beer is dark and is said to be close to black while it maintains a thin off-white head. The main ingredients of the beer include hops and barley, and it gives a rich toasty taste with hints of chocolate and coffee and a bitter finish. With 5% ABV, this one is a great drink to enjoy on an evening in Japan.

Hitachino Nest White Ale

Hitachino Nest White Ale

This one is brewed by Kiuchi Brewery in Japan. The beer is of witbier style and is brewed through traditional Belgian-style brewing methods. The ingredients include nutmeg, orange juice, coriander, orange peel, lager malts, wheat hops, etc.

The aroma of the beer is of nutmeg, dough, and coriander, with citric accents. It has a cloudy orange color and a white head. It gives a spicy taste rich in nutmeg with hints of orange, banana, and coriander. The beer is best served in a tumbler or a weizen. It has a 5.5% ABV and is a very refreshing drink!

Hideji Kuri Kuro

Hideji Kuri Kuro

Another name for this beer is Dark Chestnut Ale. This stout beer is highly alcoholic Japanese beer produced by Hideji Beer Brewery in Japan. The color of the beer is dark red and brown, and it has a thick tan head that dissipates after a while. The character of the beer is syrupy and nutty.

The beer has hints of a fruity taste and gives a strong taste of hazelnuts, marshmallow, cola, vanilla, and cocoa. The beer is said to be thin-bodied, but it tastes awesome! With 9% ABV, this beer is something you might be looking to get drunk in Japan! It is best served in a snifter.

Minoh Stout

Minoh Stout

A stout from the Minoh beer brewery, this one is a dark pour that is brown or nearly black in color. The head is beige-colored, low, and dissipates quickly. It is a decent-tasting beer that gives hints of chocolate and coffee. The beer also tastes like roasted malts and leaves a balanced earthy bitterness in the end. The taste of this beer also has hints of licorice.

It has 5.5% ABV and is enjoyable with friends and family. The beer is best served in an English pint or snifter.

With this, our list of the top 10 Japanese beer brands ends! So, if you’re planning on trying the Japanese beers anytime soon, pick the best one from these that resembles your taste, and you would love the new brew! Cheers!

10 Popular Chinese Beers

Chinese beer is a famous drink during the forging summer heat in China’s local neighborhoods and tourist places. Chinese locals and people who visit the country during its peak tourist season love to crack open the bottles of best Chinese beers and enjoy in a party or just a casual gathering.

If you’re a beer enthusiast who loves enjoying different types of beers or if you’re planning a trip to China, we have got some information for you. Here is a list of the most popular Chinese beer brands that you can try!

Top Chinese Beer Brands


Snow is considered as one of the most popular beer brands in the entire world! This Chinese beer brand is world-famous! In 2017, the sale of 101 million hectoliters of this beer throughout the world had been recorded.

However, the beer doesn’t earn much respect with some people not liking how it tastes. The beer has an ABV of 4.0% and is a pale lager-style beer.

The color is golden, and the drink is very clear. It has a neat head and enough carbonation for you to enjoy the drink to the fullest. It is available throughout the world and is very famous in the local markets of China because it is a cheaply available beer there.



Another pale lager-style beer, Yanjing is also one of the best selling beers in China. This beer is brewed by the famous Beijing Yanjing Brewery and is brewed with spring water. The taste is hoppy, fresh, and crispy.

The beer has 3.6% ABV that makes it a light drink to enjoy when you’re just hanging out with friends in China. The taste is light with hints of corn, and the color is golden with a thick white head. It gives the aroma of malt and light hop and is a great brew from China! You must try this one while you’re there.

Shancheng Beer

Shancheng Beer

This one is a precious beer with a long history! The beer belongs to the Carlsberg Group and dates its origin back in the 1970s. This is a pale lager-style beer and is bright golden in color. In China, this beer is the most popular drinks, especially in Chongqing and its surrounding areas. So, if you’re traveling to this place in China, you must give a try to Shancheng.
The beer is a great companion of Chongqing’s famous hot pot and has a 3.3% ABV.

PearlRiver Beer

PearlRiver Beer

Produced in Guangzhou in the South of China, this one is another popular brew in the country. PearlRiver is a refreshing drink with 5.3% ABV. The best thing about this beer is its strong taste. It has a decent amount of bitterness to give you the required kick. The beer has a thick foam head and an amazing aroma.

It is a draft beer and is named after the Zhujiang River which is also called the Pearl River.

Tsingtao Beer

Tsingtao Beer

Brewed by the famous brewery of China – Tsingtao Brewery, this beer has a great balance of aroma, taste, and texture. It is also a pale lager-style beer that has a malty flavor and is very hoppy. The best thing about this beer is that the water used to brew it is bought from Laoshan in China, a place known for its purest water. So, the spring water is high-quality and extremely pure. It also uses the finest quality of barley and yeast that are imported from countries like Australia.

The beer has 4.8% ABV and is an enjoyable drink with friends and family!

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer

This one is produced by the famous Guangdong Blue Ribbon Group in China and is an American-adjunct lager-style beer. The beer has a thick soapy head and has a straw yellow color. As for the taste and aroma, it gives hints of rice, hops, and barley. The beer leaves an aftertaste of pears and green apples.

With 4.3% ABV, this beer is another gem added to our list and is a very popular drink. This beer is available year-round, so you can enjoy it any time you visit China.

WuSu Beer

WuSu Beer

This is also from the Carlsberg Group and is a pilsner-style beer from China. The beer has a bright golden color and makes a thick creamy head. It has hints of fresh, malty taste that lingers even after you enjoy your drink. The beer is very popular among local Chinese people and is also loved by tourists.

It has 3.1% ABV and is a great refreshing option for beer lovers in China.

Jinxing Beer Kingstar

Jinxing Beer Kingstar

This Chinese beer is brewed in Guandu, China by the Jinxing Beer Co. The beer has a crystal clear gold color and a bright and thick foam head. It has moderate levels of carbonation and gives the aroma of malt, corn, and hops. The beer is not bitter and has a smooth and crisp taste.

It is a pale lager-style beer with 2.5% ABV. It is a very famous beer in China brewed by the famous Jinxing brewery. You must taste this awesome brew while you’re in the Chinese lands.

Yalaso Beer

Yalaso Beer

A premium lager brewed by the famous brewery Shangri-La brewery, this one is claimed to be highly drinkable and extremely enjoyable beer in China. This refreshing beer is brewed with a pure ingredient – Tibetan Mountain Spring Water. The other deeply aromatic ingredients include imported hops and Highland Qingker Barley.

The beer comes with 3.1% ABV and has won a number of awards for its taste, aroma, and refreshing character.

Tibetan Pale Ale

tibetan pale ale

Another gem from the house of Shangri-La brewery, the Tibetan Pale Ale is a medium-bodied beer that is fruity and refreshing in taste. The beer gives a taste of pine and citrus and has a trace of decent bitterness. The ingredients of this beer are very natural and locally availed.

The beer has 5.4% ABV and is a stronger beer in the category of pale ales. If you’re in China, you must try the Tibetan Pale Ale (TPA) because nothing beats the taste and aroma of this beer.

With this, we have summed-up the top 10 Chinese beers available in the local markets of China as well as throughout the world. So, if you’re planning a visit to China or if you’re looking for the best Chinese beers in your local bars or breweries, here is our list to seek help from. All these beers are the best ones from the lands of China and can be enjoyed for quick refreshment!

Top 10 Brazilian Beers That You Must Try

A ‘chopp’ or cold draft beer is one of the most followed obsessions by people in Brazil. And when the word obsession comes into play, it means things are pretty serious. In Brazil, beer is referred to as ‘chilled blond’ and is primarily produced in the country!

The beers produced in Brazil are fine, light in color, and mostly pilsner-style lager. They are your best companion on a hot and humid day in Brazil. The best part about beers in Brazil is that they are available in a great variety ranging from homemade beers to mass-produced commercial beers.

If you’re a beer lover who has landed here looking for some information on the best Brazilian beers, here is a list of the top 10 Brazilian beers:

Brahma Chopp


Produced by the brewery Inbev, Brahma Chopp is called chopp because it is served as a small glass of beer and not in large bottles. It is one of the most famous Brazilian beers that you must try!

Now, the reason why Brahma is served in small glasses is that this beer tastes the best when it is chilled. Given the temperature of Brazil, a pint is most likely to heat up pretty fast. This is why, to enjoy the Brahma Chopp at its prime, small glasses are preferred to serve it.

This is a pilsner-style beer with a clean, crystalline, and bright golden color. With 4.8% ABV, this beer is basically a light drink and is brewed with the traditional bottom fermentation method. The flavor and body of the beer are strong, and it has a neutral bitterness.

Nova Schin

Nova Schin

Brewed by the brewery named Schincariol, this is another famous beer in Brazil and is also a sponsor of the famous carnival. The beer holds a 13% share of the total Brazilian market. It is usually served in bottles of about 355ml. Brewed by South America’s largest brewery, Nova Schin is also one of the fastest growing beers in Brazil.

So, you can well imagine the reputation that Nova Schin enjoys in the lands of Brazil.

With 4.7% ABV, this is a light beer that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere. It has a clear amber color and gives a dry finish with a sweet and malty taste. It has a medium white head and leaves a metallic mouth feel.



An award winner, Ithaca is another famous beer from Brazil. It contains the ingredients including hops, sugar, and malt, and gives amazing flavors with balanced bitterness and sweetness. The aroma of the beer is very stout and pleasurable.

This beer has 10.5% ABV and is a very strong companion of the others in this list. It has a very dark color and offers a thick head. Best served between the temperatures of 12-16ºC, the beer is a great drink to enjoy at a party! It is recommended to store this beer in a cool and dark place.

Franconian Rhapsody

Franconian Rhapsody

Best enjoyed with smoked ricotta or chicken steak, this is a tasteful smoked beer from Brazil. This is a seasonal beer that has a rich golden color, a thick head, and a crystalline look. The beer gives out herbal, citric, and floral accents in its aroma. It has a smoked and malty flavor.

The Franconian Rhapsody comes with medium carbonation, light-medium body, and is best enjoyed between the temperatures of 4-6ºC. It has 5% ABV and is a light, flavorful beer that can be enjoyed with friends or at family dinners.



Skol is another one from the big brewery Inbev and is a top seller beer. The Skol beer is an American-style lager and comes with a balanced taste with average carbonation. The aromas contain mild malt hints, and it leaves a decent lingering aftertaste.

With 4.7% ABV, the beer has a straw yellow color. The awesome taste and great aromas of Skol make this Brazilian beer one of the best-selling beers in the world.

The ingredients include grain malt, pure water, and hop that result in a smooth and tasteful beer.

Stella Artois

Stella Artois

Produced through expert brewing techniques, mastered over hundreds of years, Stella Artois is a product of the traditional Den Hoorn brewery. What makes the brewing process of this beer special is the nine-step pouring ritual, which is known to be the reason behind its alluring taste and awesome flavors.

The 9 steps are named as – Purification, Sacrifice, Liquid Alchemy, Crown, Removal, Skimming, Judgment, Cleansing, and Bestowal! This amazing process helps Stella Artois contain its taste, flavors, aroma, texture, and color, which are nothing but the best! This beer has 4.8% ABV and is made of 4 ingredients – malted barley, hops, water, and maize.



The Antarctica beer has a strong connection with the famous Carnival that takes place in Rio De Janeiro, every year! This is the reason why Antarctica is one of the most famous Brazilian beers throughout the world.

This beer is considered as the best brew among Brazilian people and is served around the year in Brazilian bars. The name of the beer comes from the famous Brazilian brewery called Antarctica. It is an American Adjunct Lager that comes with 5% ABV. The beer is produced through the method of bottom fermentation and has a light and clear color.

Antarctica beer has a mild aroma and is full of flavors with balanced bitterness.

American IPA

American IPA

The American IPA is a Brazilian beer produced by the brewery named Baden Baden. The style of this beer is American-Indian Pale Ale, and it gives a strong and fruity taste because of the presence of fruit juice in it.

The citric flavor of American IPA balances its strong bitter taste, and it gives a very pleasant aroma. The brewing technique used for this beer is the Dip Hop technique, which gives this beer its unique taste and texture.

With 6.4% ABV, this beer is stronger than many others in this list. It is best served at the temperatures between 6 to 9ºC.



It is another famous Brazilian beer in our list that is a product of the brewery called Brasil Kirin, which is licensed under Playboy – an American adult company. A tropical beer, Devassa is known to be made especially for Brazilian beer lovers. Devassa is a refreshing, balanced, and easy-to-drink beer and is famous throughout the world.

With 4.8% ABV, the beer has a pale gold color and a white head. You can get hints of malt, lemon, corn, and honey after you taste the beer. Ideal to be enjoyed on an evening, the beer also promotes a strict message of no drinking and driving. It is best served chilled and is available in different quantities.



This is another one from the house of Baden Baden. The name Witbier depicts the characteristics of the beer as it translates to ‘white beer’. The beer is unfiltered and has a cloudy appearance.

Giving the citric taste of orange along with hints of coriander, this is a very unique beer that is full of flavors. The ingredients include barley malts and wheat. With 4.9% ABV, this beer is more on the stronger side and is best served at the temperatures from 3 to 5 ° C.

With this list of 10 best Brazilian beers, you can rest assured that you have some very good options at hand if you have to try the perfect Brazilian beer any time soon! So, if you’re planning on visiting Brazil and want to seek your beer love to the fullest, keep this list of the best Brazilian beers with you and you will have something to look forward to during your trip!
Now, we’re not saying Brazil isn’t worth wandering around, but good beer can make it 10 times better for you!

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10 Best Polish Beers You Must Try

Poland is known for its craft beers, and when you’re out there roaming around in Poland’s cities on a hot day, a cold beer is all you need to quench your thirst and take away the exhaustion. To add to the relief that any beer lover can have from a brew, Poland’s beers have a unique taste and aroma. Owing to the amazing taste and unique flavors offered by many Polish beer brands, Poland is considered the best for beer enthusiasts who love enjoying craft beer.

So, if you’re a beer lover who loves trying new beer brands wherever you go, Poland can be your next place to go where you can try the below-mentioned top 10 Polish beers:

1) Ciechan Pszeniczne

Ciechan Pszeniczne

Ciechan is a popular brewery of Poland, and any beer enthusiast is bound to fall in love with their brews. This is why the beers produced here are among the top Polish beers of all time.

The Ciechan Pszeniczne is also a product of this famous brewery and is considered as the ‘model of wheat beer’. This beer is produced with the traditional brewing methods that use yeast fermentation. The brewery uses the method of open fermentation which is why the beer is very aromatic and has a great taste.

Ciechan Pszeniczne has 4.8% alcohol by volume (ABV) and has a shelf life of 45 days. It gives out spicy and fruity notes of aroma along with that of cereal and bread. It is pale yellow in color and gives the flavors of bread, wheat, bananas, and cloves and has a balanced bitterness. It is an unfiltered beer that comes with yeast residue, which must be eaten along with the beer!

2) Amber Koźlak

Amber Koźlak

Brewed by another famous brewer called the Browar Amber, located in Bielkówek, this beer is a ruby-colored beer known for its unique taste and aroma.

The ingredients include water, hop, and barley malt (both pale and dark). This dark-bock style beer is famous for its ruby color.

The beer is brewed through the method of bottom fermentation and has a shelf life of 180 days. It has 6.5% ABV and is a strong beer, doing justice to its dark color. The beer comes in a unique bottle with a printed label and is best served in beers glasses like a Tulip Glass.

3) Żywiec Porter

Żywiec Porter

Another famous Polish beer, the Żywiec Porter is a product of a brewery named Browar Zamkowy Cieszyn. This Baltic porter-style beer is brewed through the traditional brewing process followed by the said brewery since 1881. It is a dark-colored, very strong beer with 9.5% ABV, suitable for beer lovers of a strong taste.

The beer includes barley, malt, clear water, and aromatic hops for the best taste and aroma. It is one of the best Polish beers and is best served in a Snifter, Shaker, or a Pint.

4) Ciechan Miodowe

Ciechan Miodowe

Another one from the Ciechan brewery, this one stands out in the list because of one of its unique ingredients – natural honey! Ceichan Miodowe has been chosen as the best honey beer, every year, in the Plebiscite for Beer of the Year, since the year of its launch.

With 5.7% ABV, this beer is neither too strong nor too light, and its additional natural sweet taste makes it famous among both sexes of beer lovers. The honey in the beer is unfiltered, pasteurized, and exclusively produced through natural means.

It is light straw-colored and has an intense aroma of honey with floral accents and light bitterness. The beer has a shelf life of 45 days.

5) Królewskie Jasne Pełne

Królewskie Jasne Pełne

Hailing from the capital of Poland – Warsaw, this beer is famous around the entire city and throughout the world. It is one of the best Polish beer brands and is a light and pasteurized beer to enjoy in a party.

With 5.6% ABV, this light beer has a clear gold color. It has a decently bitter taste with grassy and floral accents and a herbal, malty aroma. The ingredients include water, corn, barley malt, hops, and hop extracts.
This beer is strongly associated with Warsaw – the place of its origin.

6) Lech Premium

Lech Premium

A light lager beer, this one is another refreshing brew from the lands of Poland. Best enjoyed when chilled strongly, and it is the best refreshing option because of its high levels of carbonation.

With 5% ABV, the Lech Premium is a great companion whenever you need refreshment or when you’re enjoying with friends. The beer is made of water, hop, extracts of hop cones, and barley malts. With all the ingredients and perfect brewing process, the beer gives a strong taste and great aromas.

7) Brok


Brok beer is a product of one of the most famous Polish breweries, Van Pur. It is a pale lager that is made of selected ingredients. The beer is brewed through a very traditional fermentation process of the 19th century.

With 5.2% ABV, the beer gives the best flavor with grassy accents. It is a light-bodied brew that has a slightly sweet taste and clean character. Brok is a very hoppy drink but is suitable for light beer lovers! It is quite popular among Polish beer lovers.

8) Tyskie Gronie

Tyskie Gronie

This one is not just one of the best Polish beer brands but the number one beer brand of the country. The winner of many awards for being the best beer, Tyskie belongs to the city Tychy and the brewery in which this beer is produced has been in action for the past 400 years!

Tyskie Gronie has 5.5% ABV and is a light beer with a good head that reduces gradually. It has lingering citric taste and is a very hoppy drink with a bit of carbonation. With a popular name, this drink stays in the list of top beers in Poland.

9) Okocim O.K. Beer

Okocim O.K. Beer

More than 50 years old, this one belongs to the Carlsberg Group – a huge and reputable brewery in Poland. This one is a European Lager type of beer with 5.6% ABV. The famous brewery to which the Okocim beer belongs is known for producing this beer in different faces but the same taste.

The beer is said to have a very tingling aftertaste and is said to be one of the best sellers in Poland. It is bought by people so widely that it is sometimes difficult to find this brew in the market.

10) ŻUBR


This beer is produced by Browar Dojlidy – another reputed and one of the oldest breweries in Poland, now acquired by Kompania Piwowarska brewery. The beer is deep golden in color with a fairly floral aroma. The beer has a classic pilsner taste, and there is hardly any competition that beats the taste and aroma of this beer.

The taste includes tinges of caramel malts and a little bit of hops. It has 6% ABV and is a light beer, perfect for someone who just wants to enjoy a relaxing evening with friends or family.

It gives a very balanced, light, and malty aftertaste and is one of the best brews from the lands of Poland.


All these beers together come as a perfect list of the best Polish beer brands and have their unique qualities to help you enjoy your drinks at the next level! So, if you’re craving to try a Polish brew, go for any one or a few from this list, and you’ll know what you’re missing out!

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Best Mexican Beers You’d Enjoy

Beer lovers can be found anywhere and everywhere. Some of these are once-a-week beer drinkers, some are everyday beer drinkers, and the rest are just beer fanatics!

For the last category of beer lovers, it is very tough to stick with just one or a few kinds of beers. They are so much into the drink that they want to try everything they can put their hands on. This is why, they always demand to try different brands, types, and varieties of beers available out there. If you’re one such beer enthusiast and are here looking for the best Mexican beers, we have got a whole lot of information for you.

Let’s explore the best Mexican brands of beers to add to your collection of beers and to get something new to change the taste:

The Top Mexican Beer Brands

In Mexico, beer brewing has been celebrated as a tradition for many years. Thus, it is safe to say that Mexican beers reflect their culture very effectively and if you’re at a Mexican restaurant, enjoying the savory Mexican food, a bottle of Mexican beer will just do the needed magic.

So, let’s get prepared to order the best brew while you’re at it! Here is our list of the best beer brands in Mexico:

Corona Extra

corona extra

If you’re a person of Mexican beer taste, Corona is generally what you would think when asked about your favorite one! Now, the Corona Extra is a beer that is meant to be enjoyed at the beaches, barbeques, and Mexican dive bars.

This beer is one of the most popular and best Mexican beers that people pick most often. The taste of this beer is said to range from heavy European imported beers to light domestic beers.

It has a refreshing and smooth taste with fruity-honey aromas. The beer has a tinge of malt in it, to give it just the right taste. Corona Extra has a crisp flavor and is said to have a ‘superior taste profile from superior ingredients.’

The amount of alcohol by weight is 3.6%, and that of alcohol by volume (ABV) is 4.6%. The calorie count in this beer is 149 per 12 ounces. The ingredients include Barley, Water, Malt, Hops, and Non-malted Cereals.

Corona Light

corona light

This one is again a result of the same ingredients as Corona Extra – Water, Barley, Non-Malted Cereals, Malt, and Hops. However, what makes this beer different from the Corona Extra is that it has a lighter taste. The beer is said to be a pilsner-style lager with a very light flavor that allows easy drinking.

So, for people looking for a lighter beer for a change, this one is the best pick from our list of Mexican beers. Though the beer is lighter but it is still full of aromas and flavors. So, you wouldn’t lag behind in taste. As compared to Corona Extra, this one has a less calorie count that sums up to 99 per 12 ounces.



Founded over 60 years back in Mexico itself, Tecate is one of the most loved Mexican beers of all time. This seemingly ‘bold’ beer is available in two different flavors – Tecate Light and Tecate Original.

With 110 calories and 3.9% alcohol by volume, Tecate Light is one of the best choices for those looking for a perfect light Mexican beer. With a light citrus flavor and amazing aromas, this clear golden drink can be the best fit for a hot day. Tecate Light is said to have a ‘defined malt character and smooth bitterness’.

Tecate Original, on the other hand, is a stronger and cleaner beer option. The beer has a balanced golden color and a very crisp flavor. With a medium bitterness, this one is best for someone looking for the right kick from their drink. It has a calorie count of 141 calories for 12 Fl. OZ and 4.5% ABV.

This is the most popular beer in Mexico and stands its reputation really well!



Known as one of the best Mexican beers for decades, Montejo is another hit in our list. The beer is very smooth and full of flavors, offering a crisp flavor and the perfect carbonation.

It allows easy drinking and has a light to medium body as well as a balanced bitterness. Montejo offers a fine-tuned flavor and is brewed only in Mexico – exported to other countries.

The beer has a golden color of 12 OZ, and it has an ABV of 4.5%. It is exceptionally smooth and a great pick if you’re looking for the best beers from Mexico. It is, in fact, the most authentic one from Mexico.

Modelo Negra

Negra Modelo

Promoting the idea of celebrating the Mexican culture through food and drinks, this medium-bodied beer offers one of the best tastes among Mexican beers. The main ingredients of this beer include Barley Malt, Water, Non-malted Cereals, and Hops with slowly roasted caramel malts.

With a rich flavor and a very smooth taste, this beer is said to be a Munich Dunkel-style Lager beer and has the finest Mexican taste that is a must try!

The Negra beer has an alcohol content of 5.4% and a calorie count of 180 per 12 Fl. OZ. This amazing beer has such a rich taste that it can be used as one of the cocktail ingredients for different recipes.

Noche Buena

noche buena

This one is another popular option that beer enthusiasts love to enjoy during parties and barbeques. The Noche Buena comes from the house of a very famous Mexican brewery called Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, which is now a part of Heineken.

The beer was founded in the year 1924 and is now a very unique and classic drink to enjoy. The history of this beer makes it one of the most popular and traditional Mexican beers of all the time.

It offers a very strong malt flavor with the accents of hop and caramel. With 5.9% ABV, the beer offers a great smooth taste. It is fermented at very low temperature, and thus, it is only sold from the month of October to February. It offers medium toasted hues and is a light drink, ideal for those looking for a light yet tasteful brew.



Another great option for a light beer, Victoria stands out from the rest of the similar-tasting beers from Mexico. What makes it different is its amber color which sets it apart from the golden hues of others.

This beer is perfect for beer lovers who like to have their drink slowly and tastefully. Victoria offers a crisp taste and is a very smooth drink. This beer has 4% ABV in it and thus is the lightest yet very tasteful beer to try if you crave something Mexican. Unlike other beers explained above, Victoria, which is known as a Vienna Lager, has a bit of sweetness in its taste.

Dos Equis


First brewed in the year 1897, this one is again from the most famous Mexican brewery Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma. The process of brewing this legendary beer goes through 5 steps – malting, brewing, fermentation, lagering, and filtration.

The ingredients include water, malted barley, corn starch, sugar, hops, and ascorbic acid. This beer comes in different varieties – Dos Equis Lager Expecial and Dos Equis Amber. The beer varieties of Dos Equis are golden in color, light-tasting, and very flavorful. They flaunt a clean finish and have a very balanced composition for the right taste.



Another gem from the brewery Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma in Mexico, this beer is an amber-colored drink. It has 5% ABV with just the right carbonation, offering a crisp taste. This one is a good choice when you want to get refreshed on a hot day.

The beer offers a decent caramel malt flavor that can easily be enjoyed through its tingling carbonation. The beer is not very bitter and not very sweet. There is enough bitterness in the beer that balances the malt and lets its taste get through. The best thing about this clean beer is that it has a tinge of herbal hops that give a unique flavor to it and make it stand out from the crowd. Most beer lovers consider Indio as a superior beer than most American brands – in terms of taste, flavor, color, and aroma.

Bohemia Clasica


A very popular choice among beer aficionados, the Bohemia Clasica is a quality Mexican lager that offers a blend of the pleasant aromas of roasted barley, vanilla, fruits, and minerals. This brew is also a production of the Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma and comes with 4.7% ABV.

It has a hoppy finish and is a light beer. Giving the aroma of sweet grain in the beginning, the beer leaves a bitter aftertaste like that of cocoa. The beer is pale in color and is enjoyable and tasteful – superior to other popular pale lagers available in the market. Its varieties include Bohemia Weizen, Bohemia Clasica, and Bohemia Chocolate Stout.


Sol - Beer

First brewed in the year 1899, Sol is another hit name in our list of the best Mexican beers. It has a clear straw yellow color and gives the taste of hops and wheat. With 4.5% ABV, this beer gives the aroma of bread, hops, grain, corn, and citrus. The ingredients of this beer include water, maltose syrup, malted barley, and hops.

Sol is light golden in color and has a very refreshing and smooth taste, great for parties and celebrations. The beer is authentic Mexican style and has a pure Mexican vibe to it. So, if you’re looking for a light Mexican beer with great aromas and taste of hops and wheat, this beer is for you!

Carta Blanca

Carta Blanca Lager Beer

As old as its brewery Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, this beer has been well-recognized in the world of Mexican Beers and has received rewards and recognition in various beer exhibitions as well. A very balanced and flavorful lager-style beer, the Carta Blanca is brewed through a traditional process of elaboration.

Made from high-quality ingredients, this beer has 4.5% ABV and is a golden-colored brew. This beer is famous for receiving first place in the international beer exhibition in Chicago, three years after its launch. After that, it has received a number of awards in places including Rio De Janeiro, Madrid, Paris, Brussels, and Munich.



Born in 1985, the Pacifico is a pilsner-style lager beer. ‘Founded and imported by surfers’, this golden brew is also very famous among surfers. The beer has a rich golden color, a smooth taste, and is the best to enjoy with seafood.

The brew is clear and hoppy. This beer is the fifteenth most imported beer brands in the USA. The beer has 4.5% ABV and is loved by a great variety of people. Mostly surfers enjoy this brew, and they call enjoying this beer as the ‘Pacifico Lifestyle’.

Corona Familiar


When it comes to brews and drinks, even a little change can make a whole lot of difference. And so is the case with Corona. Corona Familiar is nothing but Corona Extra packed in bigger bottles.

Though the beer is the same, it tastes a lot better than Corona Extra. According to the brewery of Corona, the difference lies in the glass of the container. It is packed in a dark-colored container, which protects the beer’s smell and taste from getting bad whereas the clear glass of Corona Extra fails to do that. The Corona Familiar is the 32 OZ version of Corona Extra and is a must try for its rich taste.

Baja Oatmeal Stout


The strong name of this beer represents its strong nature. The Baja Oatmeal Stout has a complete body, a full creamy head, and a lightly roasted character.

The beer is dark coffee in color and has 6.0% ABV, making it stronger in taste. So, if you’re someone who loves their drinks strong – this one is for you! The beer has a bitter taste with balanced flavors. It gives the aroma of chocolate and coffee. The beer is best paired with desserts.

So, this was all about the most famous Mexican beer brands available for the enjoyment of a beer lover. If you’re someone with a very versatile taste for drinks or if you’re someone who wants to explore the world of beers more, trying Mexican beers and enjoying them to the cores can be a great experience.

Pick the best one of all these options and see which one do you like the most!

10 Best Beer Glasses: A Glassware Guide to Choose from Different Types of Beer Glasses

Cheers are best with a cold beer! Happy time, parties, celebrations, or just a bad day, everything feels fine and great with beer. This is why beer is the most consumed drink throughout the world.

With a plethora of beer lovers in the world, there are no less beer freaks that live for beer and can die for it! Well, jokes apart – beer freaks can easily be found around you, and the best way to spot one is by pointing out their collection of beer glasses. Beer lovers are usually very keen to collect beer merchandise to show their love for the amazing brew!

If you’re a beer enthusiast, you must be interested in collecting the best beer glasses available in different varieties. If you are curious to know more about different types of beer glasses, let’s have a look at the beer glassware guide to pick the best ones:

1. Weizen Glass

Weizen GlassA glass often confused with the Pilsner glass, this beautiful curvaceous glass is ideal to serve wheat beer. The word weizen means wheat in the German language. This is why pubs and breweries serve the beer varieties like Hefeweizen, Kristalweizen, Dunkleweizen, Gose, American Dark Wheat Ale, and American Pale Wheat Ale in this type of beer glasses.

The reason why these glasses are used for wheat beer is that this kind of beer has a thick foam head and the curvy lip of the glass easily traps the foam. This helps you enjoy your beer to the fullest, giving a complete taste and aroma of the beer.

These beauties are the curviest at their top and have a narrow base. They are taller than a normal pint glass and ideally hold ½ a liter beer.

These glasses also allow sticking a piece of fruit on its top, and a lot of pubs, bars, and breweries serve it the same way. However, it is advised to remove the fruit soon as it destroys the foam of the beer.

2. Pilsner Glass

pilsner glassAs the name tells it all, this beer glass is mainly used for lighter beers like the pilsners. These glasses are available in a wide range of sizes; however, one pilsner glass holds lesser beer than one pint. This type of glasses come with typical beer glass shapes with very little or no curvature and are tall with a wide mouth.

An ideal pilsner glass can hold about 14 ounces of beer and has a lip that can hold the foam of lighter beers well. So, you can enjoy the aroma of your beer right under your nose as you sip from this glass.

The beer varieties that can ideally be served in these glasses include Pilsner, maibock, helles bock, blonde ale, witbier, and more! The slim design of this type of beer glass lets you enjoy the bright color, flavor, and aroma of your sparkly drink!

So, if you’re a beer freak, collecting the best beer glasses, do add these gorgeous ones to your list!

3. Tulip Beer Glasses

tulip beer glassReferring to their shape, the name of these glasses does great justice to how they look! These amazing bulb-shaped glasses are curved at the lip and let you enjoy your brew, the fancy way!

These glasses are also known as Belgian glasses for their special design ideal for Belgian ales. They have the right shape to trap the head of your beer and promote its aroma in the right manner. The glasses also help in building and maintaining a good head of your drink, and you can easily swirl your drink to get its best aroma and taste.

Other malty and hoppy drinks like a barleywine, fruit lambic, scotch ale, American wild ale, etc. can also be enjoyed in these good-looking beer glasses.

The shape of these glasses is thick and short, and they also have a stem and foot like a wine glass that gives them the fancier touch we talked about!As a beer geek, you must add this glass to your collection of different types of beer glasses.

4. Beer Mug

Beer MugWhen you see a handle on your beer glassware, it is surely a beer mug! Well, even if you’re not a beer lover, you must still be well-acquainted with beer mugs. They are the basic, classic, and ideal glassware in which people enjoy their beers and they have been around since ages!

This widely popular beer glassware comes in a great variety of types like the dimpled mug, Oktoberfest mug, tankard, etc. Now, the special feature of beer mugs is that like a stem on a wine glass, the handle on beer mugs prevent the heat from your hands to transfer to the glass. Thus, a mug of beer helps in keeping your drink cold and bubbly.

Being the classic beer glassware, the beer mugs have thick walls that ensure insulation and make the mugs durable.

You can have any type of beer in a beer mug. All sorts of English, American, and German beers can be enjoyed in a beer mug. Needless to say, for a beer lover’s collection of beer glasses, a beer mug is an essential item!

5. Beer Boot Glass

Beer Boot glassA beer boot or a das boot is an interesting form of glassware to enjoy your drink with a twist! Shaped like a boot, this type of beer glasses is specially designed to celebrate the spirit of soldiers, keeping in mind their ritual of drinking from their boot after they win or wish good luck!

This kind of glasses may not be very popular in pubs, bars, or breweries, but they are widely found in beer festivals like Oktoberfest.

Drinking from a beer boot is a bit tricky as you might end up spilling the drink on yourself. The right way to do it is to keep the toe of boot pointed towards your body and not away from it. This way, the air bubbles are formed inside the toe and prevent the spillage.

Beer boots are very fancy-looking beer glassware and can be used to enjoy assorted German beers, witbier, and more types of beers. These are also used by many restaurants to serve non-alcoholic drinks just for the sake of good presentation.

6. Stange

stange beer glassPerfectly shaped for the core enjoyment of your beer, the stange glasses have a narrow, cylindrical, and straight shape. Their bottom is thick for added strength and durability. These glasses are an ideal choice if you’re throwing a party and need to serve multiple beers at once.

The stange glass is considered similar to a champagne flute, similar to which, these beer glasses concentrate the aroma of beer and also preserve the carbonation of your drink.

Their beautiful shape lets the users enjoy the carbonation, bright color, and aroma of their brew while they sip it. A standard stange glass can hold up to 6.5 ounces of beer. The glasses are ideal for lighter and delicate beers like rauchbier, lambics, bocks, gose, pilsners, etc.

One must avoid drinking heavy beers in these glasses as they do not do justice with the heavy drinks.

The other names given to these glasses are strange, pole, stick, or rod glasses. They are also available in different sizes. If you want to complete your collection of beer glasses, adding a stange glass to it is a must!

7. Snifters – Best Glass for IPAs

Snifter glassPopular with drinks like brandy or cognac, the snifters are a great bet for serving beer as well. Just as good they are for other drinks, these glasses work really well to enhance the taste and aroma of your beer.

With a small opening, these glasses are also bulbous in shape and have a small stem and a foot. A blend of a wine glass and a goblet, this type of glasses must be filled with less beer if you want to enjoy your drink to the fullest.

The bulb shape and wide bottom of the glass let you swirl your drink to have the complete aroma of the drink and enhance its taste.

These glasses are mostly ideal for strong beers like the Belgian IPAs, Double IPAs, etc. So, if you’re a drinker of such kind of beers and need to serve and drink them right, add the snifters to your list of beer glasses. These can be the most beautiful piece in your collection.

8. Goblet

Goblet beer glassA goblet glass is similar to a snifter glass. The difference that sets both these glasses apart is the length and width of their stem. These glasses have a large bowl, a thick stem, and a foot.

The stem is, again, there to prevent you from transferring your hands’ heat to the drink. The wide mouth of a goblet glass lets you enjoy your beer to the fullest.

These glasses are considered very similar to another type of beer glasses called the chalices. However, they have very thick glass walls as compared to their other look-alikes. These glasses are available in a variety of sizes. So, when buying them, you can choose as per your comfort of handling and quantity of beer they can hold.

The goblet glasses are ideal for heavy beers, dark beers, dubbel, quad, Belgian strong dark ale, tripel, etc. If you’re looking for a decorative piece to adorn your beer glass collection, goblet beer glasses are the way to go!

9. Stein – One of the best beer glass styles

stein beer glassA beer stein is a type of beer mug and is a decorative or ornamental piece you can add to your collection. The material used for the creation of beer steins may be anything among glass, silver, crystal, stoneware, pewter, porcelain, and wood!

The design of a beer stein reflects a classic kettle, and its unique beer glass shape gives a retro look to it. They come with lids that can be opened or closed using a hinge with your thumb. These well-decorated pieces come in a great variety of designs and sizes. Most of the times, beer freaks collect them just for the sake of decorations and don’t use them often. These fancy mugs don’t fit the scenarios of regular drinking where most people use just the normal beer mugs or pints. But they are the best bet when you’re enjoying an Oktoberfest!

In the history of beer, steins have widely been used because they come with a lid and are a very sanitary option for having your drink. This helped the pubs and bars in Europe to stick with the laws of food and beverage containers to have lids. You can enjoy every type of beer in a beer stein.

10. Pint

pint beer glassAvailable in a great variety, a pint glass is the most common type of beer glass used in the US. There are different types of pint glasses available like tulip pint, nonic pint, conical pint, etc. A tall, skinny, wide-at-the-mouth glass, a pint is also known by the name of Shaker glass.

The capacity of a standard pint is 16 ounces, and it is ideal to drink almost every type of beer including hard beers, ales, lagers, stouts, porters, IPAs, and more!

A nonic pint comes with a slight lip at the top, allowing it to trap the head of your beer for an enjoyable brew. This type of pints are often larger and have the capacity of about 20 ounces, ideal for drinking English beer, ales, etc.

In most bars, pubs, or breweries, you will see a lot of pints as they are very commonly used, cheap to buy, and give a good drinking experience. They are also easy to clean and maintain. For beer freaks, a pint is a must have!

With all the information about different types of beer glasses, you now know a lot about this kind of glassware. They are all unique and add an exclusive taste to your love for beers. So, pick your favorites and start adding them to your collection, one by one. Soon, you will have your own beer glass treasure, which will obviously be a prized possession!

Cheers to beer!

10 Highest ABV Beers: Have You Tried A Beer With High Alcohol Content?

The world is full of beer lovers. If lost on an island for days, the chances are that these people will prefer beer over water! If you can relate even just a bit, I bet you’re here to know about the best and highest alcohol content beer.

The alcohol content of a beer is measured by its ABV value, which is Alcohol by Volume. It is basically the percentage of alcohol in beer.

If you’ve had enough of your local breweries and wanted to taste something stronger with a better kick to it, you’ve landed at the right spot!

Let’s have a look at the top 10 beers with the highest ABV:

Brewmeister Snake Venom

As its name does all the justice to the strength of this beer, this one is the most alcoholic beer in our list. With 67.5% ABV, this is considered as one of the strongest beers in the whole world.

You must know that liquor like whiskey or vodka has an ABV of roughly 40%. Now, what is the alcohol content of a normal beer? Let me tell you that most beers have an alcohol content of around 3% to 7%. So, this broadly explains where the Snake Venom stands at!

This beer is brewed by the UK-based company, Brewmeister. The beer is so alcoholic that it doesn’t even have any carbonation – thus, no bubbles! This is because as compared to other normal beers, the liquid of Snake Venom is quite dense and cannot sustain any bubbles. It is available in the UK for a hefty amount of $76 per bottle!

It is recommended to have the Snake Venom in very small portions of 35ml in one go.

Brewmeister Armageddon

Another one from the house of Brewmeister, Armageddon comes with 65% ABV and is currently the strongest beer in the world – holding a Guinness World Record!

This amazing beer is brewed through the process called freeze fermenting. It has the components like flaked oats, crystal malt, wheat, and 100% Scottish spring water. The process involves freezing of the beer under which the water freezes but the alcohol stays intact. This results in a strong and alcohol-rich beer.

According to the brewery Brewmeister, when having Armageddon, one must “consume this like a fine whisky.” The beer is very flavorsome and full of yeast and even smelling it is enough to give you a little hit!

Schorschbräu Schorschbock 57

Not only one of the strongest beers but this one is also one of the most expensive ones! With a bottle price of €200, this bottle is the sign of class, luxury, and taste!

The beer comes with 57% ABV and is brewed by the German brewery Schorschbräu. The beer is made, complying with Germany’s 500-year-old Beer Purity law. According to this law, beer can only be created using just four ingredients.

The taste of this beer, according to many beer cicerones, is nutty and smoky with hints of alcohol and raisins.

BrewDog The End of History

The End of History by BrewDog comes with 55% ABV. This beer was produced with the idea of bringing a revolution in the world of beers, and thus, it came out as one of the strongest and most expensive beers of all time.

The beer depicting class is recommended to be served in small servings because of its high alcohol content. And thus, the best way to enjoy The End of History is to have the ‘beer shots’ with this one.

This Belgian beer is a whole new breed of beers with infused nettles and junipers of Scottish Highlands. The beer was produced in a very small quantity of 12 bottles, making it a rare collector’s item.

Schorschbräu Schorschbock 43

Call this one the cousin of Schorschbräu Schorschbock 57! This beer comes with 43% ABV and is still highly alcoholic. Just like our number 3, this beer is also produced by the brewery Schorschbräu and in small badges of around 450 bottles every year.

The Schorschbock 43 tastes very strong, tart, and leaves a fruity taste behind. Because of its rich content of alcohol, this beer doesn’t get stale and thus, its high price is justified.

BrewDog Sink The Bismarck

The funky name of the beer is an excitement in itself but so is its ABV of 41%. This beer is brewed in Scotland by the brewery BrewDog. It gives you hints of sweet honey, malt, and hop oils. According to the brewery, the aroma is spicy and resinous. This beer is spicy and bitter.

The brewing process includes kettle hopping, dry hopping, and freeze hopping. It has the taste and aroma that suit the people of acquired tastes.

Baladin Espirit de Noel

This chocolaty beer is another gem in our list, hailing right from the land of style – Italy! The beer has 40% ABV and is a strong liquor of its kind. This beer is brewed by the brewery named Baladin.

Along with the long-lasting taste of chocolate, it also gives the hints of wood. Espirit de Noel has a faint yellow color and is served chilled, best between 10-12 degrees. The alcohol content doesn’t let this barrel-aged beer get stale, so this one is also a collector’s item!

Struise Black Damnation VI, Messy

From the classic Black Damnation series by Belgian brewery Struise, this is another one in our list with 39% ABV. The brewery process for this beer includes methods like water run-off and dry hopping.

The beer contains ingredients like peaches, blackberries, and coffee beans. This strong beer has a unique quality as well. Besides its unwarranted alcohol content, when you taste the beer, you won’t get any taste of the alcohol.

Just like your regular beer, this beer has a rocky yet smooth flavor but will get you drunk in no time.

BrewDog Tactical Nuclear Penguin

With its rather funny name, the beer contents make it a serious matter. Another one from the house of BrewDog, this beer has 32% ABV, and even a little amount of it is enough to get you plastered.

The Nuclear Penguin is available in Scotland but can also be shipped to other places. Aged in whiskey casks for over a year, this beer is a great demand by people who have a bitter-tart taste for beer.

BrewDog is very proud of their Tactical Nuclear Penguin and calls it “a beer with a soul and a purpose.”

Sam Adams Utopias

From the familiar name Samuel Adams, the Utopias is an alcohol-rich, ruby-colored beer. The beer is the strongest one ever brewed by Sam Adams and contains Munich and Caramel 60 Malts, three varieties of German Noble Hops, Spalt Spalter and more rich ingredients.

A blend of batches, this beer is aged for 24 years and is a mature one. The beer comes with 29% ABV and doesn’t have carbonation in it. It gives hints of caramel, vanilla, and oak and is also very easily available!

With this list, you can make a pick if you’re looking for a beer with the highest alcohol content. This must definitely have changed your perception if you took beer as your ‘casual drink.’ Who said beer couldn’t be special, classy, and posh?