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6 Best Beer Tower Dispensers and Tubes 2019

Beer tower dispensers or beer tubes are a necessary addition to every homebrewer’s arsenal for the comfort and convenience they bring. The dispensers are tubular in nature, and they are fitted with a faucet that makes it possible to pour beer. They are ideal for parties, and they will also make a nice addition to a keg or kegerator for those who desire to use them for home brewing.

In most cases, the beer tubes are made of different parts, with the main component of holding beer being a plastic tube or a jug fitted with a spigot at the base. Depending on your preferences, you may go for beer towers with simple designs, or you might as well go for those with complicated designs, with some having features such as LED lights and ice chambers. But that notwithstanding, the beer tubes are available in a variety of styles, designs, and shapes, and it will be entirely up to you to choose the ones which you feel best suits your needs.

Top 6 Beer Towers and Tubes

The above beer towers are among the best in the market currently, and getting any of them is guaranteed to give you a very good experience. No need to worry about serving beer in your home bars, party or restaurant when you can use these quality dispensers to simplify the task.

Beer Tower Buyer Guide

Though the beer towers are available in a variety of styles and designs, it is not automatic that whatever you choose will suffice for your needs. It is imperative to consider certain features that the beer towers must have if you desire to have a good experience with them. If you are in the market shopping for beer tower dispensers and tubes, here is a brief buyer guide to help you choose the most appropriate dispenser for your needs - 

The size of the tower and the space available

The first consideration you have to make when thinking about buying a beer tower is the size and the space of the tower. The size of the tower should be primarily determined by the intended use. For example, a tower for a home party may not be the same size as a tower for installation in your pub or restaurant.

Once you have reconciled the required size, the next consideration is if you have adequate space for installing the beer tower. Remember, some of these towers can be very tall, and unless you have adequate space to set them in, you may end up with a not so good experience with them.

Balance and maintenance

In most cases, beer tubes will be placed in countertops where one can easily dispense the beer without any troubles. It is important that you assess carefully the exact location where the tube will be placed. Other than a stable and sturdy place for installation, you should also consider the design of the tube keenly to ensure that it comes with a well-designed base that will accord it more stability.
As far as maintenance goes, you should choose beer tubes that you can clean properly and without any hassles.

 Again, this should be informed by the nature of operations to which you will subject the dispenser. For example, if you intend to use it for dispensing different kinds of beer, it will be imperative to clean it thoroughly before putting in a different beer to preserve the integrity of the beers.

The tube materials

It is not automatic that every beer tower dispenser is made from plastic, though this is the common material for the dispensers. There are other made from stainless steel and other materials. The material used in making the tower will have a direct impact on its longevity, and of course, its price.

Therefore, if you want a durable tower, be prepared to pay more, but if you want a decent tower for your day to day beer dispensation needs, then you can pick any of the plastic towers available in the stores once you determine that they will suit your needs.

Best All in One Electric Brewing Systems Reviews 2019

Homebrewing is currently undergoing a major evolution owing to the technological advancements taking place in the industry. If you have been a home brewing machine for some time, then you will appreciate the need for automation in the process of making craft beer. The traditional home brewing methods are characterized by the use of a lot of equipment, as well as time-sensitive processes where an omission could compromise the quality of the brew.

The need for efficiency and the quality brew is what is currently driving the electric revolution currently being witnessed in the brewing industry. With automated electric brewing systems, it is not just time that is saved, but also the time-sensitive processes are well taken care of, hence, increasing the chances of having a near-perfect brew at the end of the process.

Many are the electric brewing systems currently available in the market, and if you want to make some great strides in your home brewing, you have every reason to start considering ditching the traditional systems and processes for their automated counterparts. However, you need to know how to choose the right system that will give you the efficiency and versatility you need to become a better brewer. You also need to know about some of the top models you should consider for a good experience. Read on to find out more.

Things to consider when buying a brewing system

There are certain factors worth considering when thinking about buying a brewing system. With so many brands in the market each screaming for your attention, it is easy to get swayed and pick an option that won’t fit your needs.

To begin with, you need to understand that, though all the systems are designed for home brewing, not all of them will give you the same brewing experience. To help you out, and to increase your chances of choosing the most appropriate beer brewing system, here are some of the things you need to consider when buying a brewing system-:

Your preferred brewing style

Your brewing style should be one of the major considerations you make when choosing a brewing system. Do you prefer extract vs all grain brewing? You will find in the market today brewing systems that can make pre-formatted extract brews, but they won’t necessarily give you the best beers. There are also systems that will give you the versatility of adding your own twist to the process so that you can use your own recipe and then take care of the remainder of the process automatically. By knowing your preferred brewing styles, choosing the right system will be a breeze for you.

Your level of experience

If you are just starting out as a home brewer, there are systems designed for people with the experience level as yours, and it will be a waste of money to go for advanced system ideal for the pros. The system you choose should reflect on your experience level so that you can progress to advanced systems as you improve on your skills.

The amount of time you need for the brewing process

As far as the amount of brewing time is concerned, you should opt for automated systems if you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the brewing process. However, if you are so passionate about craft beers and you have all the time to improve your skills, then you can go for the traditional systems that will give you incredible control with the chance to fully immerse yourself in the process.

The other notable factors you should consider when buying a brewing system include the price, space limitation, variety, and quality of the beer, the system’s ease of use, and the ability to customize the brewing process.

Final Recommendation!

All the above choices are great and will suffice most of your home brewing needs; however, we highly recommend PICOBrew C. It comes with every bit of convenience you will need to craft great home beers. The design is compact, it has a decent capacity of 5 liters, features to control the alcohol content and the bitterness level and it also comes with the option to choose the pico Pak that will give you a plethora of options for your home brewing recipes.

PicoBrew PICO Model C Beer Brewing Appliance

Furthermore, it has a built-in steam cleaning capability, and this is highly admirable because it will enhance the hygiene of your home brewing process. Since it is an all in one beer brewing machine, both newbies and the veterans will find a lot of pleasure in using it. Get it today and take your home brewing experience to a whole new level.

Best Beer Bottle Fillers 2019

Investing in the right type of beer bottle fillers will make the process of moving beer fast, safe, clean and efficient. Homebrewing usually involves a myriad of instances when you need to move the beer from one place to another. It could be putting the beer from the kettle to the primary fermenter, or transferring the finished product into bottle or kegs.

Irrespective of the reason for moving, you will always want to maximize the end product volume while minimizing the amount of time you spend in the process. A beer bottle filler is your best bet for greater results, and we will share with you the best types of beer bottle fillers as well our top recommendations for the best automatic bottle fillers in the market today.

Types of beer bottle fillers

With advancements in technology, gone are the days when brewers had to create a mess when moving beer from one container to another. Currently, there are several types and brands of bottle fillers, and if you are still struggling to bottle your beer after the brewing is over, you could use some help with the following types of beer bottle fillers-:

Spring loaded beer bottle fillers

Spring loaded beer bottle fillers are also known as bottle fillers with removable spring, and just as the name suggests, their design, construction, and operations feature the use of spring for accuracy and efficiency. These fillers allow users to have a great deal of precision when filling up the beer bottles, always guaranteeing the transfer of the beers without any mess or loss of carbonation.
With them, all you have to do is to insert and then push the filler down to the bottom of the bottle you want to fill up. They are ideal for filling both small and big bottles, and as the user, you have total control on the number of volumes transferred.

Counter Pressure Bottle Fillers

Counter pressure bottle fillers are primarily used by commercial brewers, but this does not imply that home brewers cannot use them. If you want the efficiency and the convenience enjoyed by the commercial brewers when filling their beer bottles, then you need to try out the counter pressure bottle fillers. 

The fillers are designed with a unique one-way valve as well as an adjustable pressure release that makes it super easy to bottle homebrews without worrying about the transfer of sediments. With these bottle fillers, the bottles are always pressurized when the carbonated beer flows in, and this results in very minimal loss of CO2. If you are carbonating and storing your homebrew in kegs, you will also find it super easy to use a counter-pressure bottle filler directly from your kegs.

Gravity beer bottle fillers

Gravity beer bottle fillers are highly recommended for filling both plastic and glass beer bottles with non-dense liquids. Since their operation is manual, they may not be the right choice if you wanted was an automatic bottle filler that will give you a hands-free experience when filling your beer. Again, their nature of operations implies that you will have to be extra careful because you could easily end up messing around during the process.

Top 7 bottle fillers

Best Counter Pressure Bottle Fillers 2019

If you are into home brewing, then bottle fillers will never miss in your home brewing arsenal if you want to keep your station clean, organized and less messy. It is possible to operate a home brewing machine without a bottle filter, but with all the conveniences that a filler brings, it makes perfect sense to invest in one so that you not only enjoy the process of transferring your brew but also avoid unnecessary spillages that may make the process less pleasant. Many are the types of bottle fillers available in the market today, but one type you are likely to fall in love with is the counter pressure bottle filler. Find out why below.

Why counter pressure bottle fillers are the best choice

Before delving into the specific benefits of counter pressure bottle fillers, it is imperative to understand how they operate since this is what sets them apart from the rest and gives them the specific benefits. The premise behind the operation of a pressure counter bottle filler is that the bottle is filled while under constant pressure – a mechanism that prevents the loss of carbonation and also prevents foaming.

The actual working of these fillers can be described in the following steps-:

Step One : in the first step, the bottle is filled with carbon dioxide gas to get rid of any air that may be present inside the bottle.

Step Two : the next step is to pressurize the bottle so that the gas inside can be at the same pressure as the carbonated beer that is about to be added.

Step Three : the bottle is filled with the beer, and the carbon dioxide gas is allowed to escape.

Step Four : The filler is removed from the bottle, after which is it quickly capped.

One of the advantages of the pressure bottle fillers, therefore, is that it prevents the beer from forming during the filling – a phenomenon that can cause a lot of mess in the work station. It also prevents the loss of carbonation given that the first step of the filling process is to pressurize the bottle with CO2.

Again, it is worth pointing out that the modern counter pressure bottle fillers are ergonomically designed, and some features one-hand operation. Unlike the traditional models which had to be operated by at least two people, only one person, using just a single hand is needed to fill a variety of bottles. Consequently, the fillers are versatile and relatively easy to use compared to other types of beer bottle fillers.

With that said, here is a look at some of the best counter pressure bottle fillers-:

Top 4 bottle fillers

10 Best Stir Plates for Yeast Starters (2019)

Irrespective of your experience in home brewing, dealing with yeast is a quest you will not avoid. Both newbies and experienced masters of the malt need yeast to craft perfect home beers. In most cases, home brewers like starting out with store bought yeast, but as they become more experienced in home brewing, going to the store to get yeast becomes less appealing, and this is when the urge to make yeast becomes apparent. This is when you will need a yeast starter which you will use with fresh or recovered yeast.

If you are at a point where you are considering making your own yeast, one of the arsenals you will have to include in your home brewing kit is a yeast starter stir plate. It is imperative that you learn how to choose the right stir plate because it will have a direct impact on the health and the quality of the yeast. With a good stir plate for yeast starters, you will manage to have quality yeast, which will, in turn, make you have a high-quality beer. Additionally, you will have the versatility to experiment with different kinds of strains of yeast for varied results in your craft beer.

Why you need a stir plate for yeast starter-

If you have decided to grow your own yeast and not buy your supplies from the stores, then using a stir plate is the most preferred method for promoting yeast growth for your homebrews. In most cases, a stir plate is a simple magnetic device for stirring liquids by spinning a small cylinder at varied and controlled speeds. They are normally used when one needs to stir liquids for a long period of time but don’t have to stand there all the time necessarily.

The same scenario applies when it comes to growing yeast for homebrews. To get the most quality from your yeast starter, continuous stirring is necessary to keep the yeast well aerated and to ensure that it doesn’t suffer from lack of oxygen since this will interfere with the quality. Since you can’t stir or shake your yeast starter all the time until it is ready for you to use, you need a starter to stir the yeast for you continuously.

With a stir plate for a yeast starter, a continuous motion will be created in the culture, and this will improve aeration and also push more CO2 out of the solution while the yeast remains suspended all the while. Consequently, the yeast will have a good amount of oxygen which they can use for fuel to ramp up their reproduction. The continuous motion will essentially double the number of the yeast cells in the starter, thus giving better quality and results compared to manually and intermittently stimulating the yeast on your own.

Now that you understand the importance of stir plates for yeast starters, here is a look at 10 best stir plates for yeast starters for those who have decided to make their own yeast for home brewing than relying on those from the stores.

Top10 stir plates

Best Kegerator Tower Coolers 2019

It is always a pleasure to pour yourself crispy, chilled draft beer in the comfort of your home. If you are into home brewing, then you fully understand the need for having a proper way to store your craft beer and one of the best inventions for this is the use of a kegerator. You may think of it as a mini refrigerator for holding different sized kegs of beer and a necessity for every beer lover – especially craft beers.

In this piece, we highlight to you some of the benefits of owning a kegerator as well as some of the top models you may consider should you make up your mind to invest in one.

Benefits of using tower coolers

Many are the different types of coolers you could use for your craft beers, but the most popular and preferred one is the tower coolers. They have been around for a while, and the fact that many home brewers still prefer them is a clear indication of their convenience when it comes to storing and chilling your craft beers. If you have any doubts about investing in such a cooler system, then here is a brief look at some of the benefits you will get when you decide to invest in one-:

It makes your beer taste better

One of the greatest benefits of investing in a decent kegerator tower cool is the fact that it makes your beer taste better. This is unlike using cans and bottles for storing and cooling your beer which may sometimes introduce some kind of inconsistency in the taste. Besides, keg coolers are known to keep the beer fresh for longer since they use CO2 which ensures that your beer will always be cold and fresh. 

They are affordable 

It wouldn’t make any sense to consider any other storage and cooling system for your homebrews when they are more expensive and gives you a lesser experience compared to keg tower coolers. Contrary to the opinions of many people, Keg tower coolers are relatively affordable, and with so many varieties in the market today, you are guaranteed to find options that will meet your exact needs. It is a little investment compared to the amount of convenience you will be getting. Still on the cost aspects, having a tower cooler will save you from the need to constantly buy beer in bottles or cans every time you want to enjoy the drink at home. 

You don’t have to have a stockpile of bottles

It is always unpleasant to go around the house in search of beer bottles and cans after a party. It is always a good idea to avoid having the bottles if you have to and this is one thing you can easily realize by investing in a decent tower cooler. With a kegerator, your house will be free from the bottles since all you need is a beer mug every time you want to have a drink. 

They are stylish

With so many styles and design to choose from, you could actually use a tower kegerator to add more style to your living room. They are sleek and elegant, and will without a doubt accentuate your home décor. Therefore, it is not just the convenience of storing and cooling your beer you will be getting, but also you will be improving the looks and feel of your home.

Now that you know some of the benefits that come with having tower coolers for your craft beer, here is a look at some top kegerator tower coolers worth considering-:

Top 3 tower coolers

Best Beer Faucets and Taps Reviews 2019

The function of a facet is to dispense beer, and this sounds so basic that so many people normally overlook the importance of these small components of home brewing. The function, design, shape and the material of the faucet matters a lot if you want to have a great homebrewing experience. They help to direct the flow of the brew and also ensure that you get the perfect pour so that you avoid creating any mess when handling your beer.

Additionally, faucets are the components where the tap handles connect to, and the wrong matching of the handle and the faucet is likely to interfere with the smooth experience of pouring the beer. Consequently, there is more to a faucet that just the mere dispensation of beer, and for a good experience, it is imperative that you learn about the various types of faucets available, and how to choose the right ones for your homebrewing needs.

Top 7 Beer Faucets and Taps

Types of beer faucets

Beer faucets are available in different designs, styles, and finishes. Here is a brief look at the major types you are likely to find in the markets today-

Standard beer faucets

Standard beer faucets are the most common types of faucets you will find among homebrewers today. If you have a personal kegerator, then you are most likely to have this kind of faucet. These faucets are designed to dispense various types of beer styles, including all American lagers and ales. In most cases, the standard faucet has a rear sealing, they are easy to install, and they can always be swapped with a lot of ease. If you are just starting out as a homebrewer, they bring the simplicity you will need because they connect directly to the draft beer tower or the shank, and once that is done, you will be free to start dispensing your beer.

European Faucets

The operations of European faucets is almost similar to standard faucets only that they are stylistically superior and have slightly better smooth operations than their standard counterparts. The European faucets are slightly longer, and they come with a skinnier spout which is used to reduce the amount of foam formed during the dispensation process. These faucets also have a shorter shank and different threads unlike the standard faucets from the US. With such variations in design, connecting or swapping out components on an existing kegerator with European faucets is never as smooth as with the standard faucets. You will not usually need to replace some components of the kegerator, but if you are faced with the need to and you have a European faucet, be ready for incompatibility issues.

Nitrogen Faucets

Also known as stout faucets, nitrogen faucets are designed for dispensing liquids from nitrogen-based draft systems. They are the most preferred faucets for dispensing nitro beers and stouts. They are usually very small, with a precise opening to allow for very slow pours. With the slow pour, there is usually a perfectly foaming head that allows for the full aroma of the drink to be felt. Consequently, the resulting beer is creamier and smoother. If you decide to dispense a nitro beer or stout with the standard faucets, it will come out too quickly, and it will most likely be full of foam.

Buying Guide for beer faucets

If you are in the market shopping for a stout faucet or beer taps, you need to consider the specific features which you need on the faucets. Such will impact the operations and efficiency of the faucet and determine whether or not you will have a good experience with it. Your most important concerns should be the followings:

The type of beer to be dispensed – not all faucets are ideal for all types of beers. For example, if you will be dispensing nitrogen-based drinks such as Guinness, buying a European or standard faucet will not be a good idea. The best faucet for such drinks is the nitrogen or stout faucets.

Your current kegerator – European faucets are known to have incompatibility issues with most of the kegerator systems, and so if you have a standard kegerator, your best bet would be to go for the standard faucets instead. However, you should be able to match your current kegerator with the faucets, and apart from European faucets, you will not have to worry about incompatibility issues with the rest.

Personals preferences – though there are only three main types of faucets, there exists a humongous variety of beer taps, and you can always make your choice based on personal preferences. You can choose the faucet based on the material, ease of installation, the design, and type of finishing among others.

10 Best beer Tap Handles for Home Bars

Lately, beer has become more than just a drink you enjoy at a party or gathering. The beer has become a culture over the years, and people who we call beer enthusiasts religiously follow this culture!
Now, beer is one of the most popular drinks throughout the world and where the taste and aroma count the most; the presentation and serving of beer has also become a great part of beer culture. How you serve the beer is quite a lot important these days.

This is why people are paying more and more heed towards getting the right glasses to enjoy the beer, using the right kegerators, using right utensils to homebrew beer, and using the right apparatus to serve it.

Here, we will talk about one such thing that makes an important part of this serving apparatus, and it is – beer tap handles. Now, beer tap handles might not seem like an important thing to invest in, but if you’re actually a beer enthusiast, you will know why they are necessary and what they add to the overall feel of drinking and serving beer in a brewery or bar!

If you’re looking for the best beer handles for your home brewery, bar, pub, or home bar, this article will help you! Here is a list of 10 best options you can choose from:

So, these were our 10 best options for beer tap handles! All the options listed above are made of high-quality material and offer quite a handy usage and installation. If you’re looking for the best beer tap handles, give these options a try and choose the best one!

Choosing a Tap Handle 

When choosing a beer tap handle, you need to keep the following things in mind:

- Your budget
- The number of handles you require
- The size of handles your require
- The material of handles you prefer
- The type and size of kegerators you have
- The usage of these handles for you
- The utility they provide
- The design and look of the handles
- The installation and storage

All these factors will help you decide which one is the best pick for you! You can also try a combination of different tall and short handles for different types of kegerators and taps. Whatever you pick, just make sure it is value for money and is a durable product. Happy brewing!

6 Best Propane burners for Home Brewing in 2019

Brewing beers at home is all fun and games till you fail to find the right apparatus. Now, that doesn’t often happen as people usually start with the right apparatus. However, if you’re looking forward to taking your homebrewing levels up a notch, you might end up needing more sophisticated and professional equipment. Also, if you’ve decided on making a bigger batch of beer, then some additional investment is needed!

Most of the times, home brewers shift from a small stove to a more equipped propane burner. If you want to know more about propane burners, let’s tell you!

Propane Burners for Beer Brewing

Most people might think why invest in something like a propane burner when beer can be brewed on any flame – be it a stove or a bonfire. As for the stove, it is efficient for brewing a small batch of beer, but for a bigger batch, you might need to shift to something bigger and better. Propane burner stands true to its performance and helps in brewing bigger batches of beer with great ease! 

However, if you’re planning on brewing your beer on a huge campfire while being out and about, there are several drawbacks attached to it too! One of these drawbacks is that you wouldn’t be able to control the flame. The other one is that your carbon footprint is surely going to increase if you keep on brewing your beer on a campfire. So, investing in a cleaner and more refined method is a great idea! And a propane burner is here to the rescue!

The best part about a propane burner is that you can buy it based on the batches of beer you’re planning on brewing and the type of utensils used for the same. You can start by comparing the burners on the basis of their BTU!

Now, what is BTU, you ask? Let us explain! 

BTU (British thermal unit). BTU is a traditional unit used for measuring heat!
“One BTU is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.”

BTU is basically a standardized unit of measuring energy. This unit is generally used to describe two elements – one is the heat content of fuels and the second is the heating power of an appliance used for heating or cooling. So, here when we talk about the propane burners, the BTU is termed as the heating power of the burners.

So, when you’re buying a propane burner, looking for high BTU is one of the things that will make your purchase easy.

Just to make it clear, 1 BTU is equal to 253 calories or 0.293071-watt hours. So, you can do the math while making the purchase.

As beer lovers are opting for home brewing on a large scale, the demand for propane burners in increasing every day. This increased demand has led to the transformation of the design of the traditional burners, and now, the products are better in quality, functionality, built, and durability.

The areas in which these improvements are made are the usage of material, the performance of burner, the control over the flame, heat output of the burner, the facility of usage and storage, the adjustments based on the size of utensils, and more! Everything has gotten better in the designs of today, and better models of burners are being introduced every day! So, let’s have a look at some of these burners so that you can pick the best one!

6 Top Rated Propane Burners 

Buying a Propane Burner

When you’re buying a propane burner, there are a number of things that need to be kept into consideration! For instance – the requirement of the burner, the batch of beer to be brewed, the space to set the burner up, the budget, the BTU of a particular burner, the material used, the safety certifications, and more.

So, when you’re out there, buying your ideal propane burner, always make sure you go through some good options, compare them on the basis of different factors, and then make your decision. Buying a propane burner is something that is not done every day. So, make an informed decision and never take anything lightly.

Choosing the Right Option!

Choosing the right option for a propane burner is a bit tricky!

Our buying guide is based on solid research using the reviews given by the actual users of these burners. So, this guide will help you in making the right decision for your propane burner purchase. The qualities, pros, and cons are accumulate based on our research, and you can rest assured that you will make a learned decision.

However, you still might find yourself in a pickle about which propane burner might fit your needs the best. You can compare them all based on the following factors:

  1. Quality of material used
  2. Type of paint used
  3. Portability
  4. Durability
  5. Capacity
  6. Ease of use
  7. Ease of assembly
  8. Versatility
  9. Storage
  10. Additional features
  11. Price

All these factors will help you decide which propane burner will suit your needs the best. So, make a learned decision and use this buying guide! After all, you don’t buy a propane burner every day!

9 Best Beer Tasting Glasses for beer lovers

Beer tasting is one of the best things or events that you can invite a beer lover to! Also, this is one of the most fun things you can organize at your place to bring your friends or family over and enjoy some great brews. Beer tasting is often organized by beer enthusiasts who love to homebrew. This way, they get to advertise their beer for free and boast about their homebrew business, besides having a fun chit chat with their people.

Even if you do not brew your own beer at home, you can simply call friends over and have them taste some of the best brews you found in your local breweries. This will just make the whole gathering session a bit more interesting and fun! While many people consider calling a professional for holding a beer tasting session, it can easily be organized on your own.

You just have to plan everything ahead of time like what kind of beers to put out for tasting, what order you should follow for the beer tasting, what you should offer to eat with the beer and most importantly, which glasses you should serve the beer in.

Here, in this piece, we will cover the last query because it really adds to the etiquettes of a beer tasting session and makes it more fun! So, let us see what glasses are the best for beer tasting and why: 

Top 9 beer tasting glasses

All the options of beer glasses mentioned in this list are an ideal pick for beer tasting. So, if you’re planning a beer tasting party at home and want your friends or family to come and taste your home brews, jazz it up with one of these glass sets. They will give your guests the best experience in beer tasting. So, compare all the options and pick that suits you the best!

6 Best Beer bottle cappers 2019

With beer being a famous drink and passion in some of the regions, beer brewing is more of a tradition and is a part of a culture in such regions. On the other hand, most people brew beer at home just for the sake of it!

Whatever your idea behind starting a home brewery is, if you’ve landed to this page with the hope of seeking information on beer bottle cappers, you’re just at the right place! Let us tell you a bit about this equipment!

Beer bottle cappers, as the name tells it, are the machines used to seal caps on beer bottles during the bottling of beer. These are mostly used by people who brew beers at home or have their own breweries to sell beer. Small beer businesses also go for these handy bottle cappers to make their brewing process easy and more sophisticated. There is a great variety of options available for beer bottle cappers, and a few of them are explained below!

Top 6 Beer bottle cappers

Choosing a Bottle Capper 

Homebrewing is not an easy thing to do! Once you get on to it and start with it, you realize what’s missing and what you require to complete your apparatus. Beer bottle cappers are one such thing! With all these options mentioned above, you can make your choice and pick the one that suits your needs the best!

The two broad categories of beer bottle cappers to choose from are bench cappers and hand cappers. Now, the choice can be based on different factors like budget, space available, size of the batch of bottles to be capped, type and size of bottles, etc.

If you have more space dedicated to your brewery and want to seal a big batch of bottles then investing in a bench capper is a good idea. However, if you’re starting off with small batches then hand cappers will suffice.

Basically, these points will help you decide on which beer capper you must go for:

  • Investment required
  • Quality of material and built
  • Type of machinery or mechanism
  • Mode of operation
  • Speed of operation
  • Consideration of cap size
  • Consideration of cap shape
  • Style of bottles to be capped
  • Style of the closure of caps

You can consider all these factors before choosing a beer bottle capper. If something doesn’t fit your requirements, you can just avoid investing in it. Make sure you go with a tool that is both convenient as well as reliable. It must deliver the required results and shouldn’t make things more inconvenient and hard for you. Homebrewing is a big task to carry out, and an efficient tool can help you a lot! So, invest in the right equipment to avoid any regrets.

Just make it a note to look for the description and reviews of each product before you invest in the same. It will help you decide whether it is for you or not.

Happy brewing!

KitchenAid Grain Mill Attachment Review

In theory, it should be very easy to make beer at home. It requires only a handful of ingredients that are very easy to find all over the world. After all, people have been making beer for millennia, so how hard can it be. Say this to any beer brewing aficionado, including me, and they will laugh.

Making beer is a complex process with multiple variables. Even the slightest variation in quality or procedure can spell the difference between a robust beer and an awful one. For years I have been working on the process and ingredients in order to be able to create great beer. Through my journey, I have come to realise the importance of using the right ingredients. From using the right type of grains with the right crushed size to using hops sourced from the right farm, everything can and will affect the end result.

One of the areas I have been focusing on lately is the grain I use. After using several pre-crushed grain mixes in my early days, another brewer was kind enough to tell me to crush my own grains, and I haven’t looked back since. When I crush my own grain, I get to pick and choose exactly which grains and in what proportion in order to achieve the right balance. A good grain mill should be heavy duty and should have a decent capacity.

There are many grain mills marketed towards brewers, but I recently heard of people using the grain mill attachment in their KitchenAid stand to do this job. If the KitchenAid grain mill works well, then a kitchen appliance that most homes have will suddenly make crushing grains for brewing beer accessible to many people.

Features of KitchenAid Grain Mill Attachment 

The grain mill attachment fits easily into the KitchenAid and comes with a handy set of instructions and care manual along with the appropriate warnings.

  • The attachment is all metal which means that it is sturdy.
  • It is meant for crushing and milling wheat, oats, rice, barley, millets, and other non-oily grains.
  • It comes with an adjustable knob which controls the coarseness of the grind.
  • Has a wide hopper to hold and guide the grain towards the grinding burr.
  • Comes in separate parts and can be assembled easily at home.
KitchenAid KGM All Metal Grain Mill Attachment

My Experience

Why the attachment is Worth Your Money ?

Simply put, the grain mill attachment for the KitchenAid stand is worth it mainly for milling small amounts of grain. It is all metal and is hence really sturdy. The adjustable knob is very handy to control the coarseness of the grind. The wide hopper that holds the grain is very convenient. It is incredibly easy to assemble and use.

Spike Brewing Kettle Review (2019). READ before buying?

Having rigged up a few DIY brewing setups over the years, I was always under the impression that all brewing kettles were more or less similar and did the same job despite their differences in material and build. Upgrading to Spike’s brewing kettles; I was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong. Spike’s 15-gallon kettle replaces my current one, and they offer their brewing systems as Spike and Spike Plus models with the Plus model featuring some smart upgrades.

Features of  Spike Brewing Kettle

  • The one feature that stands out is that the kettles are modular; they can be used as the Boil Kettle (BK), Mash Tun (MT) or the Hot Liquor Tank (HLT).
  • High quality, sanitary TIG-welded kettles are NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) listed and complied with their high standards.
  • Heavy duty 1.2mm thick 304 stainless steel walls gives the kettles a robust build making it last for years.
  • Front to back handles helps save about 12 inches of set up space on a 3-kettle single tier system. The handles also function as a lid holder.
  • Partially rolled top lip along with offering stiffness to the kettle is also easy to clean and maintain, unlike fully rolled lip that collects liquid and gunk.
  • Tri-clad bottom with an aluminium core sandwiched between layers of stainless steel gives a uniform temperature distribution.
Spike Brewing Kettle

My Experience

Why this kettle is Worth Your Money ?

Although it is slightly on the pricey end compared to most other kettles on the market, Spike’s adherence to quality and innovative design is worth paying for. Great design often equates to great looks, and this is true in case of Spike’s gorgeous looking kettles.

I’ve been able to brew over 10 batches of beer with consistent taste and quality thanks to their smart features that allow precise process control. Other than a few tweaks to make their valve’s profile and to add a hook to the lid, there are no changes I’d want to be done on these kettles.

Thermoworks Thermapen MK4 Thermometer Review

In the process of brewing my beer, and one of the issues I was facing so far as controlling the temperature of the fermenting wort. I knew that I had to control the temperature to an optimal level. Any high temperature would end up hampering the final flavour by making the brew harsher or make it exhibit a fruitier characteristic.

I did not want to wait till winter to control my fermentation temperature, and that’s why I got myself the Thermoworks Thermapen MK4 thermometer. I’ve used Thermapen for a couple of months, and there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best investments I’ve made as a brewer.

Features of Thermapen MK4 

The Thermoworks Thermapen is extremely simple to use and has a digital display that makes it simpler to read the temperature. Here are the more salient features of the temperature:

  • The auto-rotating display that the thermometer comes with ensures that the thermometer flips to the right side intuitively, no matter what the position.
  • The thermometer also comes with a water-proof level of IP67 which means that it stays safe from immersion that’s between 15 cm to 1 meter, for at least up to 30 minutes.
  • The intelligent sensor within the thermometer instinctively shuts down when its kept down and is always on when it is in use.
  • There is also an option for personalisation within the battery department where I was able to disable the sleep mode, lock whatever display position was available, set the temperature to Celsius or Fahrenheit, along with 1° or 1.0° resolution.
  • The patented Super-Fast Technology is still good with this version of the thermometer, giving me the same performance and speed as its predecessor. The longer battery life gives up to 3,000 hours with an AAA battery setup.
  • The thermometer comes with different colour options, including orange and black, allowing you to use separate thermometers for different brews.
Thermoworks Thermapen MK4

My Experience

Why this Thermometer is Worth Your Money ?

The thermometer is an excellent investment, as the pros speak for themselves. It is great for anyone who’s serious about brewing beer at home, and its intuitive display allows you to read in a different setting, including Celsius and Fahrenheit. The backlight feature is an added bonus, and considering that it gives at least a year’s worth of readings on a single AAA battery, purchasing this is almost a no-brainer.

Yeti Rambler 64 Oz Review (Yeti Beer Growler)

I have been a great fan of the Yeti Rambler Beer Growler since the time I have owned it. I have always wanted to own a growler that could help me store all types of beverages, and this seems to be the one. Read on to get a better insight into this product.

Features of  Yeti Rambler

A unique offering from an exclusive brand, the Yeti Rambler growler is one of the best ways to store your beer and keep it fresh at the same time. It features a minimalistic, yet efficient design for consistent and reliable performance. The strong and resistant materials used have contributed immensely in making this beer storage growler a durable and long-lasting product.

  • One of the main features of the Yeti Rambler is the fact that comes with a powder-coated finish to make sure that you have a sleek companion with you at all times.
  • The design features a wide mouth that makes this growler one of the best choices to have a swig of your beer as well.
  • It comes with a well though handle on the cap that allows you to carry it along with ease.
  • It is constructed from premium quality stainless steel that fuels its rugged and durable nature.
  • It is built with two walls. The wall on the interior surface helps in preserving the flavor of the stored beverage so that you can enjoy a fresh taste without the nagging metallic aftertaste that one gets from most bottles of this kind.
  • The cap has been enhanced by a triple hauling design that allows added insulation and prevents any spills. The three finger grip, fitted with the cap, makes it very easy to carry the growler anywhere.
YETI Rambler 64oz

My Journey with the Beer Growler

Why this Growler is Worth Your Money ?

The Yeti Rambler Growler brings the classic features of flasks and thermoses together in a more enhanced and compact form to give you a storage option for most of your brews.

  • It comes with superior functionality as compared to many other of its compatriots.
  • The sleek and elegant design also uplifts the appearance and gives it an enhanced look.
  • It has a generously spacious interior, of 64 oz capacity, making sure you can store beverages for ages.
  • The greatest selling point of this growler is the amazing insulation protection provided by its dual stainless steel walls that lock freshness, flavor and temperature as well.

I have been having a smooth run with this growler and haven’t faced any functionality issues to date. It has been a constant companion in storing my beer and coffee on the go.

PicoBrew Pico Model C Review (2019). READ before buying?

Submitted by Sasha.

I get very excited with changes in technology when it comes to the art of home brewing. When I first started, there weren’t too many options available that were dedicated to perfecting beer brewing. Fortunately, the landscape has changed irrevocably with more and more people trying to brew their own beer in their homes. After hearing many good things about the PicoBrew Pico Model C, I decided to check it out for myself.

Features of  Pico C

The Pico Model C is an offering from Pico Master dedicated to the home brewer. Pico is compact enough to fit into any home kitchen and can brew up to 5L of beer in under 2 hours. Other features of this system include:

  • The Pico Model C is designed to work harmoniously with the PicoPak pre-measured grains and hops. The Pico Model C can read each PicoPak and access its corresponding recipe through its RFID tag.
  • The Pico Model C boasts of precision and control for each step of the brewing process that produces reliable results every single time.
  • The Pico Model C cab process up to four different hops which allow the brewing of a wide range of beers.
  • It uses steam heat at a specific temperature for a more controlled brewing process.
  • It comes with the ability to connect to the internet via Wi-fi in order to make monitoring easy.
  • It allows for the use of additional kegs to brew multiple batches on the same day.
  • The system allows you to personalise each recipe by adjusting the bitterness or alcohol percentage.
PicoBrew PICO Model C Beer Brewing Appliance

My Experience

Why Pico Model C is Worth Your Money ?

For a first-time brewer, the brewing and cleaning process might prove difficult especially if you are not aware of how you can infect your beer. This system isn’t even for those looking to learn how to brew their beer. Since the machine takes care of the entire brewing process, including the recipe formulation, there isn’t much to see and learn other than how to clean your equipment thoroughly. 

I think this system is perfect for those who love craft beer and want the ability to taste different beers from all over the world. While the beer might not be the perfect replica, with some practice, you can get it to taste close to the original.

As for me, I will continue to experiment with this system and definitely try out the different beer recipes available.

Grainfather Connect Review (2019). Go through this before your purchase!

As someone who enjoys brewing his own beer, I am always on the lookout for quality products. My own brewing journey has taught me the fine nuances of making beer, from ensuring the quality of the malt to experimenting with the hops to equipment capabilities, have a deep impact on the beer. Sometimes, even the water I use can affect the final taste of the beer. I like to be on the look-out for new brewing kits and the different equipment they come with. No two types of equipment provide the same features, and the journey to finding the perfect equipment can be a long one

Features of Grainfather Connect

The Minibrew kit is a great device because it’s pretty much reduced the process of brewing beer to a couple of buttons. It’s a neat little machine that simplifies the whole process and creates brews on-the-go.

  • It has a 30-litre capacity and produces up to 21 litres of beer in one brewing session. It is essentially a boiler that comes equipped with a pump, temperature control, and a removable steel basket.
  • It is an electrical system meant to be stored indoors with an inbuilt controlled heating element which provides the right heat at the right stage of the brewing process.
  • With this system, you will have more control over the sparging process as you will have to do it manually.
  • It comes with a counter-flow wort chiller which reduces the chance of contamination and cools 23L of wort in just 20 minutes.
  • The system also has a control box where you can pre-add recipes which you can then control through your smartphone via their app.
  • You can program step mashing with the control box with precise results.
  • The app comes with pre-installed recipes though you can easily import new ones.
  • The stainless steel grain basket allows you to brew between 4.5 to 9kg of grain.
Grainfather Connect Complete All In One Home Beer Brewing System

Brewing Journey 

The Grainfather Connect system is a great all-in-one system for home brewing.

  • It is one of the most competitively priced systems available in the market which makes it ideal for those just beginning to experiment.
  • The instructions provided plus the video instruction available on their website make the whole process a no-brainer.
  • A wide selection of grain kits and recipes allows for a fun experience.
  • The control box allows for customised recipes that can be saved onto the system for later use.
  • The counterflow wort chiller reduces the chances of contamination and allows for a better product.
  • The system is ideal for those who have very little space but want to make quality home-brewed beer.
  • Some of the other recipes on the app are for a red IPA, dry stout, pale ales, pilsners, lager, and single malt.

The company also has an effective customer support team. After the success of this initial experiment, I am definitely curious about the system’s abilities and how far I can test its accurate temperature control.

Minibrew Review (2019). Should you buy it?

Submitted by Ryan.

I think Minibrew is may be one of the best investments an avid beer brewer could make. For someone who loves brewing at home, the Minibrew is quite a good purchase as it’ll help you create craft beers pretty much on-the-go. The machine is a home-brewing device that can be carried around the home. Kudos to the Dutch entrepreneurs who came up with this portable beer brewing machine, because it is quite a convenient tool to have.

Features of Minibrew

The Minibrew kit is a great device because it’s pretty much reduced the process of brewing beer to a couple of buttons. It’s a neat little machine that simplifies the whole process and creates brews on-the-go.

  • The Minibrew machine makes beer in a matter of just three and a half hours. This cuts down the process that other beer fermenting machines generally take, making this a useful device to have if you’re looking to have a party in the evening.
  • There are over fifty recipes that can be chosen. I’m personally a fan of the stout, and the easy availability of coffee made it a simple process for me to get myself a pleasant brew every other day.
  • The ingredients can easily be procured from Minibrew’s online store. These ingredients can be easily added into the mix, and the process can begin.
  • The machine’s also iPhone compatible (no kidding!). I just need to push a button on my phone, and it automatically begins the process. I get an alert on my phone when the process requires me to add hops and yeast.
  • It’s only a matter of time to wait out the initial fermentation process, which takes around 5 to 15 days based on the amount I want to brew.
  • The ergonomic design of the machine makes it a really good addition to any household. It can also give a fairly decent 5 litres of homebrew. While this isn’t much for party animals like me, it’s still enough to give me that happy buzz after a long, hard day at work.
  • The app also requires me to add my taste preferences on it so that it can predict the type of flavour I’m looking for. This makes the process more personal and easier to implement.

Brewing Journey 

Why Minibrew is Worth Your Money ?

  • This kit is awesome for anybody who just loves the experience of brewing their own beer and sipping it. It’s great because it comes connected to the iPhone, making it easier to see any important update or make changes in the process.
  • Also, there is no need to take the beer out of the keg and pour it again, which could make it lose some fizz. You can drink directly of the container itself, fresh and cold.

Spike Brewing System Review. READ this be before you buy

Your love for beer will make you practically try all varieties that you could get your hands on during the first couple of years trying home brewing. You would start with extract brewing and eventually get into all-grain brewing to have complete control over what you made. My first set up was a total DIY 5, gallon rig with which I brewed some great batches. There were many difficulties associated with my DIY setup, especially with temperature control and the struggle to carry the hot wort to the bathtub for an ice bath. Going through some recommendations, and my experience, you can pick the Spike Brewing System by Spike Brewing. Their set up is robust and appealing, and will help you upgrade to larger batches with some incredible results.

Features of Spike + Brewing System

  • v4 kettles which are upgraded - use the industry-standard 304 stainless steel material with sanitary (NSF listed) TIG-welded fittings. The three brewing tanks for the Hot Liquor Tank (HLT), Mash Tun (MT) and Boiling Kettle (BK) feature front to back handle making it a space saver design. The changed handle position saves about 12 inches of spacing in between the tanks.
  • A slick PID board gives you control of the two heating elements (one at a time) and the pumps. An upgraded version is also available which controls both the kettles at the same time.
  • To maintain precise control of the wort temperature, a 304 stainless steel 50 ft, ½ inch HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System) is provided in the HLT. High Quality food grade pumps circulate the wart through the heat exchanger to maintain the mash temperature.
  • The counterflow wort chiller is a simple heat exchanger that cools the wort down to the required temperature before inlet into the fermenter.
  • Optional heavy duty stainless steel platform with a custom pump-mounting system.

My experience with the brewing system

Why Spike + Brewing System is Worth Your Money ?

  • The spike system with its modular design, robust build and high-quality feature stack up competitively among the range of brewing systems in the market.
  • The process is sophisticated compared to simple DIY rigs, which gives you tight control over the quality of your beer while letting you get an efficiency of 80-90% in each batch.
  • Spike system’s reliable process control lets you brew batches with precise taste and consistency every time.
  • The Spike+ is definitely worth the investment although it is a bit higher priced compared to other rigs. You can draw great efficiency and productivity from the Tri-clamp connectors alone.

Other than a few glitches during the first brew with the assembled system, I have no complaints about it. I love the amount of thought and engineering that has gone into this product to make it intuitive and user-friendly!

Robobrew V3 Review, 2019. READ this before buying

Any homebrewer spends much time trying to compare a kit with other products, asking experts and discussing with fellow homebrewers before going ahead with the buy. You are right to be sceptical of the mechanism and usage as this system is different from any of your old brewing kit. However, its advanced features and solid design will definitely win you over. Here, I have discussed the same in details below so that you can get a better understanding of this product.

Features of Robobrew V3

An all-in-one solution to your brewing woes, the Robobrew version three is decked with all the necessary features to boil your own brew with your recipes and blends. It comes with an all-grain brewing system, with a capacity of nine gallons and a digitized controller that is built into the design and an attached pump that is perfect for recirculation.

  • One of the major features of the Robobrew V3 is the fact that it comes in a portable design and uses 110v of power for efficient functioning and can be used anywhere.
  • It's an electric brewing system that brings all the equipment required in brewing your own beer into one stainless steel body that is effectively priced as per your wish.
  • It has precise elements that help in heating and boiling your mash.
  • It also has an in-built pump for recirculation and a removable grain basket to keep your brew as smooth and grain-free as possible.
  • It has a digital monitor attached to its body, with a resistant control tab that allows you to regulate temperatures with ease and a spigot that facilitates easy transfer of the brewed liquid.
  • It stands out from other systems with its unique dual heating mechanism, of 1000Watts and 500Watts that is powered from a single plug point. You can easily control their use by means of individual switches or turn them both on every time you need to amp of the temperatures
Robobrew V3

Why Robobrew V3 is Worth Your Money ?

The Robobrew’s third version, V3 brings the classic features of the earlier versions together in a more enhanced and compact format at a very affordable price.

  • It comes with superior functionality as compared to many other home brewing machines that cost quite high.
  • One of the main reasons to try this system is the fact that you don’t have to spend a lot on add-on devices for better performance.
  • The construction and design are quite sturdy and solid as well for a great brew.

My friends have been having a smooth run with this system and haven’t faced any functionality issues to date.

Even I am looking forward to creating even better beer brews in the future and utilize this brewing system to brew some great-tasting batches of my favourite drink. 

Mr. Beer Brewing Kit Review 2019, Premium Gold Edition

It has been a full three months since I tried the Mr. Beer Brewing Kit. I happened to receive it as a birthday gift from a fellow beer lover. Having already owned another brewing system previously, and brewed several successful batches of beer, I wondered what I would make of this new and compact brewing kit. I was given the Premium gold edition which I have discussed below.

Features of Mr. Beer Brewing Kit

The Mr. Beer Kit comes with a lightweight fermenter, brewing extract, carbonation drops, reusable beer bottles, and a cleanser. They have a neat 2-gallon keg with a locking spigot for the easy bottling of the brewed beer.

  • The brewing extract is a hopped malt extract created by the master brewers of Cooper’s brewery, Australia. This hopped malt brings down an average brewing day from 8-9 hours down to just 30 minutes. 
  • The fermenter is a 2 gallon shatter-proof one with a wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning. The airlock is built-in to control the fermenting process and prevent contamination. It even has a vented top to enable release of carbon dioxide during fermentation. 
  • The keg has a locking spigot which is the easiest way to bottle your beer after fermentation. Additionally, the keg has a trough below to collect hop debris or trub which is a byproduct of hop fermentation.
  • The carbonation drops are simple tablets to carbonate your brew during the bottling process.
  • The kit also comes with shatter-proof, standard craft beer bottles for you to complete your brewing process.
  • The premium gold edition has the bonus of 2 refills, and I got the Bavarian wheat and the Aztec Cervaza.
Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Craft Making Kit

Believe Me! This Kit Is Worth Your Money

Mr Beers Premium Gold Edition Brewing Kit could be a super satisfying buy. I say so because I had the best time brewing my beer after several days. 

  • What also makes this kit totally worth it is the fact that the keg is the right size to keep you comfortable for a while. It has a trough at the bottom that collects the debris from fermentation.
  • The material for the fermenter and the bottles are shatter-proof and free from BPA.
  • I think if you buy your beer outside it might be cheaper, but the satisfaction of having made it by yourself surely has the edge over the pricing.
  • Mr Beer doesn’t disappoint because it is one of the few home brewing kits that is backed by actual brewers in Australia. Reviews about Mr Beers Cervaza recipe have got me all excited to try that out soon enough.
  • Other types of beer that you could try with Mr Beer are the Oktoberfest Lager, Canadian Blonde, and the Czech Pilsner. They also have Amber Ale, Diablo IPA, and St. Patrick’s Irish Stout refills that are not traditionally part of the gold edition kit, but sound equally exciting to a beer lover like me.

I haven’t had any complaints so far and have had no need to reach out to their customer service representatives, but I hear that they provide efficient post-sale services. 

This has been an exciting and satisfactory experience, and I see myself buying more refills in the future. 

10 Best Beer Bottle, and Can Coolers to Keep Your Beer Chilled

For the majority of the people, the beer tastes great when chilled. You could use the normal freezers to keep your beer cold, but why should you bother with the fridge when we have specially designed coolers for that purposes. Some call them beer koozies, bottle jackets, can coolers, and beer bottles among other names, but whatever the name you prefer to call them, they are accessories you will appreciate having when you want to drink cool and refreshing beer during the hot summer afternoons. They are portable, simple in design and versatile in use, and their availability in a variety of price ranges ensures that you will find one that will be fit for your bottle cooling needs.

Things to consider while Buying a beer bottle cooler or chiller -

Just like with every other purchase, you don’t just want to storm the store and pick any can cooler. It pays to know how to choose the right one that will not just your money’s worth but also will do a good job in ensuring that your beer is chilled. Many are the various types of can coolers from different manufacturers in the market today, and it can be confusing to pick the right one. To help you out here is our simple and concise guide on what you should look for when shopping for a can cooler-:

The size

If you are like most people, then you have a favorite beer brand, and you know the exact size of that bottle. It would be a waste of time to try and go for a can cooler that doesn’t match the size of your preferred brand. Therefore, before anything else, consider only the koozies that will fit well with your preferred beer brand. 

The material

The material of the beer bottle cooler will determine the quality of cooling you will get as well as the longevity of the cooler. As usual, you want to have a cooler with the material that will not just ensure that your beer bottles stay cool for the longest time possible, but also it should last long so that you don’t go back to the store to shop for a new one after just a short while. As far as the material goes, your preferred cooler should be made of metal, fabric or rubber. These are the ones that have proven to give better performances and are also durable. 

The carrying method

You should be interested in the mode of carrying the cooler if you want versatility when you have to have your beer outdoors. Depending on your preferences, consider if you're going to have a cooler with side handles, lid straps or shoulder straps. Again, be sure to check that the handle will give you the convenience you need to carry the size of your bottle comfortably. 

The insulation ability of the cooler

This is important because it determines how well your drinks will stay cold. To get it right regarding insulation, consider the maximum duration you would desire your drinks to remain cold. Though you may like the idea of having a can cooler that will maximize on the ice life, you don’t need a cooler that can keep the beer chilled for one week when you only need to use it for a couple of hours. Therefore, consider your preferred cooling duration then make an appropriate choice.

Top10 beer bottles coolers

6 Best Home Beer Brewing Kits Reviews 2019

It is always pleasurable to gut down beer that you made on your own. Of course, you can’t be in lack of ready beers since we have a plethora of them on the shelves, but those who are into home brewing find a lot of reward in having the ability to craft their own beers, and possibly add their own twists so that they can come up with unique crafts. If you are interested in this passionate hobby, then just know that you have an exciting ride ahead, but you will have to get the right apparatus first – best beer making kit. 

A home brewing kit is what you will give you the ability to have your own mini brewery at home. It makes it possible for you to mix the various ingredients needed for home brewing and also facilitate the process of brewing the components together to give you your beer finally. It ensures that all the ambient conditions are maintained, including the proper hygiene, temperatures, and insulation to help you get the best possible home brewed beer. 

Many are the types of brewing kits today, but the ideal ones should have brewing kits components such as wort chiller, a thermometer for temperature monitoring, glassy cowboy, pail opening tool, muslin hop bags, jet bottle washer, and homebrew kegerators and books about brewing if possible. A home brewing kit with these components will provide with everything you need for an optimal home brewing experience.

Top 6 Beer Making kits

Final Recommendation !

Home-brewing is not a new thing and not about to end. If you think it is something you would like to try, then, by all means, you should not let anything hold you back. However, you should know that the quality of the beer you will make will depend on the type of the beer brewing kit you will use. If you are just starting out, then you should consider investing in one of the best beer brewing kits because they will avail to you everything you will need to make great beer, including step by step instruction that will take you from a newbie to a pro in home brewing. The above-reviewed brewing kits will not disappoint you, but we would personally recommend the Mr Beer Premium Gold Edition Craft making kit.

Best Mini Kegerators to Buy in 2019

If you’re a true beer lover, you must be well aware of the difference between a draught beer and the beer that is poured from a bottle or can! And a true beer enthusiast knows very well that the former tastes much better and gives you the right kick that you’re looking for!

When drinking out, you can easily enjoy the draught or draft beer! However, what to do when you’re at home or at a house party or BBQ? Well, when it comes to buying beer for home, people are compelled to buy the bottled or canned beer because it is easy to store and sell.

If the craft beer enthusiast in you is not satisfied with bottled beer at home, investing in a mini kegerator can be the best bet! If you’re impressed by the idea of a kegerator and are looking forward to investing in one, we have enlisted the best ones for you!

But before you look at your options, you should know a bit more about mini kegerators. So, let’s get started!

What is a Mini Kegerator?

Kegerator is a small refrigerator-like machine or a portable container that is designed to pour beer right from a keg. Now, a keg is a metallic pressurized barrel that is used to store carbonated drinks like beer. One end of a keg has a valve that is used to dispense beer.

A keg is put inside a kegerator to dispense beer directly into a beer mug. So, it feels like a luxury to have one at home! Besides that, let’s look into more logical reasons why you should buy a kegerator.

Why buy a Mini Kegerator? 

No matter how many bottles of beer you stock up in your fridge, nothing can beat the idea of draft beer being within your reach even when you’re home. This is why it is a great idea to invest in a mini kegerator.

However, if you still need some solid reasons to invest in a kegerator other than just the craving of draft beer at home, we are here for you. Luckily, we have got a whole list of reasons for you. So, here is why buying a kegerator is beneficial for you:

  • Cost-effective

If you’re someone who likes to drink beer quite often and likes their fridge stocked up with bottles and cans of beer, you’ll save up quite a lot using a kegerator. The science behind this is that buying a kegerator and a whole keg of beer seems to save a lot of your money that is otherwise spent on bottles and cans of beers.

So, after you consume a few kegs, if you calculate, you would have saved up enough money on beer that covers up the cost of your kegerator. So, you wouldn’t regret investing in one! Plus the enjoyment of draft beer at home is priceless!

  • Keeps beer intact 

Unlike opened beer bottles or cans, a keg keeps your beer fresh and enjoyable even after a long time. So, you need not rush and finish your beer fast thinking that it will lose its freshness and carbonation.

In a kegerator, your beer will stay intact for an estimated time of three to four months. It’s like a dream come true for beer lovers!

  • Saves space 

You know where on one hand, it is quite satisfying to keep your fridge stocked with your favorite beer, and on the other hand, it is quite irking to find no space for other things. Your fridge stays occupied almost all the time and that just does not work well.

When you invest in a beer kegerator, you get rid of this problem as no refrigerator is needed for bottled beer when you use kegs of beer. The kegerator not only helps you directly dispense your beer in the mugs but it also keeps it chilled throughout the time! So, that’s like killing two birds with one stone!

Now you know why buying a kegerator is not just an extra expense but it is beneficial in more than one ways. So, you’re now all set to invest your money in the right thing to satisfy the beer enthusiast in you.

7 Top Rated Mini Kegerators 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mini Keg 

No matter how hyped you are about buying your beer kegerator, you must buy it after thorough research. To help you, we have enlisted all the factors you should consider before investing your money in a kegerator – after all, it’s not every day that you buy a thing like a kegerator. So, let’s explore:

• Size 

The size of a kegerator not just decides how much space it will take but also the size of keg it can hold. If you are sure that your favorite beer is available in small kegs, you can happily go with a mini kegerator. But if there is difficulty in getting the right size of a keg of your favorite beer – getting a full-sized kegerator would be the best bet! 

However, there are certain benefits attached with investing in a mini one like they occupy smaller spaces, they use small kegs, so it is easy to finish the beer within time, and they are also affordable.
So, pick a size that meets all your requirements well.

• Assembly 

Kegerators don’t come as is. They come in boxes and need to be assembled rightly. Before you buy a kegerator, read about its functionality and how it is to be assembled. This kind of information can be found through buyer reviews at e-commerce stores.

If the assembly of your kegerator is rocket science, you should reconsider it. Would you like to spend some extra bucks on the assembly of your kegerator? If yes, go for it and if no, move on to another option. However, it is mostly easy to assemble kegerators. But you shouldn’t take a chance! 

• Tap 

The other thing to consider is the tap configuration of your kegerator. How many taps do you want on your kegerator? Most people would go for one. However, to perk things up a notch, a kegerator can be available in multiple options of tap configurations. These include single tap options, dual tap options, and even three tap options! Also, to keep the carbonation of your beer intact, some tap systems also come with a CO2 cartridge that helps supply CO2 to your beer.

Also, the advanced tap systems also come with pressure regulators that help you form the right head of a beer. So, know what you’re looking for, browse your options, and go for it! 

• Cost 

Now, this is the main factor to consider because, in the end, you can only spend as per your budget. As for cost, mini kegerators turn out to be the cheaper ones as compared to full-sized ones. However, you have to look for other features as well – so pick the best combination of great features and a reasonable price

Verdict !

All these portable kegerators are the best options to consider when buying one for you or to gift others. So, consider these options before you make a purchase. Buying a beer kegerator is not something you do every day, and if you want to make a smart investment, you must consider all your available options.

Make a pick from all the available options – you’re just one purchase away from enjoying draft beer for the rest of your life! So, go ahead and make the right decision. We will keep educating you about your favorite drink – beer – and the different ways to enjoy it to the best! Cheers!

Best Conical Fermenters for Home Brewers in 2019

Whether you want to cut down cleaning time or you want to stop racking, a conical fermenter may just be the right equipment you need. To those who don’t know, a conical fermenter has a cone-shaped bottom fitted with a valve at the point of the cone and not a flat bottom as is usually seen in carboy or buckets.

All the solid contents collect at the cone, and the valve makes it easy to safely and cleanly remove the yeast and trub for repitching or disposal. Conical fermenters are not outrageously expensive, and it is a versatile piece of brewing equipment that every professional brewer must never lack in their arsenal.

The process of home brewing is always a worthwhile pursuit, but it can also be time-consuming. This is especially if you have not invested in proper techniques and equipment to allow you some great deal of efficiency. If you can’t operate efficiently in your home brewing pursuits, you will always a lot of time, and you may not enjoy the results of your efforts. 

As such, those who are serious with home brewing will always invest in techniques and equipment that will make their processes easier, less messy and lead to quality beers. This is the very essence of using conical fermenters.

Best Plastic Conical Fermenters 

Best Stainless Steel Conical Fermenters

Ideal Non- Conical Options

Benefits you will get by investing in a decent conical fermenter -

1. No need to use a secondary fermenter

If you are using the normal fermentation buckets, it is always a challenge to stop trub from getting into the secondary fermenter, and this is never good for the process because it can make your beer hazy. It will also make the beer less appealing to look at and may drive away all the appetite. With conical fermenters, both the trub and the yeast will gather at the bottom of the cone, from where all you have to do is dump the sediments by draining with a hose or by removing the containment unit. As such, you won’t have to worry about racking or the need to use a secondary fermenter. 

2. Sturdiness 

Most of the conical fermenters you will find in the market today are made of stainless steel, and this implies that they are not only durable but also easy to clean. You will find them easier to sanitize than the typical plastic fermenters, and this will also be more durable than the plastic buckets. 

3. Reduce Overall Cost with Repitching

With conical beer fermenters, you can easily remove the trub from your beer, while at the same time collect the yeast for reuse. After you separate the yeast from the trub, all you have to do is wash them and then use them later for brewing. In this manner, you will save some money since you will not have to buy new yeast for the next batch. Reusing yeast may sound weird for home brewing, but you should know that commercial brewers reuse yeast all the time for a number of good reasons, and so don’t think of it as something very strange.

Things to consider while Buying a Conical Fermenter -

Since you fully understand the value of investing in a conical fermenter, you should also know how to choose the right one when you go shopping. The fermenter you choose should not be necessarily expensive, and it should be able to meet your home brewing needs. As such, there is certain consideration you need to make to ensure that you end up with just the right fermenting bucket for your home beer. Here is a brief guide at some of the factors you should consider when buying the fermenter.

The necessary accessories to use the fermenter

Most of the top fermenters will come fully equipped with valves and spigots while others will require you to purchase the accessories as add-ons. Watch out for these accessories since they make inflate the final cost of having the fermenter installed in your home.

The type of valves

There are a couple of valves needed for home beer brewing, and this is another consideration you must make when thinking of buying a conical fermenter. In most cases, you will find the fermenters with the standard three-piece ball valves, and these will usually work well if you will be disassembling them to clean them so as to avoid infection. The other valves you may desire to have in your fermenter include the butterfly valve for removing yeast or trub and the transfer valve. Just be sure to check the fermenter to ensure that it has all the valves you will need for your convenience. 

The size of the fermenter

When it comes to the size, you should go for a fermenter that suits your home brewing needs. If you love to brew large batches, then you should go for a bigger fermenter, but if you are a small time brewer who loves dealing with smaller batches, just choose a decently sized fermenter to avoid ingredient wastage. 

The temperature controls

Temperature control is an essential aspect of beer brewing, and it is another consideration you must make when choosing your conical fermenters. Your ideal fermenter should have a temperature control mechanism so that you don’t ruin the quality of your beer because you brewed at the wrong temperatures.

Best Beer Brew Kettles & Pots for Home Brewing

Homebrewing is an endeavor that millions of people cherish. It is always satisfying for one to have the capabilities to make their own beer, and if you are one who is already in the craft, or you want to start your baby steps in home beer brewing, you will be interested in investing in the right equipment that will not just the process simple, but also will yield into very good quality brews.

For starters, there is quite a number of beginner kits you can always consider, but as you progress and you begin to appreciate the need for quality, investing in a decent homebrew kettle is always the way to go. With the right kettle, you will have the convenience, as well as the pleasure of brewing your beer to the standards that you will cherish and be proud that you know how to make your own beer.

There are various types of brew kettles in the market today, and as a home brewer, it is imperative to know the various types available and also know what to look for when making your choice. In this piece, we not only tell you about the factors to look for in a homebrew kettle but also give you recommendations for some of the best kettles in the market today.

Essential Features of Brew Kettles

Whether you are an all-grain brewer, or you prefer extract brewing, it is in your brewing kettle where the magic will be happening – where the transformation from wort to beer begins. The brew kettle you choose will primarily depend on your brew style as well as your budget. But for a good home brewing experience, you will desire for your kettle to be versatile, reliable and durable.

For these to happen, however, the kettle must have certain essential features, without which, you will not be in a position to have the good experience you had hoped for. With that said, here are some of the essential features that every homebrew kettle should have-:

The material of the kettle 

One of the features that most of the top brew kettles have in their material – metal. This is not to say that you won’t find, or you shouldn’t use plastic brew kettles, but there are very good reasons why you should go for aluminum or stainless steel brewing kettles. Stainless steel seems to be the favorite material choice for most homebrewers, and this is because it is not only durable, but also corrosion resistant, and relatively lightweight. Since it is inert, it will keep its good looks for very many years to come. Aluminum, on the other hand, is not as durable as stainless steel, but it is loved by many because it weighs less, and has very good heat conducting capabilities. 

The kettle’s height

Brew kettles give better results when they are tall, and this is why you should be picky when it comes to the shorter kettles. Tall kettles have high sides, and this reduces the rate of evaporation loss, as well as helping prevent boil overs. You could use shorter kettles, but you won’t have the experience you do have when using their taller counterparts. 


Another essential that a good brewing kettle must have is built-in volume marking. Though you may still measure the volume of the kettle’s content using the traditional methods, a calibrated kettle takes all the stress in trying to figure out every now and then how much volume you have inside the kettle. It will make you operate more efficiently, and without messing around a lot of things. You don’t want to be brewing blind by not knowing the volumes you are working with. 

Ball valves

Ball valves are an essential feature for convenience in brew kettles. It won’t be available in all types of kettles, but if you want the process of wort transportation to be fast, easy and safe, then you will appreciate investing in a kettle with ball valves. 


Other than knowing the amount of wort you have in your kettle, you will also want to know its temperatures during the beer brewing process. A good kettle should have a dial thermometer installed in the bottom third of the kettle so that you can easily monitor the temperature without necessarily opening the values and dipping a thermometer in the hot liquid. A thermometer is essential for your safety and convenience. 

 8 Best Brew Kettles for 2019 Reviews (Both Electric and Non - Electric)

Now that you know what features to look for in a beer brewing kettle and how to choose the right one, here is a look at some of the best ones -

Essential Parameters for Choosing a Beer Brewing Kettle

Now that you know the essential features you should look out for in a brewing kettle, you are going to a plethora of kettles for all sorts of manufactures in the market, with nearly every essential feature you had wanted. However, this is not an indication that you should just go for any kettle you will come across. There are a number of parameters you should use to make your choice, and below is a look at some of the most important ones-:

1. The batch size

One of the parameters to consider in your kettle buying decision is the batch sizes you intend on brewing. For new brewers, it is highly recommended that you start with small batch sizes of three or five gallons. However, for the pros, or those who have been brewing for a while, the larger brew kettles are recommended so that you get the convenience of not having to brew every now and then. The larger kettles will also make it easy for you to split batches in case you wanted to try out different brewing techniques.

2. The Fermenter Volume

If you have made a choice to for the larger kettles and not the standard five-gallon kettles, then you will also have to decide on the volume of the fermenter. The labor required to brew a 45 gallon is not so different from the labor required to brew a 10 gallon. However, a 10-gallon batch may require a small space in a closet to ferment, while a 45-gallon batch will need a slightly bigger space, and its smell will also be more noticeable around the house. Therefore, if you are going big, be sure to consider the fermenter volume while you make your choice of the brew kettle.

3. The Kettle material

The material of your pot also matters a lot, and now the top contenders for homebrew kettle materials are aluminum and stainless steel. A lot of brewers tend to go for food-grade stainless steel because of their attractiveness and durability, though they also tend to be slightly expensive. Aluminum, on the other hand, costs less and is also a very good conductor of heat. However, the fact that it reacts poorly with most of the common cleaning agents makes it less attractive to some homebrewers. If you are considering stainless steel brewing kettle, then it will be a good idea to go for models that have a tri-clad bottom. This simply means that the base of the kettle has a layer of aluminum at the center.

4. Burner Size

Irrespective of the kettle size you choose, you must always have the burner size in mind. This is because your burner should be able to produce enough BTUs for your batch size if you want to have good brewing results. If you choose a relatively bigger kettle than what your burner can accommodate, your brewing process will be painfully slow, and you may have to wait slightly longer to have your brew ready. Again, if your burner is too large, you will find the process of fine-tuning the temperature at critical points to be difficult, and this may also affect the quality of the brew.

5. Your brewing area

Before committing to a beer brewing kettle of any size, it is vital to consider the available space where you will be doing the brewing as well as the storage of your equipment, especially if you are thinking of going for a larger brew kettle. If you are going for anything larger than 5-gallon batch, then you should know that using your kitchen for brewing and storage may be very challenging. If all you have is the kitchen for your equipment, then you should not go past the 5-gallon batches. However, if you can brew outdoors in the patio or inside your garage, then you will have the flexibility to go for larger batches. Again, ensure that the brewing area is well ventilated, waterproof, and easy to clean.

6. Your level of brewing experience

It is important to point out that the bulk of the brewing resources for newbie homebrewers are primarily focused on the 5-gallon batch, and this is why it is highly recommended that if you are just starting out, then you should consider the 5-gallon batches. For the pros or those how have been brewing for a while, who are comfortable tweaking variables and tweaking recipes, there are very good options of advanced kettles that will let you exercise your brewing prowess. You can always start out small with the basic kettles, and upgrade to the advanced kettles as you got more skillful and experienced in home brewing. 

7. Features

Finally, you must also check on the specific features that the beer brewing kettle have before you commit to making a purchase. Some of the features you want to look out for include-: thermometer, ball valves, in-container calibrations, and dip tube/pick up tube. The available features will determine the level of convenience you should expect from the kettle, as well as the quality of your brew.

6 Best Homebrew Mash Tuns Reviews

Brewing your own beer sounds like an exciting adventure. It doesn’t just give you the chance to get with the actual involvement of beer making, but also make you appreciate the drink more because you will have a good understanding of all the processes involved before the beer finally hits your mug.

As you begin the process of home brewing, you will probably start brewing with extracts, but as time goes by, you may be interested in more exciting and complex approaches which may compel you to upgrade to an all-grain setup.

It should be noted that brewing with extracts is slightly different from all-grain brewing. With all-grain brewing, more labor will be required due to the additional steps, and this implies you that you will also need to get some additional equipment.

For example, you will have to go through a process known as mashing, where you will be obtaining flavor, starches, and color from grains instead of using malt extract syrup as is always the case when brewing from extracts.

To aid the process of mashing, a homebrew mash tun will be necessary. A mash tun is simply a vessel where all the ingredients responsible for converting starches into sugar are housed. It provides the perfect environment for this conversion to take place.

Buying Guide for Home Brew Mash Tuns 

You will find the process of making beer fun if you actually enjoy doing it. As you already know, mashing is one of the crucial and important aspects of home brewing. If the mashing was done well, then you can be assured of a great beer, and if it was done poorly, then you can also expect the quality of the beer to be degraded. 

This is why it is necessary that you be very careful when choosing your mash tun because it will make all the difference in your home brewing. In as much as there are different kinds of mash tun in the market today, it is not a guarantee that all of them are of the same quality, and irrespective of the one you choose, you will still be guaranteed of a great beer.

For an excellent mash process, there are certain features that the mash tun must have, and these are some of the things you have consider when you out shopping for a homebrew mash tun. Here is a brief look at some of the features you have to consider when buying shopping for mash tuns -

1.Heat Maintenance capabilities

The heat maintenance capabilities of the mash tun are important because the mashing process is effective when it takes place at certain temperatures. A good mash tun, therefore, should have the capability to keep the same temperatures for at least one hour. While shopping, check how long the tun can retain heat, and whether or not an external source of heat to maintain the desired temperatures. 

2. Durability

Check the thickness of the wall since this will signify how durable the tun will be and also will give an indication of its ability to stop the brew from leaking out. 

3. False bottom 

A good tun should have a false bottom so that you don’t struggle with separating the container for lautering process. 

5. Thermometer

A thermometer is of absolute importance in the brewing process. Never buy a tun without one.

6. Gauges

You also need a turn with markings for measurements on the inside. This is to help you tell the volume of the liquid without the need to separate the instrument.

Top Rated Mash Tuns in 2019

Final Verdict

Making your beer at home can be both an art and a hobby, depending on your inspiration. Irrespective of what motivates you, you will want to improve your skills as well as the results you get. This calls for not just knowing more about the mashing process but also investing in the right equipment.

When you are just starting, you don’t have to go heavy on the big tuns, but again, you want to ensure that you have a decent tun that will give you a good experience. Ultimately, you are the one who knows exactly what they desire to have for their home brewing, and we hope that the buying guide, as well as our top picks of the best mash tuns above, will be of some help to you.

Best Beer Bottle Labeling Machines: Automatic and Manual Label Applicators

An owner of a brewery thinks about labeling the bottles on his own, at least once in the lifetime of his business. If you’re in the same club and have landed on his article in your search for DIY beer label application, we have got some advice for you. Read on to know whether it is good to do the labeling on your own or whether you should invest in a bottle labeler machine. 

Now, if you want to do it manually, let me give you a head’s up! Label application is not an easy task to do by hand. The label must be accurately placed as it adds to the branding of your beer. For accurate and quality label application, investing in a beer bottle labeling machine is the best bet!

These labeling machines are the best for putting labels on the bottles very quickly, saving a lot of your time. Also, these machines keep the labels straight and place them rightly.

Before you buy a beer bottle labeling machine, there are a number of things that you need to take note of in the machine you buy. There are a number of factors to look for, and the important ones are – price, speed, size, and power efficiency. 

Based on these factors, pros, and cons of different types of beer bottle label applicators, we have come up with a list. Let’s have a look at all these machines so you can decide which one you must buy.

1. Mophorn Round Bottle Semi Automatic Labeling Machine

This bottle labeling machine is made of stainless steel and is ideal if you’re selling any beer bottles that are round in shape. The machine is suitable for bottles like plastic bottles, glass bottles, PET bottles, metal bottles, etc. 

It ensures no bubbles and no creases in the label and keeps the label centered and straight. This is a semi-automatic machine. The bottles can be manually adjusted, and the machine is controlled with the help of digital control programs. It claims high-grade bottle labeling.

The Mophorn Bottle Labeling Machine runs on the voltage of 110V and has a motor power of 120W. The machine is designed to handle the bottles of diameter 12-90mm. The label roll used in the machine should have an external diameter of 250mm and the inner diameter of 76mm.

-Accurate label application
-Easy to operate

-Difficult to install

2. The Label Wizard 

The Label Wizard is an adjustable bottle label applicator that has come to terms with a number of different customer requests. The adjustable feature of this label applicator is everything you need if you sell beer bottles of different sizes. This feature is what makes it the best label applicator for small bottles or containers.

It allows the users to position the peel-and-stick labels manually. These labels are either square or rectangular in shape and can easily be transferred to the bottles or jars of different sizes.

You can choose from four different labeling positions through its adjustable shelf. The label containers can range from a diameter of 2.5cm to 8.3cm. With the help of the Hi-Boy Carriage option, you can also label large containers that range from a diameter of 8.9cm to 11.4cm. This label applicator uses peel-and-stick labels that can be installed in the machine after peeling them off the label roll. The labels are smooth, free from any bubbles, centered, and straight.

The Label Wizard- Adjustable

- Adjustable as per the size of the bottle
- Handy to use
- Pocket-friendly 

- Doesn’t support a label roll
- Takes time to learn

3. Take-a-Label 11000 TAL 

This manual label applicator is suitable for round bottles and wraps the labels with just one turn of a handle. The label applicator is manually handled and is very simple and easy to handle. The unit is very easy to set up, and there are no tools required for the installation.

It can be set in minutes, and you can start with applying labels right away! The bottle carriage is adjustable where the bottle is kept, and the handle is turned to wrap the label around it. The size of bottles range from a diameter of 2.5cm to 12.7cm, that is from 1” to 5”. 

Take-a-Label is formed of stainless steel, and the frame is powder-coated. It is sturdy and is meant to last for years!

Take-a-Label 11000 TAL-1100MR Manual Round Product Label Applicator

- Easy to use
- Durable
- Supports a wide range of bottle sizes
- The labels do not easily separate from one another when turned
- The manual working makes it slow and isn’t suitable for some users

4. START International Manual Bottle Label Applicator

The START LAB01 Label Applicator is another brilliant option in our list. This label applicator can be used to label bottles, jars, or cans and provides highly accurate and high-quality label application.

This label maker is manual, and the labels are applied by moving the handle. You can install a label roll in the machine. The machine ensures faster labeling based on how much time you spend with the machine.

START LAB01 is created with powder-coated aluminum and ensures great durability. The label applicator supports the bottle diameter ranging from 12.70mm to 165mm that is 0.5” to 6.5”.
The label placement is accurate and very high quality.

START International LAB01 Manual Bottle Labeler

- Durability ensured by high-quality material
- A wide range of bottles supported
- A wide range of labels supported
- No tools required to adjust labels
- Difficult to install
- Not that fast and delays the process of labeling
- Manual working

5. Primera AP362 Label Applicator

This one is the most favored label applicator by the users. It is a semi-automatic labelling machine for bottles that can be used to label cylindrical bottles, jars, containers, or tubes. This is an advanced model of the label applicators in this series. With this machine, you can apply one or two separate labels on the bottle in one go!

The labels are applied perfectly without any bubbles or wrinkles with the help of a spring-pressure arm. The label application is controlled with a switch at the foot of this label applicator.

It has a digital control panel that can run on operating systems – windows as well as Mac. 

This machine offers quick set-up and is easy to operate. It has an efficiency to apply 1200 labels in an hour! Thus, speeding up your work a great deal!

Primera AP362 Label Applicator

- Convenient and fast label application
- Easy digital control
- Robust and durable built
- Costly
- Difficult to set up
- Works lesser than the claimed efficiency

So, these were the 5 beer bottle applicators that you can use for your home-based or small brewery. These machines differ from each other based on a number of factors, yet they all are best selected from countless options available in the market.

Guide to Buying the Best Beer Bottle Labeling Machine

If you’re looking to invest in a label applicator, you can go through the details mentioned above and compare your suitable options. The review on these machines is based on personal experience of the actual users, and thus, you can see if they can fit to your requirements or not!

There are many reasons why one should go for a bottle labeler machine, and these are listed below:

  • These machines make label application easy, convenient, and fast for the brewery owners. As compared to the manual sticking of labels, a label applicator does the job quite better. 
  • These machines are a one-time investment and can go for years. All you need to do is find the right one and invest in it. Install them once, and you’re good to go for a long run!
  • The label applicators don’t take much space, and thus, you need not worry about their installation. They are generally portable and quite handy to move and install.
  • With advancement in technology, the digital versions of the label applicators are available. You can also connect them with label printers and start off with the application.

So, in all, a label applicator is a good investment if you’re planning on buying one. However, before you buy one, you must be very clear about a few things. These include – your budget, the power consumption of the machine, the size, the efficiency, and requirement of the machine.

There are a number of options to choose from, and you can pick the best if you know what you need! Go through the list provided by us, conduct your own research, ask around, and pick the best bottle label applicator that can be your best help in selling quality beer bottles.