Best Beer Bottle Labeling Machines: Automatic and Manual Label Applicators

An owner of a brewery thinks about labeling the bottles on his own, at least once in the lifetime of his business. If you’re in the same club and have landed on his article in your search for DIY beer label application, we have got some advice for you. Read on to know whether it is good to do the labeling on your own or whether you should invest in a bottle labeler machine. 

Now, if you want to do it manually, let me give you a head’s up! Label application is not an easy task to do by hand. The label must be accurately placed as it adds to the branding of your beer. For accurate and quality label application, investing in a beer bottle labeling machine is the best bet!

These labeling machines are the best for putting labels on the bottles very quickly, saving a lot of your time. Also, these machines keep the labels straight and place them rightly.

Before you buy a beer bottle labeling machine, there are a number of things that you need to take note of in the machine you buy. There are a number of factors to look for, and the important ones are – price, speed, size, and power efficiency. 

Based on these factors, pros, and cons of different types of beer bottle label applicators, we have come up with a list. Let’s have a look at all these machines so you can decide which one you must buy.

1. Mophorn Round Bottle Semi Automatic Labeling Machine

This bottle labeling machine is made of stainless steel and is ideal if you’re selling any beer bottles that are round in shape. The machine is suitable for bottles like plastic bottles, glass bottles, PET bottles, metal bottles, etc. 

It ensures no bubbles and no creases in the label and keeps the label centered and straight. This is a semi-automatic machine. The bottles can be manually adjusted, and the machine is controlled with the help of digital control programs. It claims high-grade bottle labeling.

The Mophorn Bottle Labeling Machine runs on the voltage of 110V and has a motor power of 120W. The machine is designed to handle the bottles of diameter 12-90mm. The label roll used in the machine should have an external diameter of 250mm and the inner diameter of 76mm.

Mophorn Round Bottle Labeling Machine Adjustable Labeling Bottle Label Applicator Stainless Steel Bottle Labeler

• Accurate label application
• ISO-certified
• Easy to operate
• Environment-friendly

• Difficult to install

2. The Label Wizard 

The Label Wizard is an adjustable bottle label applicator that has come to terms with a number of different customer requests. The adjustable feature of this label applicator is everything you need if you sell beer bottles of different sizes. This feature is what makes it the best label applicator for small bottles or containers.

It allows the users to position the peel-and-stick labels manually. These labels are either square or rectangular in shape and can easily be transferred to the bottles or jars of different sizes.

You can choose from four different labeling positions through its adjustable shelf. The label containers can range from a diameter of 2.5cm to 8.3cm. With the help of the Hi-Boy Carriage option, you can also label large containers that range from a diameter of 8.9cm to 11.4cm. This label applicator uses peel-and-stick labels that can be installed in the machine after peeling them off the label roll. The labels are smooth, free from any bubbles, centered, and straight.

The Label Wizard- Adjustable

• Adjustable as per the size of the bottle
• Handy to use
• Pocket-friendly

• Doesn’t support a label roll
• Takes time to learn

3. Take-a-Label 11000 TAL 

This manual label applicator is suitable for round bottles and wraps the labels with just one turn of a handle. The label applicator is manually handled and is very simple and easy to handle. The unit is very easy to set up, and there are no tools required for the installation.

It can be set in minutes, and you can start with applying labels right away! The bottle carriage is adjustable where the bottle is kept, and the handle is turned to wrap the label around it. The size of bottles range from a diameter of 2.5cm to 12.7cm, that is from 1” to 5”. 

Take-a-Label is formed of stainless steel, and the frame is powder-coated. It is sturdy and is meant to last for years!

Take-a-Label 11000 TAL-1100MR Manual Round Product Label Applicator

• Easy to use
• Durable
• Supports a wide range of bottle sizes 

• The labels do not easily separate from one another when turned
• The manual working makes it slow and isn’t suitable for some users

4. START International Manual Bottle Label Applicator

The START LAB01 Label Applicator is another brilliant option in our list. This label applicator can be used to label bottles, jars, or cans and provides highly accurate and high-quality label application.

This label maker is manual, and the labels are applied by moving the handle. You can install a label roll in the machine. The machine ensures faster labeling based on how much time you spend with the machine.

START LAB01 is created with powder-coated aluminum and ensures great durability. The label applicator supports the bottle diameter ranging from 12.70mm to 165mm that is 0.5” to 6.5”.
The label placement is accurate and very high quality.

START International LAB01 Manual Bottle Labeler

• Durability ensured by high-quality material
• A wide range of bottles supported
• A wide range of labels supported
• No tools required to adjust labels

• Difficult to install
• Not that fast and delays the process of labeling 
• Manual working

5. Primera AP362 Label Applicator

This one is the most favored label applicator by the users. It is a semi-automatic labelling machine for bottles that can be used to label cylindrical bottles, jars, containers, or tubes. This is an advanced model of the label applicators in this series. With this machine, you can apply one or two separate labels on the bottle in one go!

The labels are applied perfectly without any bubbles or wrinkles with the help of a spring-pressure arm. The label application is controlled with a switch at the foot of this label applicator.

It has a digital control panel that can run on operating systems – windows as well as Mac. 

This machine offers quick set-up and is easy to operate. It has an efficiency to apply 1200 labels in an hour! Thus, speeding up your work a great deal!

Primera AP362 Label Applicator

• Convenient and fast label application
• Easy digital control
• Robust and durable built

• Costly 
• Difficult to set up 
• Works lesser than the claimed efficiency

So, these were the 5 beer bottle applicators that you can use for your home-based or small brewery. These machines differ from each other based on a number of factors, yet they all are best selected from countless options available in the market.

Guide to Buying the Best Beer Bottle Labeling Machine

If you’re looking to invest in a label applicator, you can go through the details mentioned above and compare your suitable options. The review on these machines is based on personal experience of the actual users, and thus, you can see if they can fit to your requirements or not!

There are many reasons why one should go for a bottle labeler machine, and these are listed below:

  • These machines make label application easy, convenient, and fast for the brewery owners. As compared to the manual sticking of labels, a label applicator does the job quite better. 
  • These machines are a one-time investment and can go for years. All you need to do is find the right one and invest in it. Install them once, and you’re good to go for a long run!
  • The label applicators don’t take much space, and thus, you need not worry about their installation. They are generally portable and quite handy to move and install.
  • With advancement in technology, the digital versions of the label applicators are available. You can also connect them with label printers and start off with the application.

So, in all, a label applicator is a good investment if you’re planning on buying one. However, before you buy one, you must be very clear about a few things. These include – your budget, the power consumption of the machine, the size, the efficiency, and requirement of the machine.

There are a number of options to choose from, and you can pick the best if you know what you need! Go through the list provided by us, conduct your own research, ask around, and pick the best bottle label applicator that can be your best help in selling quality beer bottles.

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