6 Best Propane burners for Home Brewing in 2021

Brewing beers at home is all fun and games till you fail to find the right apparatus. Now, that doesn’t often happen as people usually start with the right apparatus. However, if you’re looking forward to taking your homebrewing levels up a notch, you might end up needing more sophisticated and professional equipment. Also, if you’ve decided on making a bigger batch of beer, then some additional investment is needed!

Most of the times, home brewers shift from a small stove to a more equipped propane burner. If you want to know more about propane burners, let’s tell you!

Propane Burners for Beer Brewing

Most people might think why invest in something like a propane burner when beer can be brewed on any flame – be it a stove or a bonfire. As for the stove, it is efficient for brewing a small batch of beer, but for a bigger batch, you might need to shift to something bigger and better. Propane burner stands true to its performance and helps in brewing bigger batches of beer with great ease! 

However, if you’re planning on brewing your beer on a huge campfire while being out and about, there are several drawbacks attached to it too! One of these drawbacks is that you wouldn’t be able to control the flame. The other one is that your carbon footprint is surely going to increase if you keep on brewing your beer on a campfire. So, investing in a cleaner and more refined method is a great idea! And a propane burner is here to the rescue!

The best part about a propane burner is that you can buy it based on the batches of beer you’re planning on brewing and the type of utensils used for the same. You can start by comparing the burners on the basis of their BTU!

Now, what is BTU, you ask? Let us explain! 

BTU (British thermal unit). BTU is a traditional unit used for measuring heat!
“One BTU is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.”

BTU is basically a standardized unit of measuring energy. This unit is generally used to describe two elements – one is the heat content of fuels and the second is the heating power of an appliance used for heating or cooling. So, here when we talk about the propane burners, the BTU is termed as the heating power of the burners.

So, when you’re buying a propane burner, looking for high BTU is one of the things that will make your purchase easy.

Just to make it clear, 1 BTU is equal to 253 calories or 0.293071-watt hours. So, you can do the math while making the purchase.

As beer lovers are opting for home brewing on a large scale, the demand for propane burners in increasing every day. This increased demand has led to the transformation of the design of the traditional burners, and now, the products are better in quality, functionality, built, and durability.

The areas in which these improvements are made are the usage of material, the performance of burner, the control over the flame, heat output of the burner, the facility of usage and storage, the adjustments based on the size of utensils, and more! Everything has gotten better in the designs of today, and better models of burners are being introduced every day! So, let’s have a look at some of these burners so that you can pick the best one!

6 Top Rated Propane Burners 

Buying a Propane Burner

When you’re buying a propane burner, there are a number of things that need to be kept into consideration! For instance – the requirement of the burner, the batch of beer to be brewed, the space to set the burner up, the budget, the BTU of a particular burner, the material used, the safety certifications, and more.

So, when you’re out there, buying your ideal propane burner, always make sure you go through some good options, compare them on the basis of different factors, and then make your decision. Buying a propane burner is something that is not done every day. So, make an informed decision and never take anything lightly.

Choosing the Right Option!

Choosing the right option for a propane burner is a bit tricky!

Our buying guide is based on solid research using the reviews given by the actual users of these burners. So, this guide will help you in making the right decision for your propane burner purchase. The qualities, pros, and cons are accumulate based on our research, and you can rest assured that you will make a learned decision.

However, you still might find yourself in a pickle about which propane burner might fit your needs the best. You can compare them all based on the following factors:

  1. Quality of material used
  2. Type of paint used
  3. Portability
  4. Durability
  5. Capacity
  6. Ease of use
  7. Ease of assembly
  8. Versatility
  9. Storage
  10. Additional features
  11. Price

All these factors will help you decide which propane burner will suit your needs the best. So, make a learned decision and use this buying guide! After all, you don’t buy a propane burner every day!

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