Best Mini Kegerators to Buy in 2021

If you’re a true beer lover, you must be well aware of the difference between a draught beer and the beer that is poured from a bottle or can! And a true beer enthusiast knows very well that the former tastes much better and gives you the right kick that you’re looking for!

When drinking out, you can easily enjoy the draught or draft beer! However, what to do when you’re at home or at a house party or BBQ? Well, when it comes to buying beer for home, people are compelled to buy the bottled or canned beer because it is easy to store and sell.

If the craft beer enthusiast in you is not satisfied with bottled beer at home, investing in a mini kegerator can be the best bet! If you’re impressed by the idea of a kegerator and are looking forward to investing in one, we have enlisted the best ones for you!

But before you look at your options, you should know a bit more about mini kegerators. So, let’s get started!

What is a Mini Kegerator?

Kegerator is a small refrigerator-like machine or a portable container that is designed to pour beer right from a keg. Now, a keg is a metallic pressurized barrel that is used to store carbonated drinks like beer. One end of a keg has a valve that is used to dispense beer.

A keg is put inside a kegerator to dispense beer directly into a beer mug. So, it feels like a luxury to have one at home! Besides that, let’s look into more logical reasons why you should buy a kegerator.

Why buy a Mini Kegerator? 

No matter how many bottles of beer you stock up in your fridge, nothing can beat the idea of draft beer being within your reach even when you’re home. This is why it is a great idea to invest in a mini kegerator.

However, if you still need some solid reasons to invest in a kegerator other than just the craving of draft beer at home, we are here for you. Luckily, we have got a whole list of reasons for you. So, here is why buying a kegerator is beneficial for you:

  • Cost-effective

If you’re someone who likes to drink beer quite often and likes their fridge stocked up with bottles and cans of beer, you’ll save up quite a lot using a kegerator. The science behind this is that buying a kegerator and a whole keg of beer seems to save a lot of your money that is otherwise spent on bottles and cans of beers.

So, after you consume a few kegs, if you calculate, you would have saved up enough money on beer that covers up the cost of your kegerator. So, you wouldn’t regret investing in one! Plus the enjoyment of draft beer at home is priceless!

  • Keeps beer intact 

Unlike opened beer bottles or cans, a keg keeps your beer fresh and enjoyable even after a long time. So, you need not rush and finish your beer fast thinking that it will lose its freshness and carbonation.

In a kegerator, your beer will stay intact for an estimated time of three to four months. It’s like a dream come true for beer lovers!

  • Saves space 

You know where on one hand, it is quite satisfying to keep your fridge stocked with your favorite beer, and on the other hand, it is quite irking to find no space for other things. Your fridge stays occupied almost all the time and that just does not work well.

When you invest in a beer kegerator, you get rid of this problem as no refrigerator is needed for bottled beer when you use kegs of beer. The kegerator not only helps you directly dispense your beer in the mugs but it also keeps it chilled throughout the time! So, that’s like killing two birds with one stone!

Now you know why buying a kegerator is not just an extra expense but it is beneficial in more than one ways. So, you’re now all set to invest your money in the right thing to satisfy the beer enthusiast in you.

7 Top Rated Mini Kegerators 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mini Keg 

No matter how hyped you are about buying your beer kegerator, you must buy it after thorough research. To help you, we have enlisted all the factors you should consider before investing your money in a kegerator – after all, it’s not every day that you buy a thing like a kegerator. So, let’s explore:

• Size 

The size of a kegerator not just decides how much space it will take but also the size of keg it can hold. If you are sure that your favorite beer is available in small kegs, you can happily go with a mini kegerator. But if there is difficulty in getting the right size of a keg of your favorite beer – getting a full-sized kegerator would be the best bet! 

However, there are certain benefits attached with investing in a mini one like they occupy smaller spaces, they use small kegs, so it is easy to finish the beer within time, and they are also affordable.
So, pick a size that meets all your requirements well.

• Assembly 

Kegerators don’t come as is. They come in boxes and need to be assembled rightly. Before you buy a kegerator, read about its functionality and how it is to be assembled. This kind of information can be found through buyer reviews at e-commerce stores.

If the assembly of your kegerator is rocket science, you should reconsider it. Would you like to spend some extra bucks on the assembly of your kegerator? If yes, go for it and if no, move on to another option. However, it is mostly easy to assemble kegerators. But you shouldn’t take a chance! 

• Tap 

The other thing to consider is the tap configuration of your kegerator. How many taps do you want on your kegerator? Most people would go for one. However, to perk things up a notch, a kegerator can be available in multiple options of tap configurations. These include single tap options, dual tap options, and even three tap options! Also, to keep the carbonation of your beer intact, some tap systems also come with a CO2 cartridge that helps supply CO2 to your beer.

Also, the advanced tap systems also come with pressure regulators that help you form the right head of a beer. So, know what you’re looking for, browse your options, and go for it! 

• Cost 

Now, this is the main factor to consider because, in the end, you can only spend as per your budget. As for cost, mini kegerators turn out to be the cheaper ones as compared to full-sized ones. However, you have to look for other features as well – so pick the best combination of great features and a reasonable price

Verdict !

All these portable kegerators are the best options to consider when buying one for you or to gift others. So, consider these options before you make a purchase. Buying a beer kegerator is not something you do every day, and if you want to make a smart investment, you must consider all your available options.

Make a pick from all the available options – you’re just one purchase away from enjoying draft beer for the rest of your life! So, go ahead and make the right decision. We will keep educating you about your favorite drink – beer – and the different ways to enjoy it to the best! Cheers!

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