6 Best Homebrew Mash Tuns Reviews

Brewing your own beer sounds like an exciting adventure. It doesn’t just give you the chance to get with the actual involvement of beer making, but also make you appreciate the drink more because you will have a good understanding of all the processes involved before the beer finally hits your mug.

As you begin the process of home brewing, you will probably start brewing with extracts, but as time goes by, you may be interested in more exciting and complex approaches which may compel you to upgrade to an all-grain setup.

It should be noted that brewing with extracts is slightly different from all-grain brewing. With all-grain brewing, more labor will be required due to the additional steps, and this implies you that you will also need to get some additional equipment.

For example, you will have to go through a process known as mashing, where you will be obtaining flavor, starches, and color from grains instead of using malt extract syrup as is always the case when brewing from extracts.

To aid the process of mashing, a homebrew mash tun will be necessary. A mash tun is simply a vessel where all the ingredients responsible for converting starches into sugar are housed. It provides the perfect environment for this conversion to take place.

Buying Guide for Home Brew Mash Tuns 

You will find the process of making beer fun if you actually enjoy doing it. As you already know, mashing is one of the crucial and important aspects of home brewing. If the mashing was done well, then you can be assured of a great beer, and if it was done poorly, then you can also expect the quality of the beer to be degraded. 

This is why it is necessary that you be very careful when choosing your mash tun because it will make all the difference in your home brewing. In as much as there are different kinds of mash tun in the market today, it is not a guarantee that all of them are of the same quality, and irrespective of the one you choose, you will still be guaranteed of a great beer.

For an excellent mash process, there are certain features that the mash tun must have, and these are some of the things you have consider when you out shopping for a homebrew mash tun. Here is a brief look at some of the features you have to consider when buying shopping for mash tuns -

1.Heat Maintenance capabilities

The heat maintenance capabilities of the mash tun are important because the mashing process is effective when it takes place at certain temperatures. A good mash tun, therefore, should have the capability to keep the same temperatures for at least one hour. While shopping, check how long the tun can retain heat, and whether or not an external source of heat to maintain the desired temperatures. 

2. Durability

Check the thickness of the wall since this will signify how durable the tun will be and also will give an indication of its ability to stop the brew from leaking out. 

3. False bottom 

A good tun should have a false bottom so that you don’t struggle with separating the container for lautering process. 

5. Thermometer

A thermometer is of absolute importance in the brewing process. Never buy a tun without one.

6. Gauges

You also need a turn with markings for measurements on the inside. This is to help you tell the volume of the liquid without the need to separate the instrument.

Top Rated Mash Tuns in 2019

Final Verdict

Making your beer at home can be both an art and a hobby, depending on your inspiration. Irrespective of what motivates you, you will want to improve your skills as well as the results you get. This calls for not just knowing more about the mashing process but also investing in the right equipment.

When you are just starting, you don’t have to go heavy on the big tuns, but again, you want to ensure that you have a decent tun that will give you a good experience. Ultimately, you are the one who knows exactly what they desire to have for their home brewing, and we hope that the buying guide, as well as our top picks of the best mash tuns above, will be of some help to you.

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