10 Best Italian Beers – Taste the flavor of Italian birreria [2021]

Italy is famous for a lot of things! Be it pizza, fashion, football, or cars! There is a lot that is engrossed in Italian culture, celebrated throughout the world.

Now, although Italy is the land of wine, another thing that people usually like about Italy is the variety of beers it has to offer. For beer lovers, a trip to Italy can be a wholesome one with so many flavors of beers available throughout the region.

Beer, called Birra in Italian, is a favorite drink in Italy, enjoyed with lunch and dinner – especially when having a pizza party with friends. Italian beers usually have low alcohol content, and there are a number of beers brands from Italy that are world-famous. If you’re planning on trying some, let’s have a look at this list of the best Italian beers:

Lambrate Ghisa

Lambrate Ghisa

The Lambarte Ghisa is a smoked rauchbier brewed in Milan, Italy by the Birrificio Lambarte brewery. Ghisa is Ale that is brewed in the style of smoked stout and comes with 5% ABV. It is a light beer and is best enjoyed with lunch or evening snacks.  

The Lambarte Ghisa pours black and has a thin tan head. The taste of this beer is a mix of sour, sweet, and toasty. The beer has flavors of leather, flowers, herbs, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, coffee, and roasted malt. The Ghisa beer has strong carbonation and is a medium-bodied drink.

It is distributed locally in Italy and is best served in a stein, a lager glass, or a beer mug.

Re Hop Birrifico Toccalmatto

This is a Pale Ale in American/APA style and is brewed by Birrifico Toccalmatto in Fidenza, Italy. This beer also has an ABV of 5% and leaves a dry mouth-feel.

The beer pours cloudy golden and has a thick white head with good retention. It has a taste that is fruity, citric, spicy, and a little bitter. You can easily taste the flavors of herbs, orange, flowers, grass, clove, lemons, bread, and malt. The beer has a dry, hoppy, tangy, and slightly bitter mouth-feel and is a light-to-medium bodied drink.

This beer is distributed abroad and is best served in a tulip glass or a shaker.

Le Baladin Nora’ Birra Biologica’

This beer is a traditional Ale that is brewed by the Le Baladin BrewingCcompany in Piozzo, Italy. The beer has strong flavors of ginger and myrrh, and has an ABV of 6.8%!

Birra Biologica has a brown color and a very thin, disappearing head. It leaves a sweet, mild, spicy, and herbal taste. The main flavors are gingerbread, clove, brown sugar, malts, peach, ginger, apricots, and malts. It has an earthy flavor, light-to-medium body, and a dry finish.

What makes this beer special is its special ingredient from Egypt – the Kamut grain.

The beer is distributed abroad and is best served in a dimpled mug or a stein.

Peroni Gran Riserva

A hefeweizen weissbier-style beer, the Peroni Gran Riserva is brewed in Roma, Italy by the Birra Peroni Industriale. This bubbly drink has an ABV of 5.1% and is quite favored by a number of beer lovers.

The beer pours hazy golden with a thin head. The taste of this beer is bitter, acidic, sweet, and grassy. The major flavors that you get from drinking this one include banana, yeast, caramel, malts, lemon, and fruits. It leaves a yeasty mouth-feel and is a watery drink with low carbonation.

The beer is best served in a Weizen.

Verdi Imperial Stout (Ducato)

The Verdi Imperial stout is one of the strongest beers in our list with 8.2% ABV. This imperial stout beer is brewed and fermented by the Birrifico del Ducato in Roncole Verdi di Bussetto, Italy. The secondary fermentation of this beer takes place within the bottle itself. So, it is one of the top-fermented beers.

The beer pours black with a tan head. It tastes bitter-sweet and leaves a long-lasting flavor. The major flavors include coffee, malts, chocolate, spices, and toffee. A medium-bodied beer, this one is a flavorful drink. It is distributed abroad and is best served in a snifter.



This is a Saison beer, brewed by the Birra del Borgo brewery in Borgorose, Italy. This golden Ale comes with an ABV of 5% and is a great drink with friends and family.

The beer pours hazy golden with a medium white head. The taste of this beer is well-balanced with strong flavors of mangoes, apricot, peaches, grass, dried fruits, and hops. The Cortigiana has medium body and very good carbonation. It is a golden ale with a very intense aroma and strong taste.

The beer is available abroad and is best served in a tulip glass.

LoverBeer BeerBera

LoverBeer BeerBera

A sour/wild beer, the BeerBera is brewed by the LoverBeer brewery in Marentino, Italy. It has an ABV of 8% and is another strong option in this list. The beer is fermented in oak vats by the brewers and has a strong taste of oak.

The beer pours hazy red with an off-white head. The major flavors include grapes, oak, cherry, flowers, spices, raspberry, and yeast. The beer is a famous one from the lands of Italy and is aged to get an accurate taste. It is brewed once every year.

This beer is only locally distributed in Italy.

Spaghetti Western Beer

Spaghetti Western Beer

An imperial stout, this beer is brewed by the Brewfist Company in Codogno, Italy. This is an imperial chocolate-coffee stout beer with an ABV of 8.7%! The beer has a dark brown color with a thin tan head. It gives an overall bitter, slightly harsh, and a dry mouth-feel. The major flavors include vanilla, chocolate, dark malts, coffee, grass, hay, caramel, and lactose. The beer is bitter-sweet and is very much loved by the beer lovers across the globe.

The beer is globally distributed by the brewing company. It is best served in a snifter.

Birra Moretti

Birra Moretti

Pale lager, the Birra Moretti is produced by the Heineken Italia brewery in Milano, Italy. This genuine beer comes with an ABV of 4.6%. This is a high-quality beer, brewed using a variety of high-quality ingredients.

The beer pours clear golden and has a thick head and strong aroma. You can enjoy the mixed flavors of grass, hay, malt, and hops. The beer is light-bodied and has a greatly balanced character between moist and dry feel that it gives.

Forst Premium

Forst Premium

Another pale lager, this beer is brewed by the Forst brewery in Algund, Italy. The beer has an ABV of 4.8% and is an ideal drink with friends and family.

It pours pale golden and has a very thin, white head. The taste of the beer is malty, and it has good carbonation. You can get the flavors of flowers, honey, caramel, corn, syrup, and more. The beer is malty and has a light taste.

With this, our list of the 10 most popular Italian beers comes to an end! If we have forgotten to add some of your favorite ones, do let us know! We are always happy to share our beer expertise to help beer lovers like you! Hope you find your favorite Italian beer soon! Cheers!!!

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