Best Conical Fermenters for Home Brewers in 2020

Whether you want to cut down cleaning time or you want to stop racking, a conical fermenter may just be the right equipment you need. To those who don’t know, a conical fermenter has a cone-shaped bottom fitted with a valve at the point of the cone and not a flat bottom as is usually seen in carboy or buckets.

All the solid contents collect at the cone, and the valve makes it easy to safely and cleanly remove the yeast and trub for repitching or disposal. Conical fermenters are not outrageously expensive, and it is a versatile piece of brewing equipment that every professional brewer must never lack in their arsenal.

The process of home brewing is always a worthwhile pursuit, but it can also be time-consuming. This is especially if you have not invested in proper techniques and equipment to allow you some great deal of efficiency. If you can’t operate efficiently in your home brewing pursuits, you will always a lot of time, and you may not enjoy the results of your efforts. 

As such, those who are serious with home brewing will always invest in techniques and equipment that will make their processes easier, less messy and lead to quality beers. This is the very essence of using conical fermenters.

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Best Plastic Conical Fermenters 

Best Stainless Steel Conical Fermenters

Ideal Non- Conical Options

Benefits you will get by investing in a decent conical fermenter -

1. No need to use a secondary fermenter

If you are using the normal fermentation buckets, it is always a challenge to stop trub from getting into the secondary fermenter, and this is never good for the process because it can make your beer hazy. It will also make the beer less appealing to look at and may drive away all the appetite. With conical fermenters, both the trub and the yeast will gather at the bottom of the cone, from where all you have to do is dump the sediments by draining with a hose or by removing the containment unit. As such, you won’t have to worry about racking or the need to use a secondary fermenter. 

2. Sturdiness 

Most of the conical fermenters you will find in the market today are made of stainless steel, and this implies that they are not only durable but also easy to clean. You will find them easier to sanitize than the typical plastic fermenters, and this will also be more durable than the plastic buckets. 

3. Reduce Overall Cost with Repitching

With conical beer fermenters, you can easily remove the trub from your beer, while at the same time collect the yeast for reuse. After you separate the yeast from the trub, all you have to do is wash them and then use them later for brewing. In this manner, you will save some money since you will not have to buy new yeast for the next batch. Reusing yeast may sound weird for home brewing, but you should know that commercial brewers reuse yeast all the time for a number of good reasons, and so don’t think of it as something very strange.

Things to consider while Buying a Conical Fermenter -

Since you fully understand the value of investing in a conical fermenter, you should also know how to choose the right one when you go shopping. The fermenter you choose should not be necessarily expensive, and it should be able to meet your home brewing needs. As such, there is certain consideration you need to make to ensure that you end up with just the right fermenting bucket for your home beer. Here is a brief guide at some of the factors you should consider when buying the fermenter.

The necessary accessories to use the fermenter

Most of the top fermenters will come fully equipped with valves and spigots while others will require you to purchase the accessories as add-ons. Watch out for these accessories since they make inflate the final cost of having the fermenter installed in your home.

The type of valves

There are a couple of valves needed for home beer brewing, and this is another consideration you must make when thinking of buying a conical fermenter. In most cases, you will find the fermenters with the standard three-piece ball valves, and these will usually work well if you will be disassembling them to clean them so as to avoid infection. The other valves you may desire to have in your fermenter include the butterfly valve for removing yeast or trub and the transfer valve. Just be sure to check the fermenter to ensure that it has all the valves you will need for your convenience. 

The size of the fermenter

When it comes to the size, you should go for a fermenter that suits your home brewing needs. If you love to brew large batches, then you should go for a bigger fermenter, but if you are a small time brewer who loves dealing with smaller batches, just choose a decently sized fermenter to avoid ingredient wastage. 

The temperature controls

Temperature control is an essential aspect of beer brewing, and it is another consideration you must make when choosing your conical fermenters. Your ideal fermenter should have a temperature control mechanism so that you don’t ruin the quality of your beer because you brewed at the wrong temperatures.

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