6 Best Beer bottle cappers 2021

With beer being a famous drink and passion in some of the regions, beer brewing is more of a tradition and is a part of a culture in such regions. On the other hand, most people brew beer at home just for the sake of it!

Whatever your idea behind starting a home brewery is, if you’ve landed to this page with the hope of seeking information on beer bottle cappers, you’re just at the right place! Let us tell you a bit about this equipment!

Beer bottle cappers, as the name tells it, are the machines used to seal caps on beer bottles during the bottling of beer. These are mostly used by people who brew beers at home or have their own breweries to sell beer. Small beer businesses also go for these handy bottle cappers to make their brewing process easy and more sophisticated. There is a great variety of options available for beer bottle cappers, and a few of them are explained below!

Top 6 Beer bottle cappers

Choosing a Bottle Capper 

Homebrewing is not an easy thing to do! Once you get on to it and start with it, you realize what’s missing and what you require to complete your apparatus. Beer bottle cappers are one such thing! With all these options mentioned above, you can make your choice and pick the one that suits your needs the best!

The two broad categories of beer bottle cappers to choose from are bench cappers and hand cappers. Now, the choice can be based on different factors like budget, space available, size of the batch of bottles to be capped, type and size of bottles, etc.

If you have more space dedicated to your brewery and want to seal a big batch of bottles then investing in a bench capper is a good idea. However, if you’re starting off with small batches then hand cappers will suffice.

Basically, these points will help you decide on which beer capper you must go for:

  • Investment required
  • Quality of material and built
  • Type of machinery or mechanism
  • Mode of operation
  • Speed of operation
  • Consideration of cap size
  • Consideration of cap shape
  • Style of bottles to be capped
  • Style of the closure of caps

You can consider all these factors before choosing a beer bottle capper. If something doesn’t fit your requirements, you can just avoid investing in it. Make sure you go with a tool that is both convenient as well as reliable. It must deliver the required results and shouldn’t make things more inconvenient and hard for you. Homebrewing is a big task to carry out, and an efficient tool can help you a lot! So, invest in the right equipment to avoid any regrets.

Just make it a note to look for the description and reviews of each product before you invest in the same. It will help you decide whether it is for you or not.

Happy brewing!

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