10 Best beer Tap Handles for Home Bars (2021)

Lately, beer has become more than just a drink you enjoy at a party or gathering. It has become a culture over the years, and people who we call beer enthusiasts religiously follow this culture! 

Now, in this beer culture where the taste and aroma count the most; the presentation and serving of beer has also become a great part of it. How you serve the beer is quite a lot important these days.

This is why people are paying more and more heed towards getting the right glasses to enjoy the beer, using the right kegerators, using right utensils to homebrew beer, and using the right apparatus to serve it.

Here, we will talk about one such thing that makes an important part of this serving apparatus, and it is – beer tap handles. Now, beer tap handles might not seem like an important thing to invest in, but if you’re actually a beer enthusiast, you will know why they are necessary and what they add to the overall feel of drinking and serving beer in a brewery or bar!

If you’re looking for the best beer handles for your home brewery, bar, pub, or home bar, this article will help you! Here is a list of 10 best options you can choose from:



So, these were our 10 best options for beer tap handles! All the options listed above are made of high-quality material and offer quite a handy usage and installation. If you’re looking for the best beer tap handles, give these options a try and choose the best one!

Choosing a Tap Handle 

When choosing a beer tap handle, you need to keep the following things in mind:

- Your budget
- The number of handles you require
- The size of handles your require
- The material of handles you prefer
- The type and size of kegerators you have
- The usage of these handles for you
- The utility they provide
- The design and look of the handles
- The installation and storage

All these factors will help you decide which one is the best pick for you! You can also try a combination of different tall and short handles for different types of kegerators and taps. Whatever you pick, just make sure it is value for money and is a durable product. Happy brewing!

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