Best Beer Holder for Bike – 5 ingenious beer-carriers for your ride

What can be better than a long, challenging cross-country bike ride? A fresh bottle of ice-cold beer to look forward to at the end of it!

Carrying beer on your bicycle will mean a 2-part purchase: you will need a cage, along with the container for the beer. Some companies offer a 2-in-1 product tackling both these features, while others specialize in either one.

We have a unique collection of products that bring some of the best of these together.

Let’s start with our beer bots!

Our Pick

There are many products that perform really well as beer holders for bikes, but our fav from this list is the Stanley Mountain Vacuum Switchback Mug, paired with the Kemimoto ATV Cup Holder. This pair brings the best beer holder for bike!
What to look for in a beer holder for your bike:
A holder for a beer can or bottle performs a different function than a cup holder, or holder of any other kind. You want your holder to perform the following functions, as a minimum, if you are serious about enjoying a cold bubbly at the end of a tough ride:

  • Insulation: so that you can count on that crisp coolness even on the hottest days
  • Protection: a secure carrier ensures that your bubbly is not going to land all over you when you open it.
  • Functional: you want your purchase to solve a problem you’re facing.
  • Looks: who can resist the urge to look the part when you get the chance?
  • Versatility: the best buys are multi-purpose and stretch your dollar a little further, happily!


Here’s hoping the lockdown will lift soon and give us a break from indoor sports like the foostables and new opportunities to go adventuring in the outdoors!

With technology developing further and faster, there are a lot of exciting things to look forward to! Whatever your choice from this list, you will have the best experience in cooling off with an ice-cold beer after a long ride through the trails. 

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