10 Best Beer Glasses: A Glassware Guide to Choose from Different Types of Beer Glasses

Cheers are best with a cold beer! Happy time, parties, celebrations, or just a bad day, everything feels fine and great with beer. This is why beer is the most consumed drink throughout the world.

With a plethora of beer lovers in the world, there are no less beer freaks that live for beer and can die for it! Well, jokes apart – beer freaks can easily be found around you, and the best way to spot one is by pointing out their collection of beer glasses. Beer lovers are usually very keen to collect beer merchandise to show their love for the amazing brew!

If you’re a beer enthusiast, you must be interested in collecting the best beer glasses available in different varieties. If you are curious to know more about different types of beer glasses, let’s have a look at the beer glassware guide to pick the best ones:

1. Weizen Glass

A glass often confused with the Pilsner glass, this beautiful curvaceous glass is ideal to serve wheat beer. The word weizen means wheat in the German language. This is why pubs and breweries serve the beer varieties like Hefeweizen, Kristalweizen, Dunkleweizen, Gose, American Dark Wheat Ale, and American Pale Wheat Ale in this type of beer glasses.

The reason why these glasses are used for wheat beer is that this kind of beer has a thick foam head and the curvy lip of the glass easily traps the foam. This helps you enjoy your beer to the fullest, giving a complete taste and aroma of the beer.

These beauties are the curviest at their top and have a narrow base. They are taller than a normal pint glass and ideally hold ½ a liter beer.

These glasses also allow sticking a piece of fruit on its top, and a lot of pubs, bars, and breweries serve it the same way. However, it is advised to remove the fruit soon as it destroys the foam of the beer.

2. Pilsner Glass

As the name tells it all, this beer glass is mainly used for lighter beers like the pilsners. These glasses are available in a wide range of sizes; however, one pilsner glass holds lesser beer than one pint. This type of glasses come with typical beer glass shapes with very little or no curvature and are tall with a wide mouth.

An ideal pilsner glass can hold about 14 ounces of beer and has a lip that can hold the foam of lighter beers well. So, you can enjoy the aroma of your beer right under your nose as you sip from this glass.

The beer varieties that can ideally be served in these glasses include Pilsner, maibock, helles bock, blonde ale, witbier, and more! The slim design of this type of beer glass lets you enjoy the bright color, flavor, and aroma of your sparkly drink!

So, if you’re a beer freak, collecting the best beer glasses, do add these gorgeous ones to your list!

3. Tulip Beer Glasses

Referring to their shape, the name of these glasses does great justice to how they look! These amazing bulb-shaped glasses are curved at the lip and let you enjoy your brew, the fancy way!

These glasses are also known as Belgian glasses for their special design ideal for Belgian ales. They have the right shape to trap the head of your beer and promote its aroma in the right manner. The glasses also help in building and maintaining a good head of your drink, and you can easily swirl your drink to get its best aroma and taste.

Other malty and hoppy drinks like a barleywine, fruit lambic, scotch ale, American wild ale, etc. can also be enjoyed in these good-looking beer glasses.

The shape of these glasses is thick and short, and they also have a stem and foot like a wine glass that gives them the fancier touch we talked about!
As a beer geek, you must add this glass to your collection of different types of beer glasses.

4. Beer Mug

When you see a handle on your beer glassware, it is surely a beer mug! Well, even if you’re not a beer lover, you must still be well-acquainted with beer mugs. They are the basic, classic, and ideal glassware in which people enjoy their beers and they have been around since ages!

This widely popular beer glassware comes in a great variety of types like the dimpled mug, Oktoberfest mug, tankard, etc. Now, the special feature of beer mugs is that like a stem on a wine glass, the handle on beer mugs prevent the heat from your hands to transfer to the glass. Thus, a mug of beer helps in keeping your drink cold and bubbly.

Being the classic beer glassware, the beer mugs have thick walls that ensure insulation and make the mugs durable.

You can have any type of beer in a beer mug. All sorts of English, American, and German beers can be enjoyed in a beer mug. Needless to say, for a beer lover’s collection of beer glasses, a beer mug is an essential item!

5. Beer Boot Glass

A beer boot or a das boot is an interesting form of glassware to enjoy your drink with a twist! Shaped like a boot, this type of beer glasses is specially designed to celebrate the spirit of soldiers, keeping in mind their ritual of drinking from their boot after they win or wish good luck!

This kind of glasses may not be very popular in pubs, bars, or breweries, but they are widely found in beer festivals like Oktoberfest.

Drinking from a beer boot is a bit tricky as you might end up spilling the drink on yourself. The right way to do it is to keep the toe of boot pointed towards your body and not away from it. This way, the air bubbles are formed inside the toe and prevent the spillage.

Beer boots are very fancy-looking beer glassware and can be used to enjoy assorted German beers, witbier, and more types of beers. These are also used by many restaurants to serve non-alcoholic drinks just for the sake of good presentation.

6. Stange

Perfectly shaped for the core enjoyment of your beer, the stange glasses have a narrow, cylindrical, and straight shape. Their bottom is thick for added strength and durability. These glasses are an ideal choice if you’re throwing a party and need to serve multiple beers at once.

The stange glass is considered similar to a champagne flute, similar to which, these beer glasses concentrate the aroma of beer and also preserve the carbonation of your drink.

Their beautiful shape lets the users enjoy the carbonation, bright color, and aroma of their brew while they sip it. A standard stange glass can hold up to 6.5 ounces of beer. The glasses are ideal for lighter and delicate beers like rauchbier, lambics, bocks, gose, pilsners, etc.

One must avoid drinking heavy beers in these glasses as they do not do justice with the heavy drinks.

The other names given to these glasses are strange, pole, stick, or rod glasses. They are also available in different sizes. If you want to complete your collection of beer glasses, adding a stange glass to it is a must!

7. Snifters - Best Glass for IPAs

Popular with drinks like brandy or cognac, the snifters are a great bet for serving beer as well. Just as good they are for other drinks, these glasses work really well to enhance the taste and aroma of your beer.

With a small opening, these glasses are also bulbous in shape and have a small stem and a foot. A blend of a wine glass and a goblet, this type of glasses must be filled with less beer if you want to enjoy your drink to the fullest.

The bulb shape and wide bottom of the glass let you swirl your drink to have the complete aroma of the drink and enhance its taste.

These glasses are mostly ideal for strong beers like the Belgian IPAs, Double IPAs, etc. So, if you’re a drinker of such kind of beers and need to serve and drink them right, add the snifters to your list of beer glasses. These can be the most beautiful piece in your collection.

8. Goblet

A goblet glass is similar to a snifter glass. The difference that sets both these glasses apart is the length and width of their stem. These glasses have a large bowl, a thick stem, and a foot.

The stem is, again, there to prevent you from transferring your hands’ heat to the drink. The wide mouth of a goblet glass lets you enjoy your beer to the fullest.

These glasses are considered very similar to another type of beer glasses called the chalices. However, they have very thick glass walls as compared to their other look-alikes. These glasses are available in a variety of sizes. So, when buying them, you can choose as per your comfort of handling and quantity of beer they can hold.

The goblet glasses are ideal for heavy beers, dark beers, dubbel, quad, Belgian strong dark ale, tripel, etc. If you’re looking for a decorative piece to adorn your beer glass collection, goblet beer glasses are the way to go!

9. Stein - One of the best beer glass styles

A beer stein is a type of beer mug and is a decorative or ornamental piece you can add to your collection. The material used for the creation of beer steins may be anything among glass, silver, crystal, stoneware, pewter, porcelain, and wood!

The design of a beer stein reflects a classic kettle, and its unique beer glass shape gives a retro look to it. They come with lids that can be opened or closed using a hinge with your thumb. These well-decorated pieces come in a great variety of designs and sizes. Most of the times, beer freaks collect them just for the sake of decorations and don’t use them often. These fancy mugs don’t fit the scenarios of regular drinking where most people use just the normal beer mugs or pints. But they are the best bet when you’re enjoying an Oktoberfest!

In the history of beer, steins have widely been used because they come with a lid and are a very sanitary option for having your drink. This helped the pubs and bars in Europe to stick with the laws of food and beverage containers to have lids. You can enjoy every type of beer in a beer stein.

10. Pint

Available in a great variety, a pint glass is the most common type of beer glass used in the US. There are different types of pint glasses available like tulip pint, nonic pint, conical pint, etc. A tall, skinny, wide-at-the-mouth glass, a pint is also known by the name of Shaker glass.

The capacity of a standard pint is 16 ounces, and it is ideal to drink almost every type of beer including hard beers, ales, lagers, stouts, porters, IPAs, and more!

A nonic pint comes with a slight lip at the top, allowing it to trap the head of your beer for an enjoyable brew. This type of pints are often larger and have the capacity of about 20 ounces, ideal for drinking English beer, ales, etc.

In most bars, pubs, or breweries, you will see a lot of pints as they are very commonly used, cheap to buy, and give a good drinking experience. They are also easy to clean and maintain. For beer freaks, a pint is a must have!

With all the information about different types of beer glasses, you now know a lot about this kind of glassware. They are all unique and add an exclusive taste to your love for beers. So, pick your favorites and start adding them to your collection, one by one. Soon, you will have your own beer glass treasure, which will obviously be a prized possession!

Cheers to beer!

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