6 Best Beer Tower Dispensers and Tubes 2021

Beer tower dispensers or beer tubes are a necessary addition to every homebrewer’s arsenal for the comfort and convenience they bring. The dispensers are tubular in nature, and they are fitted with a faucet that makes it possible to pour beer. They are ideal for parties, and they will also make a nice addition to a keg or kegerator for those who desire to use them for home brewing.

In most cases, the beer tubes are made of different parts, with the main component of holding beer being a plastic tube or a jug fitted with a spigot at the base. Depending on your preferences, you may go for beer towers with simple designs, or you might as well go for those with complicated designs, with some having features such as LED lights and ice chambers. But that notwithstanding, the beer tubes are available in a variety of styles, designs, and shapes, and it will be entirely up to you to choose the ones which you feel best suits your needs.

Top 6 Beer Towers and Tubes

The above beer towers are among the best in the market currently, and getting any of them is guaranteed to give you a very good experience. No need to worry about serving beer in your home bars, party or restaurant when you can use these quality dispensers to simplify the task.

Beer Tower Buyer Guide

Though the beer towers are available in a variety of styles and designs, it is not automatic that whatever you choose will suffice for your needs. It is imperative to consider certain features that the beer towers must have if you desire to have a good experience with them. If you are in the market shopping for beer tower dispensers and tubes, here is a brief buyer guide to help you choose the most appropriate dispenser for your needs - 

The size of the tower and the space available

The first consideration you have to make when thinking about buying a beer tower is the size and the space of the tower. The size of the tower should be primarily determined by the intended use. For example, a tower for a home party may not be the same size as a tower for installation in your pub or restaurant.

Once you have reconciled the required size, the next consideration is if you have adequate space for installing the beer tower. Remember, some of these towers can be very tall, and unless you have adequate space to set them in, you may end up with a not so good experience with them.

Balance and maintenance

In most cases, beer tubes will be placed in countertops where one can easily dispense the beer without any troubles. It is important that you assess carefully the exact location where the tube will be placed. Other than a stable and sturdy place for installation, you should also consider the design of the tube keenly to ensure that it comes with a well-designed base that will accord it more stability.
As far as maintenance goes, you should choose beer tubes that you can clean properly and without any hassles.

 Again, this should be informed by the nature of operations to which you will subject the dispenser. For example, if you intend to use it for dispensing different kinds of beer, it will be imperative to clean it thoroughly before putting in a different beer to preserve the integrity of the beers.

The tube materials

It is not automatic that every beer tower dispenser is made from plastic, though this is the common material for the dispensers. There are other made from stainless steel and other materials. The material used in making the tower will have a direct impact on its longevity, and of course, its price.

Therefore, if you want a durable tower, be prepared to pay more, but if you want a decent tower for your day to day beer dispensation needs, then you can pick any of the plastic towers available in the stores once you determine that they will suit your needs.

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