Best Beer Faucets and Taps Reviews 2021

The function of a facet is to dispense beer, and this sounds so basic that so many people normally overlook the importance of these small components of home brewing. The function, design, shape and the material of the faucet matters a lot if you want to have a great homebrewing experience. They help to direct the flow of the brew and also ensure that you get the perfect pour so that you avoid creating any mess when handling your beer.

Additionally, faucets are the components where the tap handles connect to, and the wrong matching of the handle and the faucet is likely to interfere with the smooth experience of pouring the beer. Consequently, there is more to a faucet that just the mere dispensation of beer, and for a good experience, it is imperative that you learn about the various types of faucets available, and how to choose the right ones for your homebrewing needs.

Top 7 Beer Faucets and Taps

Types of beer faucets

Beer faucets are available in different designs, styles, and finishes. Here is a brief look at the major types you are likely to find in the markets today-

Standard beer faucets

Standard beer faucets are the most common types of faucets you will find among homebrewers today. If you have a personal kegerator, then you are most likely to have this kind of faucet. These faucets are designed to dispense various types of beer styles, including all American lagers and ales. In most cases, the standard faucet has a rear sealing, they are easy to install, and they can always be swapped with a lot of ease. If you are just starting out as a homebrewer, they bring the simplicity you will need because they connect directly to the draft beer tower or the shank, and once that is done, you will be free to start dispensing your beer.

European Faucets

The operations of European faucets is almost similar to standard faucets only that they are stylistically superior and have slightly better smooth operations than their standard counterparts. The European faucets are slightly longer, and they come with a skinnier spout which is used to reduce the amount of foam formed during the dispensation process. These faucets also have a shorter shank and different threads unlike the standard faucets from the US. With such variations in design, connecting or swapping out components on an existing kegerator with European faucets is never as smooth as with the standard faucets. You will not usually need to replace some components of the kegerator, but if you are faced with the need to and you have a European faucet, be ready for incompatibility issues.

Nitrogen Faucets

Also known as stout faucets, nitrogen faucets are designed for dispensing liquids from nitrogen-based draft systems. They are the most preferred faucets for dispensing nitro beers and stouts. They are usually very small, with a precise opening to allow for very slow pours. With the slow pour, there is usually a perfectly foaming head that allows for the full aroma of the drink to be felt. Consequently, the resulting beer is creamier and smoother. If you decide to dispense a nitro beer or stout with the standard faucets, it will come out too quickly, and it will most likely be full of foam.

Buying Guide for beer faucets

If you are in the market shopping for a stout faucet or beer taps, you need to consider the specific features which you need on the faucets. Such will impact the operations and efficiency of the faucet and determine whether or not you will have a good experience with it. Your most important concerns should be the followings:

The type of beer to be dispensed – not all faucets are ideal for all types of beers. For example, if you will be dispensing nitrogen-based drinks such as Guinness, buying a European or standard faucet will not be a good idea. The best faucet for such drinks is the nitrogen or stout faucets.

Your current kegerator – European faucets are known to have incompatibility issues with most of the kegerator systems, and so if you have a standard kegerator, your best bet would be to go for the standard faucets instead. However, you should be able to match your current kegerator with the faucets, and apart from European faucets, you will not have to worry about incompatibility issues with the rest.

Personals preferences – though there are only three main types of faucets, there exists a humongous variety of beer taps, and you can always make your choice based on personal preferences. You can choose the faucet based on the material, ease of installation, the design, and type of finishing among others.

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