Best Beer Bottle Fillers 2021

Investing in the right type of beer bottle fillers will make the process of moving beer fast, safe, clean and efficient. Homebrewing usually involves a myriad of instances when you need to move the beer from one place to another. It could be putting the beer from the kettle to the primary fermenter, or transferring the finished product into bottle or kegs.

Irrespective of the reason for moving, you will always want to maximize the end product volume while minimizing the amount of time you spend in the process. A beer bottle filler is your best bet for greater results, and we will share with you the best types of beer bottle fillers as well our top recommendations for the best automatic bottle fillers in the market today.

Types of beer bottle fillers

With advancements in technology, gone are the days when brewers had to create a mess when moving beer from one container to another. Currently, there are several types and brands of bottle fillers, and if you are still struggling to bottle your beer after the brewing is over, you could use some help with the following types of beer bottle fillers-:

Spring loaded beer bottle fillers

Spring loaded beer bottle fillers are also known as bottle fillers with removable spring, and just as the name suggests, their design, construction, and operations feature the use of spring for accuracy and efficiency. These fillers allow users to have a great deal of precision when filling up the beer bottles, always guaranteeing the transfer of the beers without any mess or loss of carbonation.
With them, all you have to do is to insert and then push the filler down to the bottom of the bottle you want to fill up. They are ideal for filling both small and big bottles, and as the user, you have total control on the number of volumes transferred.

Counter Pressure Bottle Fillers

Counter pressure bottle fillers are primarily used by commercial brewers, but this does not imply that home brewers cannot use them. If you want the efficiency and the convenience enjoyed by the commercial brewers when filling their beer bottles, then you need to try out the counter pressure bottle fillers. 

The fillers are designed with a unique one-way valve as well as an adjustable pressure release that makes it super easy to bottle homebrews without worrying about the transfer of sediments. With these bottle fillers, the bottles are always pressurized when the carbonated beer flows in, and this results in very minimal loss of CO2. If you are carbonating and storing your homebrew in kegs, you will also find it super easy to use a counter-pressure bottle filler directly from your kegs.

Gravity beer bottle fillers

Gravity beer bottle fillers are highly recommended for filling both plastic and glass beer bottles with non-dense liquids. Since their operation is manual, they may not be the right choice if you wanted was an automatic bottle filler that will give you a hands-free experience when filling your beer. Again, their nature of operations implies that you will have to be extra careful because you could easily end up messing around during the process.

Top 7 bottle fillers

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