10 Best Koozies Beer Bottle, and Can Coolers to Keep Your Beer Chilled

For the majority of the people, the beer tastes great when chilled. You could use the normal freezers to keep your beer cold, but why should you bother with the fridge when we have specially designed coolers for that purposes. Some call them beer koozies, bottle jackets, can coolers, and beer bottles among other names, but whatever the name you prefer to call them, they are accessories you will appreciate having when you want to drink cool and refreshing beer during the hot summer afternoons. They are portable, simple in design and versatile in use, and their availability in a variety of price ranges ensures that you will find one that will be fit for your bottle cooling needs.

Things to consider while Buying a beer bottle cooler or chiller -

Just like with every other purchase, you don’t just want to storm the store and pick any can cooler. It pays to know how to choose the right one that will not just your money’s worth but also will do a good job in ensuring that your beer is chilled. Many are the various types of can coolers from different manufacturers in the market today, and it can be confusing to pick the right one. To help you out here is our simple and concise guide on what you should look for when shopping for a can cooler-:

The size

If you are like most people, then you have a favorite beer brand, and you know the exact size of that bottle. It would be a waste of time to try and go for a can cooler that doesn’t match the size of your preferred brand. Therefore, before anything else, consider only the koozies that will fit well with your preferred beer brand. 

The material

The material of the beer bottle cooler will determine the quality of cooling you will get as well as the longevity of the cooler. As usual, you want to have a cooler with the material that will not just ensure that your beer bottles stay cool for the longest time possible, but also it should last long so that you don’t go back to the store to shop for a new one after just a short while. As far as the material goes, your preferred cooler should be made of metal, fabric or rubber. These are the ones that have proven to give better performances and are also durable. 

The carrying method

You should be interested in the mode of carrying the cooler if you want versatility when you have to have your beer outdoors. Depending on your preferences, consider if you're going to have a cooler with side handles, lid straps or shoulder straps. Again, be sure to check that the handle will give you the convenience you need to carry the size of your bottle comfortably. 

The insulation ability of the cooler

This is important because it determines how well your drinks will stay cold. To get it right regarding insulation, consider the maximum duration you would desire your drinks to remain cold. Though you may like the idea of having a can cooler that will maximize on the ice life, you don’t need a cooler that can keep the beer chilled for one week when you only need to use it for a couple of hours. Therefore, consider your preferred cooling duration then make an appropriate choice.

Top10 beer bottles coolers

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