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California Redwood
Along the fog shrouded Northern coast of California grows one of the largest and oldest living things on earth:
The Magnificent Redwood Tree

Although the great Redwoods--Sequoia Sempervirens-- once covered vast areas of the earth and date back 20 million years, they exist now in only a small band along the coast of central and northern California.

With the Redwood Tree's straight body reaching high into the fog, it is without doubt one of the world's truly magnificent sights. To someone who has never seen one, a Redwood must seem to be something from a tall tale. The California Redwood Tree can reach height's of well over 375 feet with a diameter of over 36 feet. That is a tree taller than the Statue of Liberty, from base of the pedestal to the tip of the torch. A tree larger around and through than a Greyhound bus. The Redwood Tree qualifies as the elder statesmen of all living things on earth.

The Redwood forest community survives in a unique niche, preferring a mild Mediterraneanclimate that includes dense dripping fog, north facing seawad slopes of the outercoastal ranges, minimal seasonal temperature changes, and moist well-drained soil.It requires high moisture levels and receives between 35-100 inches of annual rainfall.It also favors deep, wet canyon bottoms near streams ad rivers, and thrives in flooding and heavy siltation.

Redwood trees are aso known for their resistance to fire as is evident by their fire scars. They are protected by a very thick bark, which is high in tannin and roughly a foot deep, that lacks the highly flammable resin of other tree species. Young Redwood seedlings prefer recently burned soil and develop rapidly in it.

Another survival strategy of the Redwood Tree is its chemical composition. Redwoods are distasteful and even poisonous to normal tree pests like termites and ants. That is why it was used as the first layer of boards in a wall, because termites and carpenter ants won't burrow into it. In the 1930's to the early 1960's, Redwood was used as a separator between the plates of electrolytic (auto, truck and airplane) batteries. The wood could withstand the battery acid and still retain its shape.

Redwoods are incredibly hardy. A live Redwood that gets knocked over will attempt to continue growing via its limbs. If undisturbed, the limbs pointing up will turn into trees in their own right, and this is indeed the source of many row groups of trees. Cathedral or family groups of trees are simply trees that have grown up from the living remains of the stump of a fallen Redwood, and since they grew out of the perimeter, they are organized in a circle. If you looked at the genetic information in a cell of each of these trees, you would find that they were identical to each other and to the stump they sprang from.
California Redwood Burl's
The swollen tissue at the base of some redwood trees is commonly known as a "burl" although scientifically it is referred to as a lignotuber (from the Latin for "woody swelling"). Burls in coast Redwood are masses of stem tissue where elongation of the many stem tips has not occurred.

Burls develop from axillary buds in the seedling redwood. This "basal burl" (sometimes called a bud collar) persists, growing larger throughout the life of the tree. The dormant stem tips continue slow growth and branching, but do not elongate. Unlikeaerial stems of redwood, burl tissue grows downward. It forms an enlarged mass near the base of the tree above or below the soil surface. Burl tissue overgrows the root tissues at the base of the redwood tree. Redwood burls may also occur well up the main stem and on branches. Their growth is held in check by the presence of chemical signals in a living Redwood. If the tree should die, or even be stressed, such as by low rainfall or fire, the chemical signal weakens or vanishes and the burl will burst forth into verdant life. Burls kept in a shallow pan of water will grow almost indefinitely. They can also continue on to become a full grown Redwood tree. At the very least, if watered they will produce a lovely fringe of green pseudo branchs and make a very interesting looking and unusual house plant.

Redwood burl is a rare commodity. Only about one in one-thousand Redwood trees will have a root-crown burl, or even rarer yet an above-ground burl. Redwood burl is used to produce beautiful artwork, handcrafted goods, and stunning furniture.

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