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"Thinking Puzzles"

All of our puzzles are made with unique and beautiful California Redwood.


Arrange the six wooden pieces to create a perfectlysymetrical X.

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You won't believe how much creativity can be explored with thesesixteen triangles. Great geometric shapes, symmetrical shapes,figures of animals, boats and on and on. A great copperative gamefor the whole family. Includes the solutions for 6 shapes.

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Ring Master:

The idea is to get the ring off of the string. Looks simple,doesn't it? Well just try it and see how long it takes you. If you finallygive up, there's an answer enclosed.

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Tangle Wood:

Challenges you to remove the string from the three pieces ofredwood without untying the knot on the end. Tantalizing, but theanswer is included if you give up.

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