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"Rolling Ball Puzzles"

Mystery Tunnels

The most intricate hidden maze game of its kind. There are thirteeninterconnecting tunnels, most of which are dead ends; but there is onlyone way out, go back the other way. The return trip is a little differentand maybe even harder.

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Cross Match

Once you start, you won't want to stop until you win. It'sthat kind of game. And when you do line up the four colored marbleswith their matching holes, turn it over and the marbles are in the oppositelocation with the game ready to start again. There are six marbles inside including a black and white one that you have to work around.

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Marble Racers

Set of Two: looks easy but watch the curves! Two play to see whocan move the marble from the top, all around the board and into thecenter hole first without going off the track. Requires steady hands andgood wrist action. A real action game.

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