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"Redwood Trees: Seeds"

Redwood Tree Germinating Kit

Redwood Trees have been grown successfullyin every state of our country and many countries around the world. This kit contains a mixture of sequoiadendron gigantia (gigantic sequoia) and sequoia semperviren (coastal redwood) seeds and growing instructions.

Seeds: Redwood Tree Kit - Seeds (Approximately 25 seeds per kit) = $4.25
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Redwood trees thrive in moist and mild climates, but also survive in harsher areas when cared for properly. A new tree will grow quickly, reaching a height of 20-40 feet in ten years. The coastalredwood, or sequoia sempervirens, is a tree to be admired. Once growing naturally all aroundthe world, it is now found only in Northern California. Many are several thousand years old. The tallest tree in the world is a coastal redwood located in Orick, California and is some 367 feet high.

How to Grow a Redwood Tree

Redwoods require moisture and should be watered as much as fruit trees. Young trees also need their needles to be misted from time to time. In hotter climates, wateringand misting should be frequent-- two to three times per week.


1. Insert the redwood seeds 1/2 inch deep in the top of a peat pot filled with potting soil.

2. Place this pot in a plastic bag and seal it with a rubber band.

3. Keep MOIST in a cool area with indirect light. Seeds may take up to eight weeks to germinateand must not become dry during this period. However, do not over-water.

4. When seedlings are 2 inches high, plant the peat pot in a larger container with pottingsoil. Mist the needles often, but don't over-water the roots.

5. Once the tree reaches five feet or more, it can be planted in the ground.

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