Welcome to Beer Collections – your all-encompassing beer encyclopedia. The fact that you’re reading about us assures that you like the idea – we really appreciate that!

Beer Collections is a collective idea and a baby project of some beer enthusiasts who share their indescribable love for beer! So, whatever goes on in the world of beer – we are right there, trying it and testing it to give our audience the best information about it.

Talk about beers, their origin, taste, type, brands, and what not – we have got you covered and here, you will find all the required information about the same. And not only just beers – we cover everything related to beer – be it the beer serving apparatus, the items for your brewing business, or anything for your home bar! So, basically, you can call us the Beer Heads!


Through our profound experience of different types and tastes of beer, we sort the best ones for you to expand your options and encourage you to try newer things, just like we do. Now, this only means that we use our personal judgment to label a beer as good, okay, or bad. There are no professional connoisseurs in our team – just a bunch of beer fanatics!

Our basic idea is to cover the worldwide beer culture and educate our audience about it. So, if you’re a beer lover who also loves to travel, you will have a list of beers to try at a particular place in a particular country! This will keep your taste buds happy and helps you achieve more and more in love affair with beer.

Lagers, pale ales, German bocks, stouts, wheat beer, pilsners, and what not – we talk about everything and anything that is beer-related.  Along with sharing information on beers, we also give our honest reviews on beer equipment including brewing supplies, brew kits, kegerators, beer glasses, and what not!

If you want to explore more about beer from throughout the world, you can check out our Beer Essentials section as well. In that, we have compared different types of beers that you can try from different corners of the world and from different categories





MAVY is an interior designer with a very jazzy style! As she explores her creativity to the depths, she gets along really well with her clientele and social circle. For MAVY, visiting newer eateries, breweries, and cafes is the best part of her day and so began her love and interest in beers! She keeps on trying newer brews from local, regional, and international microbreweries, whenever she gets a chance.  No wonder the bar rooms she designs are the best!


MARK is chasing his love for beer from the days of his college. A dedicated engineer at day and a party head at night, he loves to try newer types of beers from different regions! It’s been years since he realized his passion for tasteful brews and that is what pushes him to keep traveling and trying beers from different countries and regions! And thankfully, he writes all the reviews, sober!